Saturday, May 21, 2016

a crazy post about a little bit of a little bit of everything!

last evening's it to die for or what?

we were up at the crack of dawn today....we had many jobs to do. here are some purple finches in our apple tree. they come every day for the goodies that we provide. jambaloney has a bird book and has marked every bird that we have seen here. i'll do up a list one day in a post.

here's a closer pic of them...sooo beautiful - we get tons of birds that stay here throughout the summer and winter...and then we have the migratory ones who only stay a few days to eat from the feeders and then move on. no worries - we love them all!

breakfast began with our morning shakes....this particular one is apple, pear, carrot, mango and blueberries that we picked ourselves last year from our friend d's blueberry farm. we worked for blueberries. and then froze them. and are still enjoying the most natural and fresh picked blueberries 4 months before blueberry season! ya just can't beat that.

after some odd jobs not worth mentioning it was time for breakfast proper. there's nothing like sushi for breakfast!

the day was a little hazy but hot with a lovely wind blowing from the ocean - deeevine, i say!

we planted 5 different kinds of carrots and one row of spinach with the transplanted kale bed.

by this time it was time for dinner. jambaloney thought it would be fun to combine lobster with macaroni...something very expensive with something so cheap.

it actually worked out really well...i mixed the macaroni with a ton of butter, EVOO, and three tablespoons of mayo - i have to admit it was divine. and funny. mixing such extravagent lobster with cheap macaroni - bahahahahah! what can i say kids? we live in a place where lobster is very cheap and easy to get during the season?!?!?!?

then we went back out and planted a bunch of radish and beets and 2 more rows of spinach.

kids - look below and beware.

our first year here i started everything in peat pellets. and learned that they do not decompose, strangle roots of plants and such. these are peat pellets from six years ago that jambaloney dug out of one of our beds. we have been finding these things all over the place. NOT decomposed. i will never use them again!

we stopped for our mid-afternoon snack to keep you going throughout the rest of the day - introducing kymberz gazpacho....not for the faint of heart!

tomatoes, onion, avocado, lime juice, EVOO, ACV, chives, mango, peach, garlic, cumin, cayenne, paprika, turmeric and salt and pepper. THIS WILL clean out your sinuses.

and look - finally a tulip appeared in the tulip package i ordered but most are actually daffodils. no worries - i love any kind of flower!

and dandelions. considered a weed but are so essential to health and well-being. go here for more info on the benefits of dandelion. For my friend TB - make sure to read this link and then do some more searches - dandelions are not a weed - they are our friends!

you know spring is really here when you hear "sip-ang-zap-zing"....the hummingbirds are back! wooohoo!

we set up a feeder at the front and back of the house and will set up our other 4 feeders tomorrow - we love hummingbirds! and guess what they love? comfrey! we will be sending our friend W and P comfrey roots on monday  when jambaloney goes into work.

kids - when you cook from scratch, it looks like this every day. these are the normal pots used in making breakfast, dinner and supper everyday!

but we are finally at the time of year that jambaloney can wash the pots outside and let them dry outside. these are pots and utensils that don't go into the dishwasher. the dishwasher gets run every day as well. of our delivery guys that knows to call ahead of time called and said he had a package for us. he said "i will just toot the horn at the bottom of the driveway?" and i said "yes. when my husband hears the toot he will run down the driveway and get the package". he said "you make him do all the hard work, eh?" then we both laughed.

and now kids - i own every single book that Umberto Eco has written up to today - the man is so prolific he might have just released another book!!!!

jambaloney and i sat out in our sky-loungers this afternoon after we were finished planting, preparing food and cooking, and doing other odd jobs - and i read him, out loud, the first 2 chapters of "The Prague Cemetary". so far, it looks like this book will be along the same lines as "foucault's pendulum" which we screeched over reading it out loud twice. this book is a definite keeper and we haven't even finished it.

jambaloney - who never reads my posts by the way - arrrghghghhg....he thinks that i got Eco's how to write a thesis is because i am a trained linguist and very interested in semiotics...has no idea that i got the book for him. he has done 3 years of a biology degree...and then switched over to a philosophy degree with honours. my plan is to send him back to university to finish his biology degree and then get his masters. he loves the flora and fauna here in cape one has ever documented the flora and fauna in cape breton and that is my dream for him. he will lay in the sun in the backyard, frontyard, down at the river, and down at the ocean and listen to me read this book to him. i will plant seeds as it is my favourite thing to do....but i will plant seeds in his mind from Eco's book on how to write a thesis.

oh yes - i am a witch with magical powers - bhahahahahah!

for those of you who expressed interest in the baby oil and coffee grinds....years ago...too many to say, my work sent me to australia for a week conference. and encouraged me to take 3 extra days and stay in hawaii. how i wished that jambaloney had joined me....but we had just bought our beautiful house in the city and we were stretched thin and didn't want to use credit.

but while there, i bought maui baby browning lotion. and when i got home, i read the contents...some special ingredients but it was basically baby oil and coffee grinds. i have been making my own ever since.

you will need specialized equipment to make your own. like a container, some coffee grinds and baby oil. let it sit for a couple of days, strain it....and you basically have brown baby oil. it stains you as you suntan, i swear by it.

and i know a lot of you have experienced a relative, or experienced skin cancer yourselves, but this is something i enjoy and i know when to call it quits in the sun. i am a sun baby. jambaloney not so much. he does not get the coffeed baby oil. he goes out in the early morning with nothing on him to produce natural vitamin D...and right about 11am is when we slather him down with sunscreen.

check out these beautiful tiny-tines.

i have no idea what they are and really don't care to know. but if someone does know - leave a comment.

here they are up closer.

soooo gorgeous.

and we have blue tiny-tines too! i love them!

supper was a curry of chicken, potatoes, carrots, turnip, home-canned tomatoes, home-canned broth and my own home-made curry powder. served with delicious peaches as the garnish.

we sat out front this eve and enjoyed looking at our view. of course we were butt nekkid and really need to find the cushions for our rocking chairs.

the man had his binoculars and saw trout jumping in strachan's brook.

so off he went with his waders and fishing gear....hopefully to catch us a fantastic trout breakfast for tomorrow. we're both sunstroked - no matter. we weren't in the sun too long and for most of the day we had our horrid bug suits on. i'll take a pic of jambaloney in our crazy bug suits and post it here.

for now, my man if off fishing and i am going to check on my fave blogs. then we're having "song night". my friend Harry will understand what that means.

after such a beautiful day, it's hard not to try and send love to all of you. i hope that you feel all of this love. xoxox

he's home and he caught us some beautiful breakfast! he's out cleaning the trout and will have a fishing post up tomorrow.

we love life. and we hope that you all do, too. now i gotta go and kiss my fishy-provider. there is nothing in the world that i love more than that man. xoxox to all of you!

(p.s. - sorry if this is mushy - but our blog is not about audience - it's about recording our days!)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

another beautiful day.....and more planting! (Edited to add a link for all of the beneficial uses of comfrey for the garden, animals and humans)

another beautiful day!

and it never soon as we have 2 straight days of beautiful sun in may....the dreaded 3month apocalypse begins. yes - you guessed it ----- black fly season! so we were butt nekkid with stupid bug suits on! i tried to go out and see if the black flies would stay away for even just a little bit - but no - they were swarming me the minute i went out the door!!! so bug suit season begins - arghghghgh!

i mulched the strawberry hugelkulture with our home-made mulch!

that mulch is pure good - i could eat it! bahahahahah!

jambaloney made a more stick-like mulch to amend our pea bed and carrot bed today...tomorrow he will make more and amend the rest of the beds.

my man has an incredible talent for finding junk on the side of the road and figuring out a use for it! i have always been amazed at how this man can turn junk into something useful. i think this is my favourite piece of junk - an old swingset to use for our pea bed - is it awesome or what????

several people have asked if we put the fences around everything to keep out any wild animals. nope. we put fences around everything because of the cats! they love digging around in fresh dirt!

i planted 200 sugar snap and shelling peas in the pea bed and in the very front and back planted 33 old beets for beet greens. we loooooove beet greens!

here is the amended carrot bed with some transplanted, overwintered kale. we'll plant the carrots, new beets and radishes tomorrow.

at 2 o'clock this afternoon the sun was at it's zenith and we had been out since early morning. so we stopped and shared a celebratory Steigl Radler....which is a mixture of grapefruit juice and beer.

i don't normally like beer but this was quite refreshing. jam's working on his contract and then we'll be off to make some sushi for late dinner - yummeh! then we'll be off again to do more odd jobs around the yard until jam has to do his remote procedure thing for work.

we are both looking forward to a cool evening - we neeeeeed the hottub!

EDIT: here is a link to all of the beneficial uses of comfrey

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

serious sunstroke number 1 of 2016!!!!

it was very cloudy yesterday afternoon - check out these clouds:

cloudy....but beautiful:

very cloudy!

 the sunset was amazing:

today jambaloney went to work on-site for half of the day....that is if you consider showing up for work at 6 and working until after noon just half of a day....i waited for him to get home because it looked like this:

i opened up the greenhouse and gave the cats their nip. the temp was around 60C (15F). it was gorgeous!

did odd jobs around the house and then he got home and we got to work! after we put sunscreen on his face. i put on my baby oil mixed with coffee grinds. i like getting brown by the sun! i mulched the garlic beds:

lots of garlic:

truckdura down at the beginning of the road to the river:

jambaloney was weeding the strawberry hugelkulture and gathering dead raspberry and blackberry bushes to make fine mulch so that we can aerate our pea bed, carrot bed and radish and beet bed - woohoo! lots of planting tomorrow.

the crazy little daffodils that were supposed to be tulips are all blooming...and pretty:

our regular daffodils keep spreading every year:

our grape vine is finally showing some tiny nubs (for my friend W, who told jambaloney how to trim them):

another beautiful pic of the backyard with truckdura, the greenhouse, the sky and our loungers:

we have blue russian comfrey growing everywhere on our land....including in our compost pile:

i got a big bucket and stuffed it full of brand new baby comfrey leaves and water. i will let this cook up in the greenhouse for a few days and then water all of my plants with it. comfrey tea is wonderful for any kind of plant!

indications that indeed the faeries have been around!

they regularly clean their homes of faery moss that they use in their homes in a variety of ways.

truckdura filled with dead blackberry and raspberry bushes. yummmmm....awesome to make fine mulch with mulchdura!

tomorrow my first job is to mulch the strawberry hugelkulture....i started weeding it and jambaloney finished it.

and one last pic before we came in the house, drank a gallon of berkey-filtered rainwater each and then crashed.

both of us were sunstroked - not badly - just enough to make us want to lay down and sleep. tomorrow is a full day and it supposed to be gorgeous out! i will slather my man in sunscreen several times a day, i will cover myself in baby oil and coffee grinds, we will get out and plant, plant, plant....and if everything goes as planned - the mermaid tail will make it to the river - woohoo!

spring is really here! xoxoxo to all of you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

mid-may update!

it's been a couple of nice days.

today is a little grey so we are doing mostly inside jobs. jambaloney was at work on-site yesterday and is back again tomorrow, but thursday, friday and saturday  are supposed to be gorgeous days - woohoo! might even be able to take my mermaid tail down to the river! did i already say woohoo? well woohoo again!

do any of you grow chickpeas? we love chickpeas and they are something i have never tried to grow.

i love making various chickpea salads - this one is chickpeas, red pepper, avocado, EVOO, lemon, garlic and some baby frisee. yummeh!

yesterday i planted some fun things in the greenhouse - i planted myrrh, stevia and anise. i had anise growing in the front yard last year but it doesn't look like it's coming back. anise has a wonderful licorice flavour, makes a beautiful tea using the leaves and fresh flowers, and can also be dried for use during the winter. myrrh has many medicinal uses that you can read about here. stevia can be used as a natural replacement for if i can get it and the sugarbeets growing - we'll always have a source of sugar.

here's some sugary/whiskey chicken that i made the other night - it was sooooome good!

and because my friend W is always asking for pictures of the cats - here's Mobie-Moe sleeping on a chair that he's about to fall off of!

Frankie Blue Eyes in his basket on the dishwasher.

the only smart one is noodie-noo all sprawled out in a chair.

i grow a ton of catnip and give them some fresh every day - one leaf each. then when it starts getting cold, i start drying the fresh nip for them to have over the winter. these cats are spoiled!

i'll be reading my new books tomorrow while jam is at work - i can't wait! and then we'll be out planting for real for the following 3 days - soooo much fun and rewarding when everything is in the ground!