Monday, March 21, 2016

just like i predicted - SNOWMAGEDDON - after i announced the Framboise Manor First Official Day of Spring! oh well - ya can't win them all!

yep! just like predicted - we got belted with Snowmageddon!

ack! no worries. the temps will be rising all eve and tomorrow and then it's rain, fog and mist. that snow will be gone in no time!!! and if we get more snow before the end of march - well phooey! we know that spring is on it's way. and we will wait for it patiently. but that doesn't mean that we won't be planting some stuff in the greenhouse this week, nor does it mean that we won't be re-arranging our tiny kitchen and adding in our greenhouse thingy to start tomatoes and peppers next week. no siree.

and an update on my toothless situation. i am so sick of smoothies, juices, baby food, apple sauce and all other kinds of crap for the last 13 days - i tried something new! i made jambaloney some chicken breasts with baked potatoes and veggies for his supper. i took some of his cooked chicken, some cooked potatoes, added cocnut milk, homemade broth, some frozen corn and some small broccoli florets. i shredded the chicken and added everything to a casserole dish. i baked it till bubbly for 40 minutes.

i know it looks like baby puke but because it had all cooked so long - it was mushy and i was able to gum it. oh thank heavens. i actually ate what tasted like food!

my gums are healing up really well and tomorrow i am doing a roast with tiny cut up veg and cooking it for 12 hours. so that's another meal i will be able to gum. i rinse my mouth every time i eat or drink something with mineral salt added to our berkey water. i have been fastidious about that. and i take my morning smoothie/juice thing with the powdered super greens every day.

jambaloney has been taking this time to get some serious work done for Lobsters 'R' Us and he will be going in on wednesday. he'll have lots of new exciting stuff for show and tell!

other than that - still no headaches after 13 days. no pain pills for several days. i'm still in pain - but that's to be expected! and it's nothing that i can't handle!

jambaloney made sure all of our gear was working properly to get ready for this snowmageddon and we haven't lost heat or power. we were just in the hottub getting misted on and breathing beautiful, fresh, wet salty air. we'll be going back out in a bit to sit for a good 30 mins or so and discuss tomorrow's duties. all in all - it's been a good couple of days!


  1. Gotta be careful jinxing things by speaking too early! lol

  2. Glad to hear your doing well and not having discomfort issues to deal with.

  3. I had to laugh at your heading! Ever since it was 'officially' spring here, we have had snow every morning. I guess that's how we know it's spring. You continue to take care of those gums - so glad you're inching your way into real food! xo

  4. Here we are always tentatively in that two week period between cold and hot we call "Spring"...

  5. Glad you doing OK. Sorry, but glad you got the snow and not us. Just planted 15 rows of corn Friday afternoon.