Wednesday, August 23, 2017

vladimir "poutine" celebration day, answering my friend mike yukon's comment...and a river day! you can't get better than that! Edited to add that eclipse 2017 was a no-show!

first off, in response to my friend Mike Yukon's comment from the other day (he writes the blog Living Prepared and if you don't read his blog - you should!)- he mentioned that he could finally see our river! but that is out front of our house and that is called Strachan's Brook and it empties into our river, the Framboise River...which is actually at the back-end of our property.

our river is back there.

Strachan's Brook is about 1/3 of a mile away from us, whereas our river is about 1/4 of a mile away from us. we'll be going down to the river in just a bit - but a gorgeous day makes for celebrating Vladimir "poutine"! back in the city, we had incredible access to the most delicious curds known to man. since coming to the island it's hit and miss so when we find good curds - we jump on them and celebrate a Vladimir "poutine" day. it's an inside joke that i am sure none of you will find funny but i will share it with you all anyway!

when jambaloney and i first started dating 16 years ago - we developed our own way of speaking. i was working at Solgen, he was working at PWGSC and we would send each other 20 million emails a day and then when we got home from work, we would get on the phone and many nights fell asleep on the phone. i worked with some of the best colleagues and bosses in my life and when i would come into work, they would all chirp, like little birds - "kymber's in lerrrrve"!". best job of my life it was. well, anyway, to make a long story longer - jambaloney and i developed this certain way of speaking (it was also at that time that we refused to use capital letters in our emails to each other!) and 2 of my colleagues who i showed the emails to, said that our writing to each other was "twitterbugging". i love that term to this day. but between jambaloney and i - we have invented words that no one else could ever understand and we re-name things for fun.

enter Vladimir "poutine" (pronounced poo-teen). poutine is a canadian national dish made of curds, gravy and fries. we got some local, organic curds and went haywire! we made breakfast using our own potatoes and fresh-made gravy - oh it was an all-out Vladimir "poutine" celebration day!

we made and canned up 11 pints of meat sauce for spaghetti, spaghettini and macaroni!

loaded with meat, garlic and herbs! deelish!

replanted green onions that had been cut down! kids you can just keep replanting these things! you never have to buy another or plant a seed!

i got my new favourite book in the whole world - well besides everything by umberto eco - but this comes pretty close!

cape breton english is screwy to say the least - the french people speak a weird kind of french, the gaelic people speak a weird kind of gaelic, the english people speak so fast it's hard to understand them - and then they mix it all in together - it's crazy! but lots of fun! example: jambaloney works in L'Ardoise - which properly pronounced is "lar-dwoi" - but everyone here - even the french call it "lordways". it's a pretty funny place this island of mine!

our Scoby, Flower 325b gave us another 4 quarts/1 pint of delicious kombucha.

look at the beautiful colour!

i make her with organic green and organic jasmine tea.

now off to the river for those of you who have made it this far! you can't celebrate Vladimir "poutine" day without a walk to the river!!!! this is the back yard where the road to the river starts.

going around the bend.

spiderwebs everywhere.

getting close.

yay! the river, canoe-dura, boat-dura and shed-dura!

my boardwalk! (in case you haven't noticed - it's just a big rock!)

oh - the majestic Framboise River!

and i haven't shared this with any of you yet - but we bought an additional 16.5 acres of swampland!

all of that swamp going around the bay and out to the point is ours.  we did it so that no one could do anything with it. we think it is a good investment!

the nutcase jumped in the freezing cold water - i just stood in up to my knees.

he splashed around - i just splashed some river water on my face several times.

all-in-all - a great Vladimir "poutine" celebration day! oh and we shelled some fresh-picked peas to make home-made chicken noodle soup.

EDITED TO ADD: the eclipse. i couldn't make a bigger yawn. we got nothing. just the same kinda' overcast skies that we have had for a few days. nothing. nada. zilch. eclipse 2017 was a big let down!!! but i am loving other people's experiences and pictures!

off now to check out my fave blogs. we've had several small power bumps, a scheduled power outage (3hrs) and jambaloney is vaccuuming our computers. sorry i haven't been around very much! but i'm sending love to you all! xoxox


  1. Congratulations on your latest land purchase. "Defensive" buying like that is always a good investment!

  2. Loving all the pictures. I think some of what you say about the language is a tiny bit like when we go to Scotland. They speak so fast and words that I had never heard before in my life. So is the word I put in a previous comment what the Cape Bretons call black flies? I find it interesting how language develops. Especially as I fool myself sometimes that I understand Norweigan. lol But a lot of their language leaked into ours through Dannish words that came with the Vikings!

    amazing buy of the land. I would do the same to stop people destroying the habitat.

  3. My goodness it is so beautiful up there!! I am sorry you missed the eclipse. We had a partial and it was pretty cool...hugs my friend. I am back for a few days from campaign break!!

  4. I think we should definitely make it a universal Vladimir Poutine Day! I almost fell off of my chair when I read that we have a restaurant that serves it! Woot! Great idea, investing in your environment. A little more paradise for the two of you lervebugs!!! xoxo

  5. Curds? As in cheese curds? I'd like to try your poutine - recipe??? And your river is to die for - lucky you! We had a great eclipse. Clouds kept coming and going but at "the" time it was perfect! (Photo in my blog header)

  6. Sweet Kymber,

    No need to explain about not being around often, we totally understand. I haven't been around often as well, life has been keeping me busy.

    I so love your water resources up there!!! Congrats on purchasing the additional land. Now that we all know there's more land we'll be coming up there to camp.....LOL!!!! Swim (with bathing suit), fish, and enjoy your mighty fine canning :-)

    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    Sandy and BD Man

  7. Because I can't see your home by satellite I have no idea which direction the front of you house faces for my orientation. Therefore no idea of where the rivers are. :-(

  8. I just wrapped up canning 20 quarts and 20 pints of meat spaghetti sauce out of four 5-gallon buckets full of tomatoes. I'm hoping that lasts us a few years because I'm tired of canning after all of that.

    I still remember my first and only experience with Vladimir "poutine." I said to my self upon finishing that I will be lucky if I don't have a heart attach before I get back to the south side of the border.

    I made the trip to the path of totality but unfortunately due to clouds, all I saw was the total darkness part. But there is hope. In 2024, another total eclipse goes near me and also right near your island.

  9. the next eclipse is in 7 years and will be blackout here in northern ohio.

  10. I think some of what you say about the language is a tiny bit like when we go to Scotland. They speak so fast and words that I had never heard before in my life.


  11. You and J were very wise to buy the extra land. One of the decisions I made when I came here 32 years ago was to buy extra land at the cost of building fewer buildings than I really wanted up here. But I have not had encroachment and that was worth the wait on the buildings.

  12. The book looks great!

    I love you so much Kymber, but I do not get poutine. At all. Maybe if I had some it would make more sense.

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