Friday, August 18, 2017

daily harvest...and of course, food....and flowers!

it`s the time of year for beautiful days!

here`s today`s daily harvest basket:

that`s green onions, a red onion, yukon gold potatoes, red chieftain potatoes, a ton of peppers to be turned into pickles for jambaloney, a bunch of peas, garlic with scapes, and nasturtium flowers to be eaten with stuffed with trout.

i love garlic scapes as a centerpiece on the table.

jambaloney picked me a bunch of mint too.

you just can`t beat steak and a stirfry!

a great snack - shrimp and homemade shrimp cocktail sauce!

i put in a ton of horseradish because we looooove the burn!

and bulgogi and kimchi:

we looooove kimchi! and like the koreans do, we serve several kinds with a proper bulgogi meal! i love making different kinds of kimchi - it really is soooo good for you!

how about a self-seeded oregano plant in the middle of our little concrete deck? soooo beautiful!

self-seeded st. john's wart in between our pots of this and that:

marshmallow and evening of primrose:

my 2 favourite onions:

peas and pea flowers:

a small field of fireweed:

i have no idea what this flower is but if anyone has a guess - i'd love for you to leave a comment.

otherwise, i'm gonna have to search the interwebs. yawn.


and another beauty that i don't know:

again, if anyone knows what this is - please leave a comment.

all in all, everything at the Manor is beautiful. even the overgrown grass, the horrible driveway, and poor jambaloney down in the basement (more like a h*ell hole!) trying his darndest to fix it - it's been a lovely week.

i can't wait to show you our new boat motor and stand that jambaloney built - and we'll be taking you all for a ride on the river tomorrow! it's going to be awesome!

sending love, as always! xoxox


  1. In the top photo I can finally see the river now that there are no leaves or snow. Is that where your beach is. Looks like a long walk!

  2. The first flower pic looks like Sweet William, a dianthus. I'm no expert but it's possible that it's tall phlox. Both smell heavenly!

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  4. I agree sweet William. I think you can eat fire weed... a bit like fiddleheads

  5. Oh that's funny, I posted a similar post a month or so ago. We found that same flower growing wild under the cedar tree and I was told it's dianthus too!

    The food looks great! Happy to hear you're having nice summer days with a great harvest! :)

  6. How beautiful it is there! Glad to see you are still dining in style. I would love to have such a variety of flowers growing wild. I need to plant them if I want them.