Thursday, July 28, 2016

making rose salve...and catching up!

well kids - it's been a long week and a half! we've had business meetings, flying internationally several times, meeting up with movie and rock stars - it sure can wear you out.

BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! naw - we've been busy in the garden and the house, jambaloney's been busy working on his contract, we've been petting cats, near died when we had high humidity for almost 3 days in a row (i feel so sorry for all of you people that live with constant humidity - i swear, we were crying for those almost 3 days!) and eating lots of good food.

but when it wasn't humid, we were outside enjoying our days.

jambaloney, the weeder extraordinnaire, has been weeding non-stop. i've been making more salves. this is rose petal salve.

make sure your roses are just in their prime and pick them, lay them on a screen to give any bugs a chance to get off, after an hour, all the bugs should be gone, then rinse them and dry them really well - putting them back out into the sun works well and quick!

toss those beautiful petals into your salve-making pot and dump some hard coconut oil and coconut milk in the pot.

let it all melt together.

toss in some clover heads and heal-all flowers for the medicinal quality that they provide.

let it all cook up JUST to boiling.

strain your mixture and press on your mixture to get all of the liquid out.

put your liquid back in the pot and chuck in some 100% beeswax (if you are lucky enough to get Pioneer Preppy's beeswax you are one lucky sod!)

once the beeswax has melted put the liquid that HAS NOT ever come to a boil, do your spoon test.

dip a spoon into your mixture, let it sit for 10 minutes. then rub the spoon. if it's too runny, add more beeswax, if it's too thick, add a little more coconut oil. when you are satisfied with the composition, fill little jars. here's mine:

this, like all of the other salves i make has many uses. you can use it as a face cream, body cream, lip balm and for anything chaffed (like elbows knees and feet). you can also just use it as a hand cream - it has a soothing fragrance and if you rub it into your hands in the evening watching tv or whatever - it has a very calming effect.

now for my buddy W, who is always asking about the cats. Rat Cat...i mean Edgar....found himself a new bed.

we have pillows and blankets and little beds all over the house that not one single cat has ever gotten into?!?!?!?!? but put a box lid on a desk...and that is Edgar's bed. Noodie-Noo sleeps on boxes that are in a shelf. Mankly-Spontoonch ( Frankie Blue Eyes) sleeps on a tiny ledge in the kitchen. and Moby-Moe is now sleeping in a tire insert on top of the hottub. these cats are nuts.

we watched a thunderhead develop the other day - what a gorgeous picture!

but it blew by us.

and here is some homemade chili burritos that i made the other day for supper.

jambaloney suggested that the only thing that could make the meal more decadent was to put a poached egg on it.

i concurred. and then served it with a quinoa, parsley and mint salad topped with tomatoe and cucumber. we moaned for hours.

now on to some "herbs". how about some lemon balm, bee balm, sage and sage flowers, heal-all flowers, sweet marjoram and flowers, chamomile, oregano and thyme all drying in the sun? woohoo! i pick these quite regularly and solar dry them on screens for delicious herbs for over the winter that you grew yourself!

here's another beautiful day - i had a friend once ask if cape breton is really as beautiful as it seems??? just google cape breton and you will see tons of pics - NOT taken by me - and you will see just how absolutely mesmerizing it is! especially at the Manor!

here's some fresh-picked herbs that i put in jars of water - why? because i am going to make herb salt out of them. stay tuned and i will show you how i salt my herbs for use throughout the winter.

heading down to the river one day, every day - it doesn't matter what day - it always looks like this!

down at the river. special pic for my friend C.

coming back up the road after a river day...after a day of looking at the sky with awe. and then we see the lop-sided Manor - my favourite place in the world.

"the man" (jambaloney) wanted steak, chicken thighs and homemade potatoe salad for supper. "the man" always gets what he wants for breakfast dinner and supper!

i had a piece of his bloody, un-cooked steak and still prefer mine to be like combat-boot leather. on the left is chicken thighs cooked on the bbq and then tossed with my "kick-you-in-the-head" homemade hot sauce with butter and honey. on the left is a teriyaki-kind of sauce that i just made up with ginger and garlic and stuff.

both were delicious! and as you can tell - for my potatoe salad, i use yolks from 6 eggs but only use 4 whites - i like my potatoe salad to be yolky!!!

sorry if i haven't been by your blogs. but it's hard living the life of riley! sending love though!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

making healing salve - from start to finish!

first off - a pic of another beautiful day!

so healing salve - let's start back at the beginning ok? you need a good 15 comfrey leaves and a small bunch of comfrey flowers (don't take them all from one spot or from one plant - the bees, hummingbirds and other insects rely on these throughout the summer!), then a good 15 plantain leaves (which can also be steamed or sauteed to make a lovely salad) and last but not least, you need heal-all flowers.

you dump all of that in your salve-making pot and cover it with just enough EVOO to cover it. and to JB Bob...i have read this tell-all book about EVOO:

i have also read his wife's blog for the last 4 years. needless to say - i know my cold-pressed EVOOs...but thanks.

you cook this on low heat until it starts looking crumbly - but don't ever bring it to a boil. make it look this:

in another hour come back and heat it again on low heat, but never to a boil.

do this 4 or 5 times throughout the day until it looks like this:

 when you stir it with a wooden spoon, it will make a crinkly sound. if you don't have the right crinkly sound (you'll know it when you hear it), keep heating it for the next day and sometimes, depending on humidity, weather, whatever - it might take 3 days. no worries. just heat to almost a boil, give it a stir, cover it and leave it be.

when it makes that definitive crinkly sound - yer done. you've sucked all of the nutrients out of the comfrey, plantain and heal-all. now you strain it.

some people strain with muslin or cheese cloth or coffee filters to get all of the gritties out. i like the gritties.

now you put the pot back on the stove on low heat and chuck in some chunks of pure-100%-beeswax. it will cost a small fortune. pay for it and stock up on it. it has 10 million uses.

chuck about this much in.

there are websites that give exact proportions but i cook with "feeling" - i know when i have added enough salt or cumin - i do not use measuring spoons.

this is starting to look like i chucked enough chunks of beeswax in.

stay on top of it. do not let it reach a boil ever. keep stirring. and when it has all melted - get it off the heat immediately. and make sure it looks like this:

get it off the heat and do the spoon test. dip a spoon it - just a dip...and let it run down the spoon.

go pet a cat or answer an email and come back and feel the spoon. rub the spoon. get a feel for the salve.

too runny - you need to add a tad bit more beeswax. too thick, you need to add a tad more oil. but if your spoon looks like the one above and you and jambaloney both have deer fly bites that need attention - your salve is perfect. pour it in tiny jars.

that's 10 tiny 125ml jars filled with the healing salve and one that i made last year that i put a chamomile flower in.

this stuff is great for bad cuts, like bad cuts, scrapes, scratches, bruises, bangs, knicks, little cuts ---- are you like me and spent 20some-odd years buying expensive lip balms because of chaffed lips - chuck all of that stuff out and use this on your lips maybe once every 2 months. one application to your lips, kids, let it sink won't be worried about chaffed lips anymore. do you have any sore muscles, sore hands, sore anything? rub this on your sore hands or feet or have your jambaloney rub it on your sore back and rub it on his.

kids - this salve is made from comrey, plantain and heal-all. if you have access to natural growing these three things - get up off your butt and make this for yourself. sore hips, sore knees, black fly and deer fly bites from hell - use this!!!

i can say that this one salve is probably the most major thing that has kept us sane this last 6years at The Manor. without it, i think we would have cashed everything in and moved in with jambaloney's parents! yer darn tootins that they love this salve - bahahahahha!

i'm still getting used to my teeth - i love them - but saturday night we have an event, a sad one i hate to say, for a friend of ours, he's gotten cancer and we are having a benefit for him to help pay for the expenses. so i will have to actually do my hair and put on makeup and look good for a friend who's 8 feet tall and always picks me up 6ft from the ground to crushingly hug me...i love him and his wife...jambaloney too....we are sad to go to this benefit...but we want to be there for our friend. he always squashes jambaloney in a bear hug, too. a "man" bear bug. him and his wife love jambaloney.

so saturday night - i'll pull out all the stops, do my hair, do my makeup, dress appropriately for the occasion.....and try to look good with my new teeth. i'll have jambaloney take a pic of me and i'll put it up on a sunday post.

you have all been so supportive over the last 4 months of me having no teeth...i can't wait to show you all the new ones. i have to admit...they're pretty awesome! and jambaloney says they're awesome...and he would never lie.

i hope you all can find access to the herbs i mentioned above and can make your own salve. Sweet Sandy, Harry, Matt, PP and TB git yer butts up here. jambaloney loves fishin' friends! and Joey - get over here and play one of our dances! cuz i just want to show off my teeth - bahahahahahah!

sending love to all of our misfit internet friends! xoxoxo

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

i gots teefs!


i gots teefs today! they are awesome! i sent pics to my brother and sister G and C...but i haven't slept in 3 days, am sunstroked, tired, worn-out....let out a big, giant sigh of relief, am decompressing, my hair is a right mess and i have no lipbalm on.

tomorrow when i'm fresh i'll put on a little lipbalm (homemade healing salve), put my hair up and get jambaloney to take a pic of me that will look at least (*fingers crossed*) half decent.

and i'll finish my healing salve tutorial tomorrow as well. it's been a long but good day. i gots teefs - woohoo!

(the crazy thing is i think i like them. maybe a lot.)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

can you say "another river day" - there's gonna be a lot of them coming up! oh and making healing salve!

wow! this is the first july here that we have had so many river days. the river was calm and we took many dips while down at the river for only an hour and a bit! isn't it beautiful? the regular pic for my friend C.

but before dips in the river there are many chores around the manor that must be done...cats fed, birds fed, hummingbird water to be made, berkeys to be filled, greenhouse opened and watered and herbs to be gathered for morning soup.

that is home-grown sage, rosemary, thyme and parsley all to be added to home-made bone broth with butter-fried liver - yummeh!

can you say iron and calcium to start your day? i know that you can!

then it's odd jobs around the house and yard and then time for some dinner. how about fajitas with steak, home-made guacamole (which i still call "gwak-a-mole" and can't stop myself from laughing hilariously whenever i say it - bahahahahah!), home-made salsa and 4 stir-fried coloured peppers and onions to complete the meal.

then it's down to the river we go. it's quite strange - we never got this many river days in july before. the climate is changing people...regardless of what you believe.  here's a grouse feather we found down at the river after a dip.

remember that patch of wild rose flowers that are growing across our bog? well, even more of them have flowered!

here's a closeup of the ones that grow right where our loungers are...

sooooo pretty!

and then the other day jambaloney is in our local home hardware and buying 24 more tiny canning jars. we've gone through about a hundred in the last few years and it's what i make my "healing" salve in.

i've made this salve and given it to friends and jambaloney and i use it like mad! it is good for cuts, scrapes, bruises, bug bites, sunburns, rashes, chaffed anything (lips, feet, knees or elbows) - it's a wonderful product. i have given and sent it to friends over the years so even though we still have a ton of these little jars - jambaloney decided to add to our stash.

the man at the counter asked jambaloney "what were we making him?" - i think he was thinking we were making jams, jellies or marmalades. jambaloney said healing salve. the man at the counter and the woman there asked about it. jambaloney explained that i used 3 of the most precious and healing herbs and then made salve from it. another man in the store (D) lifted up his sleeve and asked could the salve help with psoriasis and jambaloney said it could definitely help and that when i made my next batch, he would leave some for him at the store.

so that kicked me in the butt to make some more. we have a jar at each of our chairs in front of the tv, a jar in the kitchen, a jar in the bathroom and one jar in our preps. we don't worry about stocking it because i can pretty much make a ton every summer. but i have given a lot away to friends and whatnot so it was time to make another batch.

here's the usual suspects that go into making a batch. 15ish comfrey leaves, a bunch of comfrey flowers, 15ish leaves of plantain and a whole pile of heal-all flowers.

put all of that in your "salve-making"pot and just cover it all with Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil - it is VERY important to use the best olive oil that you can.

you want to boil it for a good 15 minutes so that it starts to look crispy like this.

and then you want to remove it from the heat and let it settle for several hours so it looks like this.

and then the next day (tomorrow for me) you want to heat it up to a boil again. and then let it sit. i will finish my explanation in a post tomorrow to show you what else you need to do to make a wonderfully-organic healing salve. so stay tuned.

but you know what else is wonderfully-organic and a healing salve????

how about these fresh-caught trout with home-made dill sauce, some spinach and pineapple and our first 3 ripe strawberries???

stay tuned for the rest of my tutorial on how to make a healing salve that you will love.

speaking of love...i am sending much to all of you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

oh river day...and a gift from a friend!

oh we planned for a river day and river day we had! this pic always for my friend C!

but let's back up to last night's supper of kofta hamburgers (full of spices) and goat feta hamburgers (also full of spices!).

then it was hamburger city with all kinds of homemade dips, lobster salad with leftover quinoa salad tossed on top and some cherries.

we needed full bellies for a full day at the river. the sunset promised a beautiful day.

the clouds and sunsets here are brilliant!

looking down to the river this morning (you can't see the river but you can see the loooooong road. ah heck - it's only a quarter mile to our own river on our own road - but i like to be dramatic - bahhahah!)

going around the bend to get to the river - so mystical and magical - there simply MUST be faery and little people living in those woods!

and then the sky opens up and we are at the river!

those are white caps on the river waves - it was actually windy as oh crap!

but the sun was so warm and the river sooo beautiful!

another pic for my friend C - it has special meaning to him and us and no one else on the planet.

some wild roses - true wild roses growing down at the river of all places!

there's also self-planted wild roses growing in this mess of new and old trees across our bog down at the river.

and pitcher plants in full flower. look them up. they are quite rare.

some heal-all growing in amongst the rocky, hard-packed soil. there is medicine everywhere if you look for it.

here i am laying on our plastic, cheap loungers with a bin full of picnic goodies, which i forgot to take a pic of, looking back at the road toward the Manor. soooooo much green!

i must have been a leprechaun in a former life - i looooove green!

and here is the sky as i lay back in my cheap lounger and look up....sooo amazingly beautiful. it seems nothing is impossible when you look at this.

laying in my lounger looking to the right. a beautiful shed built out of crap that protects our boat motor and a whole pile of other stuff...and dead, and dying, and living new trees. how awesome.

jambaloney is napping at this point having pulled out the motor for our boatdura, gassing it up, taking it for a bit of a spin, then the motor dies. then he has to pull all of it up and out of the river and put it all away. so i lay on my front on our cheap loungers and take pics of what i see...and what mesmerizes me.

that little stick tree is our towel tree with a canning lid in memorium of the great SciFiChick. to the left of me is the man napping. we cover his face, chest, shoulders and back covered in full sunscreen because he has a propensity to "pink" up. no worries, i keep him covered and then put a towel on his face and put a towel on his uncovered "personal" parts - bahahahahaha!

then i just lay back, think about a million different thoughts and take pics of the beautiful sky. let's call it heavenly therapeutic counselling,

and some more. hard not to think of the heavens when they are staring you in the face.

then i sit up and there is ATV-dura. the thing that brought us and a whole pile of stuff that we needed brought down today. ATV-dura is a beast. and there are about 20 people who want to buy it from us when we get a new one. they are ATV crazy down here. we just think of it as another tool.

i read lots of books. fiction, non-fiction, authorized and non-authorized biographies. i've read all of baigent and leigh's books...for fun...but some startling insights to be found as in all books.

jambaloney is still napping, i take one last pic to the right of us, land that we now own, i will spill the deets in a while, but a bunch of that swampy waterfront is now ours. and will stay in it's current condition for as long as we own it.

we got home, fed cats, are flumping from a day in the sun and at the river and i open my email and a dear, dear friend sent me this:

if you can't read it, and can't be bothered to enlarge it, it says "In matters of style swim with the current - in matters of principle stand like a rock". what a wonderful sentiment to send to someone. this is someone who knows my heart. and finding it in my inbox after such an already wonderful day - just made the day all that the better. yes, i brought my mermaid tail down to the river but i figure you are all sick of hearing about my mermaid tail. but one special friend made me feel like my mermaid tail is not ridiculous. and i honestly don't care what anyone else thinks.

we had a wonderful day! and as this blog was created for us, to keep a record of our days on this earth together - i want to record that we had another wonderful day!
i hope the same for all of you. signing off with love.