Tuesday, October 22, 2013

it's been another busy week!

wow! it's been another busy, but very fun week! and the weather has been brilliant!


i love all of the beautiful colours during autumn - so pretty! the sunsets have been pretty amazing, too!

we've been sitting out every evening with a cup of mint tea, or chamomile tea, or a mixture of the two. there is nothing like fresh tea from fresh herbs!

on saturday we had our volunteer fire department annual potluck supper in fourchu. all of the VFD members bring a main dish and a dessert. community members from both framboise and fourchu also bring side dishes or main dishes as well. let me just say that there was a ton of food! we had such a good time talking with all of our friends and community members - especially the ones that we don't see at the dances! oh and speaking of food - MEATPIE!!! it was delicious!

we scarfed that baby back all evening and then finished the rest off for breakfast - i love homemade meatpie! it contained steak cubes, potatoes, carrots, turnip and onion - yummeh!

we also went to visit our friends, c & b, and ended up having a hoot. our other friends, s & d, also showed up. as did b's brother, d. needless to say, even though everyone was tired, a party ensued. it was a blast hanging out with our friends. we also got to meet c & b's daughters new boyfriend, m. we all teased the crap out of him because he can sure take a ribbing - it was a great evening and fun was had by all.

here's some hassleback roasted potatotes, steamed broccoli and a bunch of sauteed veggies with some of our friend d's apple.

our friend d gave us another big bag of apples, they are liberty apples and they are sweet and tart at the same time. they are so fresh and crisp - we'll have apples for most of the winter!

 here's another beautiful day - the clouds are so pretty and the sky is so blue!

we also had our friend e's son and girlfriend come over for the day. jambaloney and h went to the beach to get sand to fill in the ruts in our driveway - he'll have a post up about it soon. it's great to be able to just go to the beach and get all the sand, small rocks, medium rocks and big rocks whenever you need it! they also got another huge load of seaweed to add to our compost - woohoo!

oh and i learned a new trick about seaweed! one of our patriarchs that i haven't really had much time with yet was talking to me and found out that me and jambaloney grew food. he told me that his father had a huge garden and he used seaweed to keep out the weeds. he told me to make a pile of seaweed and let it get rained on and snowed on for a season. then before putting it down as mulch, give it a good soaking. then lay the strips of seaweed all around your plants. is that awesome or what????

speaking of awesome - how about some pizza?

i made the crust super thin, rubbed olive oil all over it, crushed garlic, tomatoe, olives, parsley, feta and mozzarella - divine!

in gardening news, i have radishes, beets, swiss chard, spinach and kale coming along nicely. i will transplant my sage, mint, oregano, chamomile and parsley into pots and put them in the greenhouse to hopefully have fresh herbs all winter - that would be soooo awesome! i will also start a variety of lettuces in pots in the greenhouse. it will be nice to have fresh food during the winter! especially fresh food that we grew ourselves!

anyway - we got costumes from our friend c for our halloween dance this saturday. they are really crazy about halloween around here - just about everyone dresses up and just about everyone goes to the dance for at least an hour. we'll be there with our group of friends and close the place - bahahahah! wait until you see jambaloney's costume - it's soooo funny!

i'll be hitting up your blogs later this eve! right now i gotta go feed the man and stir my broth - i'm making a big, giant pot of broth and the smell in the house is just wonderful! speaking of wonderful - i hope that you are all having a wonderful day, too!


  1. Sweet Kymber,

    Always beautiful skies (sky pictures) from the front porch of dear friends :-)
    I love the red and gray tones!

    Up north where I'm from we have a similar type of meat pie but instead of it being in a pan, it's made so you can hold it in your hand. They were called Pasties. We would make these pasties, pour a hot thermos of tea or coffee and go fishing or hunting when I was a kid. I so miss the old days of living up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    Overall it sounds like you and Jambaloney had a busy weekend and week loaded full of fun :-)

    I can't wait to see the costumes your friend made for the both of you to wear for the Halloween part.

    Sending hugs and love to the both of you.
    Your Friend,

  2. That meatpie and pizza looks amazing. Making me hungry again as usual. You are EVIL!!! :)

  3. I love the meat pie ! The sky pictures are lovely.

  4. What a gorgeous sky. And what a beautiful view of it too. I bet it's really something to see when the leaves all turn.
    It sounds like a fun filled times. It makes me happy just seeing how happy you guys are. Oh and what a neat trick using seaweed for mulch!

  5. Stop you are making us hungry...Bahahaha

  6. Pizza? Meat Pie? Hasselback potatoes? Fresh herb tea? I'm on my way!

  7. You really should come cook for me, Kymberdearest....lol

    Can't wait to see your costumes and hear all about the party !

  8. As usual, looking good in the morning, evening and at dinner! Cheers!

  9. Looking at all that good food made me so hungry I thought about driving into town and having a restaurant meal. I think I will do that. It'll be good for me to get out and do something different today.

  10. You are eating like royalty and gardening like peasants! lol The best of both worlds. You sound great. xoxo

  11. If Nova Scotia starts having beach erosion issues, we will know who to blame! What are the little baby seals supposed to sleep on if your beaches have pot holes from you filling in all of your ruts!

  12. I have made your pizza crust recipe before and it is wonderful! Now I'm drooling thinking of meat pie when I'm having yogurt for breakfast.

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