Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bill Garza for Otero County Sheriff!

no we don't live in the united states of america...and we certainly don't live about 12 kajillion miles away in otero county, new mexico!!!

but if we did - we would want Bill Garza as our county sheriff! why...you ask? because this is a true and proper family man, a man who raised 4 incredible children - but do not discount his amazing wife in all of this! he is former military and an LEO...and a pastor! and none of those things can be taken lightly! why am i posting this on our blog? because we have known these crazy new mexicans for over 10 yrs...they were always there for us - we learned just about everything we know about homesteading because of them - and they have always been great friends!

so, to all of our american readers - if you "want to make america great again" - it has to start at the grass-roots level! i am going to ask you to donate to Bill's campaign by going here:


$20 bucks will do a world of good! apparently canadians can't vote??? who knew???

as for Bill and his want to run for Sheriff, no one can do a better job of describing him then his wife of 29 years, my dear friend who jumped right in when i was a brand new - noobie - blogger trying to run the canadian preppers network without much support - ya, she is the one who can describe him the best - and i have her permission to copy this here:

"Bill Garza
Candidate for Sheriff Otero County New Mexico

Bill is a first generation American and was the first in his family to be born in the US.  He grew up in Nevada with six other siblings.

I met Bill and he quickly proposed to me (two days later) and we married weeks later in 1988.  Bill was instilled early on that America was a place that had given his family opportunities that they could never have had and that he should always be grateful.  He joined the Army to show America that he was invested in her.  As my dad was killed in Vietnam he asked me if it was okay as he was worried that I may not want him to join.  I was so thankful that he was willing to serve as I believe that we all should stand for this great country.

We have four children in six years and then homeschooled them all. We were living a very comfortable life in southern Nevada (after getting out of the Army) and Bill was a deputy sheriff.  While on duty as a deputy sheriff our lives changed as Bill had a major auto accident and nearly died.  Because of the accident we moved to New Mexico as it was the most affordable place we could find as we needed to regroup emotionally, spiritually and of course for Bill, physically.

We bought a teeny tiny corner of the desert and decided to call our humble place The Double Nickel Farm. In name only- until we put a good deal of sweat and tears in it, but it is a farm for us.  We still have sheep and chickens and raise a few veggies of course with the campaign everything is on slow motion.  I must say that EVERY thing we have is because we became verbs and acted.  It is not to say that we deserve anything we have, but it is to say in our situation hard hard hard work has been the key to achieving not only the basics but more.
While carving out a farm, Bill also was working on his recovery with simple measures to build up for surgery which he had several years ago, In addition to recovering, Bill, who was raised that a man works every single day of his life, worked two jobs, volunteered at a Men’s Recovery Home, and finished his Bachelor’s degree online (thanks to the GI BILL).  

Bill also was ordained as a Pastor.  He discovered that his physical health seemed less of a struggle if he was busy serving others. All the while, he was working his goal was to get back to the Sheriff’s Office, which he did in 2009 working as administration with the Narcotics unit, then he moved to the main office and he is over grants, the fleet, training, and is the chaplain.  He immediately organized the chaplaincy program when he was hired as the sheriff’s office did not have a chaplain. He serves as the chaplain on a completely voluntary role and has since the beginning.

Bill and I have been married 29 years-on August 27th. It doesn’t feel like we have been married that long as we are still as newlywed’s in that corny mushy gushy love.  I often feel as though I am living in a fairy tale.  Bill is a gentleman in every sense of the word.  I cannot express enough that Bill is sincerely a good man. 

We have four children that are now all adults and are busy in their own lives-yet all live in the same county with us (although our third son will be stationed outside the county in August). Our oldest also Bill, is a veteran of the Army and served a tour in Afghanistan. He will become a dad in September giving my Bill and I our third grandson. Bill is a deputy sheriff in Otero county.  If my Bill is elected there is already in place a checks and balance system to ensure no specialty treatment will exist.  I smile at this, because Bill and I expect our children to raise the standard instead of being granted special treatment. 

Ruben, our second oldest, is still a volunteer fireman, and works as a Corrections Officer at the County Jail.  He gave us our first grandson and that wee one turned 2 in June.  
Our third son, Trey, is at Basic Training in Fort Benning, Georgia (where I was born). He worked at the ER as a technician for 5 years before he could convince his wife that he wanted to wear the uniform.  She agreed and as soon as possible he was sworn in and headed off.  They have our second grandson who turns 2 in October. (The exciting news about Trey’s duty station, is that he will be stationed at Fort Bliss which is just down the road from us in Texas!!)
Our baby is almost 22 and works at the District Attorney’s Office as a Prosecution Assistant. She is going to give us our fourth grandbaby due in November…and this will be our first granddaughter!

Bill and I have raised our children to be in service in the community, and although it may not be obvious…the fields are all ones that if served honorably, protect the citizens’ rights. 
We live a life that is open and represents exactly who we are.  Bill is the same in person as he is at home, with friends, or even when he was 20 years old.

If I were to be candid, even though I am Bill’s wife, I would say that no more honorable man could be found than Bill. He would give you the shirt off his back and then work alongside you to help you if you ever had a need.  He is a man with a brilliant sense of humor…in a slightly 1950s quirky way that keeps me laughing each day. Bill is a family man. No matter the day nor hour, he will do whatever it takes to help the kids or me.  We also claim all the kid’s in-laws and claim them as family and so each gathering gets larger and larger.  Bill is a godly man.  I hesitate to share this, because we have the mega church pastors that live lifestyles in grand homes, with a fleet of cars. Bill is a godly man as the Bible commands, he lives by treating his neighbor as he treats himself, and loves God with his heart, mind and soul.  I cannot go anywhere, and I mean anywhere, without having to stop and visit with people that know Bill and want me to know how he has been a part of their lives. Often, I do not know exactly who Bill is helping or working with until I meet them in the community as he works quietly and quickly for anyone and everyone that has a need.  Most recently, it was with a family that only spoke Spanish. Their 19-year-old son fell off a Cliffside and was killed…it took nearly 24 hours to recover the body as the terrain was so dangerous.  Bill responded to the scene with the sheriff’s office, but immediately realized that he needed to take the family off the mountain as they were distraught thinking about their son. Bill still takes calls from this family and most likely will for some time to come as they work through their grief. 

Bill decided long ago he wanted to be Sheriff.  We had a detour with the accident, but he has never lost focus, in fact, the accident allowed us to refocus and prioritize and in the end, we have more than we ever had before, even though none of what we have is in material goods. 
I have said many times that I thank God for January 1, 2005 because we became the family we were to become, all because Bill nearly died.

Bill is running for sheriff in the only conservative county in New Mexico and there are several other republicans on the ticket.  We need help making it through the primary with donations as a saturation of Bill Garza will make all the difference.  Our county is wide spread with the southern community 77 miles away from Alamogordo, and then we have the Mescalero Apache reservation in the north another 55 miles, with Cloudcroft to the east in the mountains 20 miles from Alamogordo.  In between are many small communities with populations of 10-400.  We are predominately a Hispanic community with, believe it or not, a German Air Force base, so there Germans living here. It makes for an incredible county!  We have ranching, orchards in the mountains, and even pecan/pistachio groves, with a few vineyards. 

Our county needs strong honest leadership…and this then needs to ripple out to the state, then to the government. We need to stop electing people that we do not know, that make promises and then do not hold true to the promises because they never intended to. If we want to see American become great again, it begins at home, one elected person at a time, and in our situation, one sheriff at a time.

i love these people and you can go to the above website to donate and learn more about Bill. you can also really learn about who they are from their website Double Nickel Farm.

i don't know about any of you - but if i lived in the states and wanted to put my my money where my mouth was - making america great again - i'd be donating to Bill's campaign. he's a true american, with a true american wife and a true american family!!!


  1. Kymber for FRAMBROISE MANOR Prime Minister.....

  2. Sounds like a great guy - if he were running in my neck of the woods, I would vote for him in a heartbeat! I wish him well!

  3. I agree with everything Kymber said. Kymber could always say things much better than I ever could. :) I'm going to share this on my blog, it'll be the first interesting post there in ages. Lol


  4. "Bill is running for sheriff in the only conservative county in New Mexico...."

    There's actually a few others.

    One of 'em is Chaves County (Roswell).

  5. Hi Kymber :) I'm not into politics at all, but I just wanted to say hi! Hope all is well and you and J are enjoying the summer! :)

  6. Sweet Kymber,

    What a small world!!! Otero County is where my husband's family reside. I'm sure my husband and his family know Bill Garza :-)
    Nice post Kymber :-)

    Sending hugs and love to you and Jam.

  7. Thank you so much Kymber for sharing this post. And to Sandy, I bet we may know of them if we don't know them!