Monday, August 14, 2017

Happy Birthday to our dear friend W!!!!

Happy Birthday W!!! you asked that jambaloney raise a glass to you! how about a Deception Bay IPA beer?

they are a famous brewery from Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. jambaloney loves this delicious brew! i like to take a drink from his can every now and again, but i prefer wine.

anyway - we toasted to W and both had a sip and then jambaloney tooled around on drunk-tractordura - now named W-tractordura in honour of our friend. we thank our friend W for all of the advice that he has provided, excellent advice because he was born in europe, lived in canada and smuggled digby scallops in his suitcase, and now lives in a secret compound somewhere in the US. he's been everywhere, he's done everything and somehow through our dumb little blog we made his acquaintance and he has never let us down!

he's a man with a lot of talents and lived to tell the tale. i'll get his life story out of him one of these days! he's not only an intelligent  and funny "been there - done that - got a t-shirt and a gun" kind of guy - he's actually really sweet and a very good friend of ours!

if you are so inclined you can raise a drink, 2 or 5 - bahahah! (he would love 5!!!) to our friend W this evening!!!!

we love you W!!! Happy Birthday buddy! xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday W! I will be more than happy to raise a glass (or 3) of wine in your honor tonight!

  2. Happy Birthday W! I'll raise my Shiner (or Abita, depending on which strikes my fancy) in your honor here shortly...

  3. Happy Birthday W! We only have wine but I will do my best to toast in your honor.