Saturday, February 2, 2013

a big shout-out to some of our favourite prepper sites!

i remember when Tom Martin, the Chief Visionary Officer of the American Preppers Network, asked me to take over running the Canadian Preppers Network in February 2009. i remember it very well - seeing as how i had been blogging for the network, and for the first time in my life, for about 2 weeks at the time. i was terrified - but i really believed in the message that the APN and CPN were trying to share - a message to alert as many people as we could to start prepping, to be prepared, to become as self-sufficient as possible for whatever the future might bring, be it man-made or natural. and to build a community - something which would prove to be helpful to so many people, ourselves included.

jambaloney and i really enjoyed writing for the CPN. and we really enjoyed some of the friendships that we made there. in fact, it was by being involved in the 2 networks that prompted us to leave our high-fallutin', high paying jobs in the city and move here on my small pension. a decision we have not regretted yet (okay - to be honest - this cottage is a piece of crap and yes i do miss my floor to ceiling, custom-made, bird's eye maple kitchen cabinets. but enough about that!).

i was just doing some searches on the interwebs and somehow came across this article:

Rise Of The Preppers: 50 Of The Best Prepper Websites And Blogs On The Internet

this article lists the 50 best prepper sites on the internet and the American Preppers Network is listed in second place....after Mr. James Wesley, Rawles of wow - that is a pretty impressive ranking for the APN!!! and i, for one, am very proud for my friend Tom. the APN and CPN were his dream babies and he set out and got both up and running and very successful in only a short period of time. kudos to you, Tom!

in addition - the article notes the CPN in position 36. i am super proud of mine and jambaloney's contribution to the CPN and i was very happy to see denob, the prepared Canadian, take over, as well as being thankful for all of the contributors continuing such great work at the CPN.

next up, jambaloney created and designed all of the functionality of the database behind the website called - it's a community-oriented resource site that enables a variety of organizations and/or people to add themselves to the comprehensive resource libraries that the site provides for all states and provinces.  i am glad to say that was listed as number 17 - woohoo! way to go jambaloney!

last but not least - my good friend SciFiChick is listed in the 34th postion. wow gurl - i remember when you and me were chatting about being terrified of blowing up 8 litres of tomatoes all over our walls and ceilings when we first started our internet canning course together - bahahahahahah!

again - a big congrats to the APN, the CPN, and to SciFiChick! good work getting prepper-related information out there guys!


  1. Jam,
    The truth in real estate is that LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, is most important. Your home may seem modest, especially to the man who does all the exterior maintenance, but it is in a province and a location that makes it one of the most beautiful and therefore most valuable pieces of real estate EVER. Ask any family who has lost a home in the past few years, and the home you can afford and hold on to, is the most beautiful !

  2. preppers?

    not the Doctor Pepper fan club?


  3. Thank you for this link and info. I've been wanting to find some of the good websites. I understand entirely what you said, while we haven't given up the city house yet, can't afford to do that at this point, the farm is being built into our future (slowly but surely). But Jane of Virginia couldn't have said it better. That's the way we feel about our future place and current work in progress bug out location. Now to just get it prepped as best as possible.

    Thank you, as always, for sharing.

    1. Ist Man,
      Come to my blog

      We talk about everything from medical, to animals to country living, and preparedness. Glad to have you.
      Any friends of Kymber and Jambaloney are welcome with me too.

  4. A special blog that I love to read made the Top 50 List too! Patrice Lewis has a wonderful blog ...RURAL REVOLUTION #22 on the list. She documents almost everything they do with wonderful photos and great text/instructions. One could learn most anything by reading her blog regarding prepping and 'almost' off grid living...including beautiful photos of northern Idaho. Helga would LOVE her sky pics. :-)
    Kymber, so proud of your work on APN and CPN...Jam, too!

  5. Great post with lots of good links, thanks for all the info:) And you know as well as I do that those custom cabinets were overrated, like waaaaaay overrated ;)

  6. so do you have a prepper theme song yet?


  7. Sweet Kymber,

    I loved this post, all kinds of great information and we both have several friends on the Best Preppers list.

    How is the greenhouse going? I picked this up from Sci's site.
    Bulldog and I are getting a small greenhouse at the local farm store, we need to wait until and off pay day. I bet your getting antsy like me to get the seeds potted, and the gardens going?

    Did you get any of that snow that targeted the east coast?

    I hope this comment finds both you and Jambaloney well, take care. Sending love your way.
    Your Friend,

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  9. Just catching up on my blog hopping after taking a 3 week breather so my reply is tardy.

    The CPN is where we met and if I remember correctly you were keeping more than one blog going at that time. It must be a fantastic feeling to see it still going strong! There's something I bet made it into the gratitude jar :-)


  10. just finish digging out from 2-3 ft snow

    wondered if you got hit with same storm.....


  11. Canada is not immune from destruction

    or worse invasion from the south for its resources

    prep quietly for tomorrows nightmare

    ignore this and face your own crude wakeup call....

    no need to reply