Monday, March 26, 2012

some of my favourite books - 2

here is another old, favourite - "Cook's Manual of the Apiary", by Albert J. Cook, Late Professor of Entomology in the Michigan State Agricultural College, Professor of Zoology, Pomona College, Claremont, California.

i have read this book a million times and will re-read it a million more, i am sure. here is a look at the side-binding:

and the front:

i love it when old books have names or dates or whatnot written on the inside. this one says "Thomas W Hutchison Smiths Falls Ont" - no commas or periods but written in old cursive. Smith's Falls is a little town in Ontario.

here is a pic of Professor Cook - you can learn more about his Arthropod Research Collection at Michigan State University here.

the cover page:

publishing information:

this is the dedication page. Professor Cook dedicated the book to Reverend L. L. Langstroth. Pioneer Preppy will know who this is - if anyone else is interested you can learn more about Langstroth here. it is a beautiful dedication to a man that Cook obviously admired very much!

the drawings of various things are simply beautiful!

amazingly beautiful, eh?

the glossary contains all the terms that you will ever encounter in bee-keeping!

the index is busted up into all kinds of categories to help you search out a particular topic or idea.

i love this book - a lot! i hope that you have enjoyed it as well!


  1. It would BEE lovely to see the whole book. I BEElieve that all books should be cherished as much as you obviously cherish yours. BEE careful with it, it looks fragile.

    BEE good, now! This must BEE the silliest comment ever :-)

    1. oh Sue - this comment was almost as good as the write-up you did for the CPN when you won the fireplace tools from Riverwalker's giveaway - remember?

      whenever i write love notes to jambaloney, i always spell "be" as "bee"! what a sweet comment, my dear friend! xoxoxo

  2. wow----what a lovely book! I am cracking up over Sue's comment, and wonder what all the Buzz is about?

    Kymber-love your books...and look forward to more sharing!


    1. thanks Jen, honey! i cracked up over Sue's comment too - she's something is our Sue!

      i am glad that you love the books - i really love them and love sharing them! xoxoxoxo