Sunday, August 27, 2017

just a couple of beautiful things to share with you all!

a beautiful day called for some attention to some of the little things that add beauty to our lives!

like garlic scapes in a beautiful vase as a centrepiece for the kitchen table.

and 5 beautiful trout that jambaloney caught yesterday.

a beautiful sunset from the other night.

the sun going down when jambaloney went fishing.

a chicken carcass boiled in homemade beef broth, homemade chicken broth and homemade veg broth.

we'll strain it this evening and make vietnamese pho and a chicken noodle soup.

homemade hot pickled peppers from our own pepper plants - jambaloney loves them spicy and puts them on everything!

we have a ton of more hot peppers coming up in the greenhouse waiting to be pickled.

check out my small herb garden -

we understand now why bee balm is called "bee balm" - those flowers attract every pollinator and hummingbirds!

kids - if you can't grow it yourself, get it local! some delicious corn and strawberries from the mainland!

they said it couldn't be done - they said "you can't grow corn in cape breton! it's too windy!" well kids, we are growing corn in greenhouse#2!!!

we're not sure if those little things will ever turn into "corn proper" but we started them late and will start them a lot sooner next year!

we finally got some some cucumbers coming in!

there was a third one but we ate him with salt and pepper!

clouds are rolling in and we are expecting some rain. nothing like our friends down south are experiencing from hurricane harvey. we hope all of our friends in his path are prepped and safe! we send love to all of you!


  1. Ah, more pictures of Paradise! I love hot peppers, but they no longer like me. :( I still try to sneak one in - just in case. xo

  2. Hi Kymber!! Oh wow, look at that trout! Congrats to J on that catch! That is something so fortunate for the both of you to have, fresh fish! Oh gosh, you mentioned Pho, we LOVE that soup. I'm actually boiling a chicken carcass to make broth as I type this! Coinky-dinky! :) We had three days worth of corn last week, I can't get enough of it, I want to go back to the market for more!! :) Your home is beautiful.

    You know, this is weird, I had dream the other night that Alex and I lived on the Cape. He and J were busy building something together and were joined at the hip. You and I were sipping wine and knitting lol...two old bitties drinking and knitting in rocking chairs lol. I woke up very amused actually! I thought it was so weird because we are both types who kind of prefer our own spots and never want to leave our driveways, but in the dream we were quite social. Funny huh?

  3. Such a beautiful sunset.

    You might (or might not) know this, but if the corn produces tassels you can always pollinate by hand and see what happens. Well done!