Tuesday, August 29, 2017


jambaloney here!

i have not posted since june 06 - my bad so here is a chronological, but not necessarily logical review of what i have been up to..

aside from work - i have worked a LOT this year and so i have been absent and all of a sudden it is almost sept...

so we have a second greenhouse- here is "lining up the windows"

another view - important for framing..

great to have a 8 food bed which is full - the boards sticking out are 10 footers... last greenhouse i bought regular lumber and painted it- it was a LOT of work for not a lot of savings - this greenhouse is all pt lumber

i have learned to have all the tools ready first - free palette provides a workbench...

whoops - back a bit - tractor was a life saver to pre-level the ground - 2 hours would have taken me 2 days by hand....  whoo hoo!

railway ties courtesy of big bro G and big sis C...

still - final leveling by hand..

whoops!! trout interlude for sweet sandy and pp!!

okay back to the greenhouse area  - pretty much level now - gravity and frost-heave will take care of the rest...

out fishing...

stracchen's brook..

back to work (late june now) - framing...

 more framing...

wild animals...


something is standing!!

i kinda broke out the jams at this point so no pics before framing was done..

another angle...

roofing - i use simpson hurricane ties..



 and with osb on the back - no windows there as it is north facing with trees behind - regular osb - it is cheap and will last a while..

there ya go!

poly channel prep on the roof...

the roof for this one is 6 mil plastic which will be replaced at some point - but for whatever reason - the stuff i get here will last 5 years..  roof amounts to about 15 bucks in poly..

more strapping..

more - this is to provide and extra lip   in case of wind - good shot of the hurricane tie!

the morning i did the roof was not so windy so i put the whole roof up - final pic!

1x2 stapping = pre-drilled

no interim pics - here are windows!!

and now boards!

and tomatoes in a trough i built to keep the bottoms moist!

ahhhh - fishing....

pp - tractor time!! expanding the turn around area of the driveway...

digging a new ditch..

more clearing...

and more fishing..

sorry to have been so long in posting - hope you all had a good summer!!!


  1. Looks super amazing as usual Jam! Congratulations!!

    (The trout are pretty awesome too.)

    1. well - i don't know about super amazing but it IS doing the trick - tomatoes are happier ;-)

      the trout on the other hand are always fantastic.

      thanks tb!

  2. You've really made me think about stuff over the years. I used to think in terms of lasting forever but you've made me ponder economics as well. How many $15 dollar roofs can one put on over the years to equal a $500? roof that will last 50 years? It makes economic sense to go the plastic way if you have the time every five years.

    1. Hey ed!

      Soem days cutting corners pays off - eventually I will get glass or plexiglass up - but the plastic did teh trick - probably 30 bucks with fasteners.

      teh other bonus is it went up in a single 10x22 foot sheet which made it quick.

      that being said - the poly i buy here happens to be sun resistant - other plastic may only last a year..

      cheers ed!

  3. Excellent work. I dont know how you both have all of this time!!!

    1. hey sol!

      you make time where you can - everything gets done in fits and starts..

      hope you are well!

  4. I love this post J! Very informative, thanks for posting all of those photos! I LOVE your fishing interludes!!! :)

    1. hey rain!

      glad you got something out of it! i love teh fishing interludes too - didn't get out enough this year though..


  5. I feel as if I've been through a time warp! LOL! Love the shots of your beautiful river. That greenhouse is FAB!

    1. Hey susan!

      time warp ?? i guess that was a few months...

      the river is wonderful - the greenhouse is working out well... hope you are doing awesome!

  6. Cool post, buddy. I always like the photos that show the blue sky you guys have. The wild animal was funny. All you needed was a wild woman photo but we know who that would have been.


    1. hey pal!

      skies here are pretty awesome - you have that right!

      teh wild woman bite if you take her photo ;-)

      hope you are doing weel - all my best!

  7. Looks like you are getting a lot done at the homestead J, even if you are also out at work away a lot.

  8. You certainly have been busy! Was great catching up with progress :)