Saturday, March 5, 2016

what an awesome time at our besties' 25th anniversary! and another prepping tip!

so the "big blizzard" isn't so big. thank you to whoever is responsible for such things!

i could barely push open the front door to be able to take the above picture but the snow has stopped falling. thank goodness!

here is the "diabetes in a pan" that i took to our besties 25th anniversary last night. i didn't take a picture of the sandwiches i made - smoked meat, ham and salami on baguettes with dijon mustard, regular mustard and mayo - those sandwiches were gone in no time!

here's a good prepping tip, kids! you got 4 million pounds of toilet paper and more canned tuna than starkist. but let me throw this one at you - let's pretend you are jambaloney and you have stopped drinking commercially-made beer. you only drink all-natural beer and cider. and will start making your own this summer.

so you go to your besties 25th anniversary dance and you know that there will only be commercially-made beer. so you decide to drink vodka, water and lemon. being a prepper - you bring 2 lemons. do you see how having a prepping mentality works in a variety of ways? i know that you can.

BUT...and it's a BIG BUT - they only have plastic knives and you can't cut lemons with plastic knives!!!!! enter the Pazoda/CRKT folding survival knife. jambaloney won it on one of Sweet Sandy's fantastic give-aways. he LOOOOOVES that knife and it lives in our truck.

what could have been an absolute SHTF disaster for poor jambaloney's enjoyment of our besties 25th anniversary was saved by prepping kids! it pays to prep - in more ways than are imaginable.

thank you Sweet Sandy - for saving the night!

we had a blast at our besties party! the hall was decorated beautifully! i talked to the band and they said that they feel successful when at least half of the people are up dancing. well - we had everyone up dancing - even the older folks! thank goodness there were enough people there that after dancing 8 or 9 songs, you could take a break and other people would fill the floor! we had a mixed age range that went from late teenagers to people in their 90's! the food was terrific! everyone brought some delicious food and we were all eating all night! and dancing! that's what me and jam and our besties love to do!

at the end of the night i was gracefully wobbly from having such a good time. everyone was heading back to our besties house to hang out - apparently they were there until 4am! i had told everyone that we would be going but jambaloney knew that he had to drive us home - he had to pick me up and shove me in the truck, take my clothes off and shove me in bed. i don't remember most of the end of the night which pretty much ensures that i had a really good time! so did jam! so did our besties! we just spoke to our female besty and she had a wonderful time and that is what is most important. our male besty is still in bed - bahahahashahaahahahah!

oh man. sometimes it really IS hard being us!!!!

hope you are all having a great weekend! we are crying with soreness from all of the dancing but reeling from all of the love. xoxoxo


  1. A knife is in my pocket at all times. Guess it's the Boy Scout in me. (Actually, it's the farm boy.)

  2. Jam, go for it and make your own beer, moonshine and wine (if Canada allows home brewing). It's easy and you already have the grains in long term storage. I don't do wine because I don't grow them and buying enough to make a couple hundred gallons is expensive.

  3. A man without a knife in his pocket might as well not even bother putting on his pants to leave the house.

  4. Sounds like another great weekend and thank the Lord for preppers! x

  5. I live CRKT products, if he becomes bored with it, I will gladly take it off his hands if he does not want it anymore, lol.

  6. Sweet Kymber and Jambaloney,

    Sorry to hear about all the new snow. Good thing you were able to get out of your house!!!

    Glad to hear your knife worked out well at the party. Having lemons and not being able to cut them would really be terrible.

    I'm happy to hear you both had a wonderful time at your friends party.

    Hugs and love being sent your way.