Sunday, March 3, 2013

hand tool restoration - part 3

jambaloney here with part 3 of the tool restoration....

here is a sky pic for you helga -  i took this on another trip to sydney at the end of cannes point road - if you look carefully, you can see the lighthouse at the mouth of fourchu harbor:

back to the tools - here are 2 files and 2 ball peen hammers fresh out of the vinager bath...

i scrubbed the hammer heads with steel wool and wd-40, but i took wire brushed to the files first....

after brushing the rusty files, i wiped them then sprayed them with wd-40 and then wrapped them in paper towel to get as much rust out of the grooves as i could..

everything gets a nice coat of mineral oil... i wrapped the files in paper towel again so that the grooves would get a light coat of oil but not get gummed up...

next up, 3 more files - 2 of these are free rat-tail files - huzzah!  more wire brushing..

more wd-40, i spared you another mineral oil pic ;-)

tin snips, chisels and pipe wrenches (and a weird hammer i have yet to determine the purpose of) ...

the tin snips are top-notch new jersey made..

stunning when cleaned - THAT is great steel!!!

tiny pipe wrench isn't too shabby either... a ye olde english tool!

 before final clean-up...

 during final clean-up...

and after - these are now ready to rock!

as are these!!!

i hope you enjoyed this part of the tool-fest... one more installment and i am done and on to something new!! in the meantime enjoy this pic of gabarus bay...

and a few fishing boats!!!

cheers all!!!


  1. And when you are done with all these hand father in laws shed has a lot that could use a make over.. I am sure he would let you knock yourself out. : )

    Good job on them, you would be surprised at the people out there that don't think of cleaning and taking care of simple hand dad is one of them.

    1. PS: I stole the last picture and used it as my cover on facebook..I love it.

    2. hey there jugm!

      i didn't knock myself out ;-)) the whole purpose was to find an easy way to do this! i did let a lot of them get rusty myself - i hope to have the discipline to keep them well-oiled from now on.

      you are more than welcome to that pic - cheers!

  2. Ever tried citric acid...

    I'll remember the vinegar tip. Nice job. Oh, the odd hammer - perhaps a cobbler's hammer????

    1. hey stephen!

      i read that citric acid would work well too - but no so easy to find here - must be all the citrus down your way ;-)

      a cobbler's hammer sounds like a good suggestion.

      hope you are well friend!

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  4. I have too many windows open...Having a DVR set has nothing to do with your nice clean tools, does it?,,,bahahaha

    1. hey mamma bear!

      hmm - don't think so, i don't think i could fix a DVR with those tools either ;-))


  5. I could doing with cleaning up my saws that look very rusty! Great photos, the last one is beautiful.

    1. hey joey!

      try it out - pretty easy - glad you like the photos - it was a really special morning!

      cheers mate!

  6. All this tool cleaning is very inspirational. I know I have tools that need cleaning.

    1. hey linda!

      give it a whirl - it is really easy to do and not strenuous like scrubbing etc.

      hope spring is treating you well - cheers!

  7. Jambaloney,

    Great post on restoring tools. Looks like you have brand new tools to work with there my friend. Give Kymber a hug for me :-)

    Don't work to hard!!!

    Your Friend,
    P.S. Love the sky pictures.
    P.S.S. Were you on any of those boats fishing?

    1. hey sandy - thanks - you are sweet as always ;-)

      i have given kymber your hug and i won't work too hard!

      your friend,

      p.s. - i am glad
      p.p.s. - not yet - hopefully i will get out this year!!

  8. The hammer is an auto body hammer. I have one that is similar

    1. thanks warlock!!!!

      now i know i have a hammer to work out the dent in our truck!!

      hope you are well and having a great pre-spring!

  9. Very nice job. You inspire me to do the things on my Things to Do list !

    1. hay jane!!

      uh...happy to be of service ??!! ;-)

      hope you are well - cheers!

  10. You folks live a very great life. I just read your biography. I really like your house.


  11. welcome marilyn!

    what a nice thing to say! cheers to you and best wishes!