Monday, August 3, 2015

more gonzo fixing and building..

jambaloney here!

on a rainy night a couple of weeks ago i was JUST getting ready for bed, k had already gone off  but i couldn't sleep - finally after doing some work on my contract, i was ready to sleep when i heard one of the cats playing with a mouse.... after checking and finding no mouse, further inspection of the noise revealed water seeping in from the ceiling - NEVER a good was here in the teevee room..

cross-eyed i managed to get into the attic and get a bin under the drip - that sucked at 3 AM let me tell you - next day i got out to get on the problem... here is the generator shed...

the genny shed in NOT what i will call robust, so to spread the weight i screwed in this old table top..

 and got up there to inspect....

bingo!! down to the wood...

here is another angle...

it was raining out and i have no spare shingles on hand  so we measure...

and again...

and cut some 6 mil poly to double up...

and fit it...

looks good but it is wrong... experience sometimes helps you take a second look and reveal that this will still leak  where the crack are...

whereas this won't - tucked under nicely now and shimmed with a v at the bottom to keep the water going down  - it worked great the other night when the skies tried to drown us - i will get shingles to replace soon!!

i tried to do it from the ladder, but had to get right on the roof - never seen the land from this high up!!!

bugs were awful - thanks bugsuit!!!

 vandura, junk and atv shed...

stracchen's brook and hills...

 front yard...

bodadie tires

time to get down...

july 29, 4 days of rain and stracchens brook is a LAKE!!

i love my husqvarna weed-eater and chainsaw... so what is this???

secret free lumber!!

slats and whatnot... angle grinder got rid of old nails..

hey - it is a crate from a riding mower - i planned to build a s*it shack at the river and tarp it... this came already started...

 turned sideways...

cover for extension cords - it is wet out...

on the base i added "G's boards" to re-enforce...(G's boards is a bunch of wood that i salvaged when our friend G was taking down a shed)

 here is another look...

it will sit on these old 4x4s...

more to come - cheers all hope you are having fun with summer nonsense!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

august 1, continuing the process for making salve and the summer is really beautiful!

here is a pic of the full moon the other night - look how low it is in the sky!

it is called the Blue Moon and you can learn more about it here. i just think it is lovely and love the chance to sit in the hottub and stare at it.

for any friends out there who are interested in the continuing process of making the comfrey/plantain/heal-all salve.....check out my previous post for the first steps. after heating the leaves and flowers all day long, i let the salve sit overnight in the cool basement. this is what it looks like after sitting all night.

 i then bring the oil back up to almost a boil and the leaves and flowers will start making a crunchy sound - that's when you know that it is done.

immediately strain the leaves and flowers through a colander.

if you strain using only a colander and no cheesecloth, you will get some sediment. i don't mind sediment so i only strain once.

it should be a beautiful green colour. next, put the oil back in the pan and chuck in some beeswax.

you will learn to eyeball how much beeswax is needed after you have made the salve a few times. i started with 3 chunks as seen above and ended up adding another chunk. heat the oil and beeswax on low heat until the beeswax melts. remove from heat and then dip a spoon into the mixture, set the spoon aside and let it set for about 10 minutes.

check the consistency of the salve on the spoon. if you like a heavy beeswax salve, add more beeswax. if the salve on the spoon is difficult to rub off, add more oil. once you are happy with the consistency, pour your salve into big, or little jars.

here's my salve in 12 little jars with a chamomile flower in each one.

and here is the salve set. these will be sent to internet friends and given as gifts to friends. i love making healing salves.

this salve is good for bug bites, burns, small cuts, abrasions, bruises, chapped lips, elbows and feet and you can melt a teaspoon of it in a double broiler and ingest it when you have congestion, a sore throat or a cold.

what a beautiful day!

august and september are our true summer months.

when your basil is going crazy - what to do? what to do?

pesto of course!

toast some almonds (or pine nuts - too expensive here! walnuts or hazelnuts). the almonds that we used were a gift from our friend W - he sent us like 4lbs of california almonds and they are soooo delicious! next, add olive oil, a ton of garlic and fresh shaved parmesan - yummeh!

here's the finished product with spaghetinni, more shaved parmesan, some sliced hot peppers from the greenhouse (for jam - not for me - too hot!) and some local tomatoes! deevine, i say!

here i am wearing my brand new cup-hat that we learned to make from our friend, eagergridlessbeaver.

it's crazy but the darn things work!

we went down to the river, didn't get bit once and here are our cups.

it's gross, it's awful but it works!

here's my beautiful river. i take this pic for my friend C.

when i dive in i always thank God and the river. i always take a mouthfull of river water and swallow it. so that i can have a piece of the river inside me. i think it's medicine. and i think it works.

we are now entering the best time of the year - proper summer!the next 2 months are going to be awesome! i hope that wherever you are - it's awesome there too!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

end july update, making comfrey/plantain/heal-all salve, drying borage and chamomile flowers for tea...and a really gorgeous day after all the rain!

we got a lovely surprise when we got up this morning - a gorgeous day!

we got a ton of rain yesterday and the day before - great for the garden especially when followed by a bright and sunny day! jam collected chamomile flowers for drying for tea.

i collected borage flowers for drying for tea.

 i put the flowers on a screen on the deck, put another screen on top in order to let the bugs get free - and voila! the beginning of our dried teas for over the winter.

i will harvest the flowers every couple of days for the next month and a half.

i also harvested heal-all flowers (also known as self-heal).

the previous owner had planted a variety of healing herbs and they pop up in the weirdest of places. i am just glad that we have them.

here are the heal-all flowers laying on their screen to let the bugs get away.

here is plantain - a common weed that is very beneficial for your health. i harvested a pile of plantain, too.

i also harvested a bunch of comfrey leaves and flowers. what am i making? heal-all/comfrey/plantain salve. i made a ton of comfrey salve last year, and a ton of heal-all this year i am making the combination salve with the plantain added in.

after picking your flowers and leaves and giving the bugs a chance to get off, rinse all of your leaves and flowers. put them in a big pot that is used only for making salves and soaps. dump as much virgin olive oil to completely cover them with an extra inch.

heat the oil to almost a boil, stir and turn off the stove. come back in 15 mins, heat the oil to almost a boil, stir and turn off the heat. do this all day long. at the end of the day, let the oil cool and then put it in a cool spot for overnight. i'll finish the process tomorrow and do a post about it.

we went down to the river today. it is about a quarter mile walk to the river so going down and coming back is a 1/2 mile walk every day. on top of all the physical work that we do around here, plus running and jumping and screeching like children in the sprinkler and the rain, dancing, and walking down to the river and having our dips several times a day is great exercise!

because of so much rain we have had over the last few days - this is what we had to walk to just to get to the river!

it was freekin' freezing! but also such a hot, beautiful day that it was worth it jumping in and swimming around! whenever i dive into the river i always say in my mind "thank you God. thank you river". i love that river so much. and because the ocean flows into it, it is very salty and delicious. i love that river. so does jambaloney.

here's a beautiful caterpillar enjoying himself and suntanning on a leaf.

our buddy who lives on the mainland of nova scotia, eagergridlessbeaver, came up with an awesome way to keep the deerflies from biting. check out his post as his beautiful wife A models his creation and does so just perfectly!

basically - his great idea was to put a cup on your head with tree tanglefoot smeared all over the cup. and the cup HAS to be blue. here is a pic of the tanglefoot.

jambaloney drilled 2 holes in the cup and put a string through the holes and tied it to an elastic to make a crazy chin-strap to keep the cup on his head. then he smeared the tanglefoot all over the cup. needless to say, A's look was much fancier!

here is the cup after only 15 minutes of being outside.

eventually there were 30-40 deerflies on the cup. jam periodically took the cup off in order to squish the deerflies so that they didn't suffer for too long. he did not get bit once while wearing the cup. it's cruel and horrible and i feel terrible about it - but when you are covered in welts from deerfly bites - something has to give!

much thanks to egb for such a great, crazy, horrible idea that works!

check out all of the pea flowers - woohoo!

we are now referring to the greenhouse as the jungle! i swear - it's a jungle in there!

these are my piquante peppers that my friend Dani sent me the seeds of all the way from South Africa!

and here are the bird's eye chili peppers from seeds that she also sent!

this is a green pepper plant that we overwintered.

these are some tomatoes in the greenhouse...

and these are some tomatoes in the yard.

i can't wait to start canning them - woohoo!

here's some beautifully-coloured rose buds.

here's today's harvest:

a daikon radish, a broccoli head, some broccoli leaves, some pak choi, some garlic scapes. all of which became a delicious stirfry. with ginger/teriyaki pork and some fresh fruit - deelish.

it's been an awesome day for us. more rain expected for tomorrow - but that's a good thing for the garden. followed by a gorgeous sunny weekend. you can be sure we'll be down at the river!