Sunday, November 16, 2014

porch le deux

jambaloney here again

I was working on the porch all october - it came out well - here is the second part - the front entrance

but first - more surf!!

okay here is the rag-tag front - with crappy step and all kinds of ugly drafty plastic.....

i had blocked the under part with plastic and junk - i had to take off the stairs anyway as moving the dishwasher required me to get under those step which i can barely do - so i planned make the steps removable..

this is the crawl space... at least no spiders!!!

here is porch  - sans steps... what a mess!!!!

so i cleaned that mess up and you can see there is some rot - no matter - it is only the front joist - the rest are good..

i planned on extending the step a bit with a 2x6, but found and old 2x8 that fit perfectly!!!

here is the new "step" in place - it gives us a larger area to walk out the door.

to the right is the dishwasher hose... which drains into a bunch of gravel..

speaking of gravel - back from the beach.....

and onto a layer of plastic .....

before i framed out the new front area with pt lumber - the big center gap is where i will crawl in now - MUCH better!!!

some lumber on the front and sides,,,

and the front which  is removable with 6 screws..

here it is  - ALL done with windows replacing the crappy plastic like the back   - the step has extra legs and sets on a ridge so it is easily removed as well

 the only thing left at this point are the triangles above the windows and door...

i put a board in the small opening, but the other two got treated with a new discovery of mine made in canada -  a poly channel solution called Poly  Fastener- read all about it here

i wanted to get wiggle wire but couldn't find any close so i ordered a 300 ft roll - it was pricy, but worth it. basically you install the channel first, insert the poly then press in the lock - great for uneven applications and when the plastic is done, you simply remove and re-install - here is a good look ...

and another..

and the whole deal - so far it works great the poly gets pulled really tight!! - i will be using it quite a bit so you will get a better idea of why i bought so much soon ;-)

voila - front totally complete with new cat-door platform!!!

fall means really rich sunsets...

here is another!

i know a lot of you are buried and freezing - hope you get a break soon - cheers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

a remembrance day post - not for the faint-hearted!

today, here in Canada, it is not only Remembrance Day. it is also the 100th Anniversary of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), the first Canadians on the ground in 1914. For any history buffs - their history is incredibly interesting.

To honour the 100th Anniversary, the Regiment's Colonel-in-Chief, The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, specially commissioned Canadian super-star (or at least that's how i feel about him!), Bryan Adams, with his writing partner, Jim Vallance to write the song "Ric-a-dam-doo".

what is the "Ric-a-dam-doo"? it is the name of the PPCLI's flag. Princess Patricia is said to have hand-sewn the original flag, a crimson flag with a royal blue centre.

as original members of the PPCLI were of Scottish descent, they named their flag in Gaelic. the original words translate to "cloth of thy mother". over the many years, however, the true phonetic words were bastardized by members who did not speak Gaelic, and therefore the proper phonetic pronunciation became "Ric-a-dam-doo".

it was originally planned that Bryan Adams would sing the song, being backed by serving and veteran PPCLI members. however, Bryan and Jim then came up with the idea to have serving and veteran's wives, none of whom have any professional training to sing the song (stop crying JUGM, when you see the video you will cry even harder!).

the song was released on Nov 5 and all proceeds will go to the PPCLI Foundation, to help serving and veteran Canadian soldiers.

so without further ado...i give you the "Ric-a-dam-doo":


In a foreign field
In a distant land
When our country called we were there

Hear the battle cry
See the Ric-A-Dam-Doo
It's the flag of freedom in the air

Always glorious
Standing shoulder to shoulder 'til the end
While the world is turning
We'll keep the home fire burning
Until we meet again

Over stormy seas
However far way
Never fear nor fail
It's the cross we bear

Under crimson and blue
It's the Ric-A-Dam-Doo
Singing songs of freedom everywhere

Always glorious
Standing shoulder to shoulder 'til the end
While the world is turning
We'll keep the home fire burning
Until we meet again

Under crimson and blue
It's the Ric-A-Dam-Doo

Under crimson and blue
It's the Ric-A-Dam-Doo


and now for the video:
(i am unable to embed the video for some reason, but please click the link to hear this beautiful song and see the video!)


to all who served, are serving, have family members who have served or are serving, i thank you all, in Canada, the US, Britain and Australia for all of the freedoms that i enjoy today.

thank you seems so small.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

various october stuff - le deux

jambaloney here again - yes it is november, but these pics were from last month... i have been working on the porch (more to come) , but i wanted to share some other stuff..

like the fact that we will NOT know when our cat Frankie Blue Eyes has kicked the bucket because he sleeps like this:

and these - potatoes!!! we have been gorging on them - it is that time of year..

here are the plants in august - we planted 32 tires with 5 plants each in them, 160 plantings in all, 150 came up - that is a good yield! we use tiny potatoes and cuttings from the previous year so we never buy seed potatoes...

and there is a volunteer mustard plant - the seeds number the thousands on a big plant and they are popping up all over the yard!

in july i went to the basement and found some tiny seed potatoes we hadn't bothered to plant in the spring - they had shoots on all of them so i planted them in two unused beds - here they are in early sept..

the whole point was to plant them anyway to get extra seed potatoes

here is the same bed in october

here it is afterwards..

here is the second bed afterwards...

and here is the yield!!  these are only planned to be used as seed for next year, but a lot are big enough to eat... left to right are:

irish cobblers
brown russets
red chieftans

a lot of them can be split in two, in any event there are 100s of new seed for next year, all from leftovers -  if you don't plant all your spuds in spring, keep them in a dark cool place and if you have time in summer, find a separate spot to plant the rest, more the merrier and costs nothing! plus a backup if there is a crop failure

hey look - LOTS of comfrey!!

here is a fall-tilled bed...

here is comfrey..

here is a bunch of seaweed..

i started rinsing it, but the leftover water wasn't really salty, plus it is fall, plus our soil is slightly acidic, plus our soil is clay based and could use the extra sand...

so i stopped rinsing - from beach to bed

extra seaweed..

onto compost pile!

after i dump comfrey and seaweed on the beds, i put a little layer of dirt on top - in spring i will cover with black plastic until planting and then we will add a thin layer of composted soil when we are ready to plant - so hopefully no spring prep at all - big bonus! 4 out of seven beds are done so far!!!

wildlife time- these little guys only show up is sept/oct

they are tiny fluffly blue flies

that are really delicate and pretty - only around for a month, i have nevere seen more species of flying insect than i have here - with the temperate temps the only three months without something buzzing around are dec, jan and feb.... there are hatches galore from mid march  right through october and then stragglers right through nov... pretty cool!

requisite sunset..

bass for sandy and pp...

sky at the beach on the day the fish was caught...

and the surf it was caught in - pretty fun!

hope you are all having a great fall - cheers!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

it's our birthday month! a lot of fish, food and some prepping tips when you don't have a lot of space!

it's been incredibly mild for the month of october and november looks good too!

it's our birthday month - mine is on the 9th and jam's is on the 17th. 7 days apart. years ago we stopped buying each other gifts, and instead, bought stuff for our old house in the city, and now, we save up to buy a big purchase item and it is our birthday gift to each other. here is our gift to each other:

woohoo baby! a red kitchen aid pro mixer for the kitchen! we have always made all of our bread, rolls and pizza dough by hand so we know how to do it. but this little baby makes bread making a breeze. i love it! so does jam! we also got 2 old Penn 716Z reels from ebay as back-ups for trout fishing. and jam also got a big-*ssed surf-casting rod and real from cabelas. this rod is for catching bass and mackeral in the ocean. we now have everything we need in order to fish for the rest of our lives in any body of water.

here's some delicious zuchhini and pattypan squash puree that we made during season and then canned. i added some small bits of cauliflower, a tiny bit of cream, some broccoli leaves, cayenne, cumin and turmeric. we love home-made soup on a grey day.

these nachos were supposed to be a snack for watching a movie, but there was no way we could hold them on our laps, eat them and watch the movie! because we made them out of baked potatoes straight from the ground! so you understand that we would have made a mess! so we scarfed those plates down at the kitchen table - yummeh!

here's a beautiful sunset:

just so that you don't think we're too fancy - rice and beans baby!

spiced with garlic, cayenne, cumin, turmeric, chili powder and salt and pepper. throw on some mozzarella and a fresh tomatoe taken right off the vine. the greenhouse is working out amazingly as we still have tomatoes coming in - woohoo! in november???? can you even believe that???

here's my hunk going to the halloween dance which we had a blast at!

no pic of me because my pic came out horribly. i was a woodland faery dressed in a green dress with wings. i gathered moss from the yard and put it all throughout my hair. i wish the pic had have turned out as it was a cute outfit.

remember when all of our pepper plants became aphid infested and we almost killed them spraying them with soapy water 5 times a day and fried them? live and learn eh? well jamie sprayed the aphids off every day with the hose and because the greenhouse extends our season, we actually got some hungarian hot wax peppers off of a few sad little plants.

there aren't a ton, next year we'll do a lot better but i am glad that we got as many as we did. jamie loves hot pickled peppers and i was able to at least make one jar for him. it's pretty good considering we thought the plants wouldn't produce anything at all!

i will also be harvesting my thai chili peppers, monets and alma paprikas this week to make a bunch of hot sauce for him!

here's a delicious everything in the fridge salad with nasturtium and borage flowers. i make an antibiotic dressing using EVOO, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), garlic, ginger, lemon and honey. it's super good for you!

you know what else is super good for you? a man that goes down to the beach to get seaweed, rocks and gravel and comes home with this:

that's a striped bass from the north atlantic ocean! jam is also really good at filleting fish!

oh ya baby - bass fried in butter with a bean and pepper salad with some local apples. man it was good!

and ya know what else he got me?

a big giant plate of mussels fresh out of the ocean. he likes mussels but i LOOOOOOOVE them. he dips his in butter but i am a purest when it comes to shellfish - plain!!!!

we took the rest of that striped bass the next day and made fish and chips baby!

anyway - on to storing your preps when you don't have a big house and trust me, this house is tiny!!! you have to think up some nifty ways to store your preps. i've already shown you the hidey-hole that jambaloney found behind some sheetrock in our water heater closet. i removed the majority of our 5 gallon buckets in order to show you how he used the studs to make shelves on the left, and on the right is a coffee table that we brought here that took up our whole living room. so this was a great place to put it. you can see how many 5 gallon buckets can be stacked up here! and it's room we didn't know we even had!

this is my end table on my side of the couch.

remove the lamp and tray and the box it sits on opens. it's a great place to store spices. (i took a bunch of spices out just for the pic.) it is normally stuffed right to the top.

this is an ottoman with 2 little end table thingys. the ottoman top comes off.

and inside you can store all kinds of goodies! (again i took a bunch of stuff out just so that you could get an idea.

we keep long term food in the hidey-hole and take food from the hidey- hole and put it here. that's how we rotate out our preps.

i just wanted to share some ideas for anyone who doesn't have much storage space for preps. when choosing new furniture, or as jam does, when building new furniture, always look for something that can be of use to store preps. we have several other pieces of furniture that hide some of our preps and jam will keep building additional stuff and finaggling more places to keep adding to our preps.

it's another mild day temperature-wise but it is windy as oh heck!!! good day for inside jobs. oh ya - we're having more fish and chips for supper - woohoo!