Sunday, August 19, 2012

misty skies, lots of food and butterflies!

kymber here....with some misty morning skies for Helga....they are really pretty! don't look at the "junkyard collection of useful stuff" - it will all be used in the next few months! the river looks beautiful on a misty morning - i love it!


 there are so many butterflies flying around in groups of two - they fly and swirl together as if doing a mating dance. i can watch them for hours. they are called painted ladies. they are so beautiful.

we have knapweed growing everywhere and the bees and butterflies love it. Pioneer Preppy - do you have knapweed in your area?

we've been eating like kings over the last few days - what am i saying - we always eat like kings!!! i try to incorporate raw food, cooked food and fermented food in all of our meals. below is what we call our Lebanese supper. it includes ground beef spiced with turmeric, curry, cardamon, cumin, paprika and fresh crushed garlic. it is delicious. also we have pita, quinoa tabouleh, kimchi, hummus and sticky rice. jambaloney makes the best sticky rice and basmati rice that i have ever tasted. anyway -  i love Lebanese supper.

of course we always have leftovers. i like to prepare big dishes that we can eat and re-eat for a few days. it means a day of cooking and 3 or 4 days off. i don't usually freeze any prepared meals as i like to have it as fresh as possible. anyway - leftovers below.

i mixed the hamburger and sticky rice together and added a ton more of the same spices - it really is delicious. for leftover supper, jambaloney put all of the stuff on a pita. his pita has asiago and artichoke dip, hummus, the hamburger rice, quinoa tabouleh and hot peppers. my plate is below the pita plate and i had the same except i had kimchi instead of banana peppers. the hamburger rice is really good when it is re-heated.

next up are some vietnamese spring rolls that i made for lunch. i made a ton and put them in the fridge so that we could eat them again for lunch the next day.

thesse spring rolls i made with rice paper wrappers, vermicelli, julienned carrots, julienned cucumber, crab, a ton of basil, a ton of mint and julienned lettuce. they were super good but what is even better is the dipping sauce. i use white vinegar, sugar, the juice of a big lime, fresh crushed garlic, apple cider vinegar, green onions and a splash of soya.

as some of you know, a while back i started a recipe blog - but i just haven't kept it up. so sorry if you are bored by the food pics...but i love reading blogs where people share their recipes or food pics - it gives me ideas for what to make and i learn new recipes which is always great.

anyway, for those of you bored with the food and the butterflies, check out jambaloney's latest contraption to make our lives and this house better.

notice his gorgeous celtic tattoo - it's a torque. he was going to have it filled in years ago but i convinced him not too...i really like following the lines with my fingers and eyes. anyway, i had to take the pic at a weird angle because, as usual, we were naked - bahahahahahah! he will be doing a post in a few days on what he is doing with this baby!!!

kymber out and hoping that you all had a lovely weekend!

one last thing:



  1. Better watch that naked construction work; you just never know where you'll get a splinter!

    1. no worries, Mr. Smythe - he knows when he needs protective clothing and when he doesn't...he's really got the naked construction thing down pat - bahahahahah! thanks for stopping by, Sir, as always, it is a pleasure!

  2. Sweet Kymber,
    Gorges Smythe is too funny "never know where you'll get a splinter", LOL.....
    I love the beautiful sky pictures you place on your blog. The butterflies this time of year are so amazing. The knapweed attracts them there? Wow one year, Bulldog Man and I went camping and there was this tree by the lake that was just loaded with butterflies (I had never seen this before), it was amazing beautiful. The entire top of the tree was moving (all their wings were moving), making it look like the top of the tree was alive.
    Please keep posting delicious recipes and pictures on your blog, I'm learning new things to make too!!!!
    Ground beef with sticky rice and spices are a real comfort food here in this house. We love it with green chiles too. I personally have never made vietnamese spring rolls, but eat them when we go into town. They look easy to make, one day I must try them.
    You and Jambaloney have a great day (in the nude) and don't do anything I wouldn't do bahahahahahahaha.....
    I'm going to send you an e-mail.
    Your Friend,

    1. sweet Sandy - that Mr. Smythe is a hoot - and i love his blog and read it daily - yours, too! and yes - the knapweed, which we have tons of, really attracts the butterflies and bumblebees?!?!? the knapweed is always full of butterflies and bumblebees and solitary bees. people call it a weed - i call it beautiful and if it attracts pollinators at the the same time - then i love it even more!

      oh that tree with all of the butterflies sounds so beautiful - did you get a picture of it?

      Sandy - i will keep posting recipes and pics on the blog - thank you. i don't want to bore people but i know how much i enjoy it when people take pics of their food, share recipes, share pics of their land, the sky, projects they are working on, ect. - because it gives me a chance to learn plus i am just really interested in what other people are doing and eating.

      i love ground beef, sticky rice and 30lbs of spices - so delicious, so healthy and good for you - yummeh! i am glad that you enjoy it too! i have never put green chilies in but i guess i better try - thanks for that!

      when we lived in the city we lived in a very multi-cultural area and had asian markets, indian markets, lebanese markets, ethiopian markets, etc., etc. - so we had access to some really awesome ethnic food. here on the island there is very little ethnic food as the island is made up of mainly french, english, scottish, irish and german people. we have access to that kind of ethnic food which is wonderful, stick-to-your-ribs kind of food but not the asian/indian, etc. so we make do and make our own and i have to tell you - i make some pretty good ethnic food - bahahahahha. but it's easy when you can just do a google search and find a recipe that suits you.

      Sandy - we had another fantastic NEKKID day as usual...thank you! i promise we will never do anything that you wouldn't do - bahahahahahahah!

      got the email and responded. xoxoxxo

  3. Oh Kymber, y'all crack me up :) Naked Home Improvement, ha ha ha! That's what I love about y'all, to hell with "conventional wisdom"! Oh I've got such a big smile on my face, thank you for putting it there. And now you've made me hungry, those spring rolls look delicious!

    1. thanks for that, Craig buddy, you got me and jambaloney laughing now! maybe we should have a show called "Naked Home Improvement" - bahahahahhaah! buddy, if you weren't 17 million miles away, i would make you as many spring rolls as you could eat!

  4. I am so hungry! Your plates of food look and sound delicious. I am with you on cooking and eating from that for a few days. I like to cook, but not so much that I mess up and heat up the kitchen and have pots and pans EVERY day. It's is time for dinner, but mine will be on the bland side, like I like it. Okay, I like spices, but I am alleric to so many.

    Naked carpentry is just not right, not right at all...LOL. Someday, I will read the post about how j got that huge splinter THERE, as he explains it at the ER.

    1. oh PP - you are about as far away as Craig is but if you weren't, i'd stuff you full of food...but i know that you are dieting so i would make sure that it was all healthy food but i promise it will be delicious!

      bahahahahahahahha about the splinter! trust me, he knows when he needs protective clothing for certain projects. he never does naked welding - like never! me, on the other hand, never remember to put something on before frying bacon. honestly, you think i would have learned by the millions of little blisters that i get all over from the hips up. i'll learn one of these days - bahahahah!

  5. Wow. I love the butterflies, so beautiful. They seem to have been diminishing down south. Probably something to do w/the pesticides used on lawns & farms.

    We are not huge fans of curry but that hamburger meat looks delicious, as do the spring rolls.

    Love hearing about (& seeing pics of) your healthy meals!

    1. DFW - you would love to see them when they are doing their dances - there are literally hundreds of them out there - they seem to be in pairs - and they flutter together and then land on flowers and then flutter again - i lose half-days just watching them - they really are beautiful!!!

      for the spiced hamburger, i use equal amounts of curry, turmeric, cardamon, cumin and garlic - so everything balances out and the hamburger and rice ends of tasting kind of like kafta - have you ever had kafta?

      thank you so much for saying that you like the recipes and pics. i love seeing recipes and food pics on other people's blogs, too!

  6. Before you mentioned it, I just knew Jamie was nekkid. I don't see how the two of you EVER get anything done!

    Stud has told horrid tales of Kimchi. Do you bury yours for months, or what?

    And, uh, do you go outside naked in the winter? I had to ask.

    1. bahahahahahahahah! well lotta joy - we do take a lot of...cough...ahem....cough....uh...breaks throughout the day - bahahahahah!

      true and proper kimchi is supposed to be made in a crock and then buried for 3 months - and THAT is the best tasting kimchi known to man. we have been on the look-out for a proper german crock for years now and i swear i will find one someday. for now, i make mine in 1-litre/quart mason jars. i make about 4 jars at a time, leave them ferment for at least 3 days before i break down and open a jar. that jar foes into the fridge after being opened. it's good, but not as good as the ones you let sit for a few weeks. i promise, when i get my crock, i'll be burying that kimchi in the back yard....naked - bahahahahahah!

      sometimes for fun we will run around naked in the yard in the winter - but usually if we are doing stuff in the yard in the winter, we wear as little clothing as we have to. once inside the house - the clothes are off baby! we honestly only wear clothes when we absolutely have to!

  7. Hey sis - First off- the misty morning pics are really, really beautiful! There's something about fog or mist, that is so entrancing and full of wonderment heh ! Between the mist and the painted ladies - I could loose myself for weeks !

    Your cuisine is fabulous and I'll learn from you how to make the spring rolls ... oh Yummeh ! Never stop showing your food, it's lovely.

    As you know - I like surprises which of course have to be good ones - so now if I was to just show up in my rental car fresh in from the airport in Halifax - and parked it at the bottom of your driveway - once I found the Manor and didn't end up in Newfoundland of course - and came sprinting up the long driveway to see you guys - I wonder if I should expect to see the nekkid home improvement man - and the nekkid gardener !?!?

    I could always dump my clothing in the trunk before heading your way - but with my luck you'd be fully clothed - oh Bahahahhah !!!

    I could also wear one of those full body nude suits just to save face ! Oh Bahahahhah !!!

    Either way - I WILL surprise you !

    I Love You Sis Always and Forever ! xoxoxoxo

    1. Now I'm kinda glad we moved to Florida, because if we were still in Indiana, I'd be thumping Stud on the head to take me to Framboise. And we'd drive up your hill, see a bunch of people running around nekkid, and have to drive all the way home at 80mph. Although....*cough* in my younger years...I loved being in the backyard with the 6 foot tall privacy fence surrounding our property.....and my clothes in the house.

      sssshhhh. NO ONE can know this.

    2. That's a good one Lotta Joy ! Come on now - you can still thump Stud on the noggin and go for a long Sunday drive to Framboise - I'll leave road markers for you - and when you get there, it'll be one big happy nekkid family - or a heck of a gong show ! Oh bahahahah !

  8. Kymber i sent you an email at least twice. Rob

  9. OMG! one of these days I am coming over for dinner.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the misty morning pic, that almost looks like a Ansel Adams photograph. You should have it blown up and put on the wall.

    I like the tatoo the way it is as well- it looks better that way.

  10. The mist on the pond make me wish I live there~oh how amazing of a place you have!

    Now to clothing...I guess you are best where you live-here in NM you would go naked once and never again...too many pokey things. Love the food photos you are making me a hungry friend!

    Now back to loving your handsome man!

    Take care
    NM bff