Wednesday, July 4, 2018

it's summer...

jambaoney here!

it's summer!!

Well it has been a LONG while since i posted anything here. i was really caught up in work over the winter and into the spring... then there was a TON of garden related stuff to do.

also, i didn't really know what to post about... more fish pictures, more dirt, rocks etc... and although i suppose these things are entertaining to a degree - they lack a sense of purpose, which made me feel like i was just posting pictures

so i decided to add some "lessons  learned" stuff to my posts and not in a "look at me i am so smart" way, but "this could save someone a lot of grief" way... i feel good these days and there are some practical reasons for this so i feel like it would be good to share what i have learned since moving here that might help people

because this year is last all of a sudden things aren't so challenging. or at least it seems that way... the homestead work was more familiar and challenges weren't so challenging it is just a matter of remembering what works and to help this along, i stopped doing something i have always done (and it drove kymber crazy! ;-) and that was..

i stopped making job lists...

i was religious about it, daily, seasonal, large projects...etc. i would put everything for the day on them, laundry, berkey filter, empty dishwasher, our planned meal..etc. etc. etc.

as it turns out, it is unnecessary  and can be a harmful diatraction, you will remember what needs to be done anyway.. and you won't have this thing screaming at you how much is left to do so you will make better choices about what to do next based on weather,  how you are feeling, what HAS to be done etc.  and you will be less stressed, work smarter, and use your memory as a list - which is great mental exercise..

anyway it worked wonders for me - if you rely on a jobs list, try going without.. shopping list are completely different and necessary!!!

okay now pictures and stuff..

i did get some fishing is the river at 7:00 Am - look how high the sun is this time of year!!

out in the canoe..

and trout for sweet sandy!!

this is the trail back up from the river.. you can see where the ATV used to go..


our road is pretty overgrown..

that will change this year...

cuz one project i am doing is clearing the back road!

looks better already ;-)

another theme i will post about is being frugal in the right places... in this example - the BEST trout creel for me is an old kitty litter bucket - fits behind me in the canoe, i fill it with river water, and put all the trout i keep in there - they are always super fresh when i get back and clean them...7 year cost? zero - this is a great example of cost savings ...i will share some whopper mistakes with you - no worries!

here is a rare view of our house (well, part of it) while going fishing - i am across the road and down the hill at strachen's brook..

the trout i caught that night

and finally - my weakness - old spinning reels and ebay - more on that later too!

i hope you are all having a great summer so far - happy july 4th to all our american friends!!!


  1. Love seeing the eagle! It's been way too hot (and before that, windy) for fishing here. I miss it.

    1. hey kelly!

      There is a resident pair that hangs around the bridge over Grand river 20mins from here - sitting on the pole as you can see here..

      and, yep, they are fishing ;-)

      hope you are having a great summer!

  2. Happy Summer and thanks for the pictures Jam!

    Yes, lists can be good for some things and not for others.

    Best Frugal Purchase? Probably metal coffee cans. Such a useful storage and transfer tool.

    1. heya tb! - glad you didn't find the pics too boring..

      metal coffee cans are awesome - the tall ones will hold oversize nails - a big bonus!

      happy summer back to you - cheers!

  3. I'll let you in on my secret for keeping mental lists. If you do forget something on your mental list, it probably wasn't worth having on the list to begin with!

    1. wise words ed - that seems to be the case as well ;-)

      hope all is great with you - cheers!

  4. I don't bother with lists. The river and sky are so pretty!

    1. you are wise as well - i am surprised at easier life is!

      the river and skies really are = we feel very fortunate.

      thanks and all our best!

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  6. Great post jambaloney! I loved when you said this, "this year is last all of a sudden things aren't so challenging. or at least it seems that way... the homestead work was more familiar and challenges weren't so challenging" That is so encouraging for the rest of us!

  7. hey leigh!

    i am glad it is encouraging - it was meant to be ;-)

    hope you are having a great summer!

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  9. Hey guys, long time follower here. Kind of worried, haven't seen anything posted in a while, hoping you're o.k. here in the wilds of Cape Breton ;)

  10. Hey, you guys ok? Thinking of you during the holidays!

  11. Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing Day! Miss you both....
    Did you take a dip for Boxing Day? I read that it is a tradition ;^)

    much love to you & Jambaloney!