Tuesday, March 1, 2016

HELLO march 1, 2016....we welcome you with open arms! and a boycott!

we have had a very, very, very mild winter! we know that we still will have a few more snowstorms during the 31 days of march....but march 1st is beautiful! have a gander:

what a beautiful sky! what a beautiful day! spring is right around the corner...it's still chilly at night, and some more snow is expected...but sweet, beautiful spring is on it's way. do you want to know how we really know? the goldfinch males' heads are turning more yellow every day. THAT is a sure sign of spring!!!

kirsty made pretzels (need that recipe kirsty!) on the same day that we made plain naan and onion naan. onion naan is my favourite - so tasty!

there is nothing like miso soup for breakfast in the morning. with carrot sticks, mushrooms, tiny cubes of tofu, a big piece of kimchi and fresh sprouts! so very good for you!

here's a couple of sunsets from the other night - this one is a gold sunset:

and this one is pink:

you can gauge the weather by the sunsets.

a delicious dinner? everything in the fridge salad! lettuce, carrot flakes, cucumber, radish, avocado, parsley, cilantro, celery, sprouts and a dressing of EVOO, ACV, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric and cayenne. with some lemon, olives and pickled beets on the side! deelish. your body will love you!

here's a nice tub of fresh made thai red curry paste:

the stuff is deadly strong and when you make it - have many handkerchiefs handy! your nose and eyes will be running the whole time! it's made by pulverizing a whole stalk of frozen lemongrass (jambaloney got a ton of it fresh last year, we prepped it, froze it and vaccuum-sealed it and into the freezer it went!). to that, add: 1-2 chilies (also frozen from our summer's harvest), 4 garlic cloves, a big hunk of fresh ginger, a dollop of French's tomatoe ketchup (more on this later!), cumin, coriander, fish sauce, frozen homemade hot sauce, a little sugar, thai chili powder, a bit of coconut milk and the juice of a lime.

cook yourself up a bunch of veg and some chicken, add coconut milk and broth and 3 tablespoons of the red curry paste and voila! supper is served!

now on to the French's tomatoe ketchup that i mentioned above. to all canadians and americans too - if you don't already know - Heinz, who used to exclusively use canadian and american grown tomatoes...has decided to get cheaper tomatoes from mexico. boycott Heinz! and buy French's tomatoe ketchup as they are now exclusively using canadian-grown tomatoes. take a stand and put your money where your mouth is!

yesterday we went to our "big" town (port hawkesbury. farther away than our "little" town of st. peter's). i had a dentist appointment and all is looking well for my teeth to be taken care of. we made a few stops and picked up a few things....and it was a beautiful day for the hour and a half drive each way. we got home, did our usual jobs and had a lovely evening.

today has been a gorgeous day! we played our cards, did our walk and hottub in the morning...and then started our work. jambaloney worked on a process flow chart for his meeting on site tomorrow. he also ran the atv and generator. i made some delicious teriyaki sauce that the pork chops have been marinating in all day - woohoo - grilled teriyaki pork chops for supper! with veg shish-kebabs that i already prepared with EVOO, ACV, turmeric, cumin and cayenne! jambaloney washed out our home-made berkey filter system and i washed the berkey filters - it's a good idea to keep your berkey filters and systems cleaned on a regular basis. they will last for years and years if you maintain them.

jambaloney has been doing some extra work for his meeting tomorrow and i have been feeding and petting cats - bahahahah! and some other boring stuff. but man is it a good day and only 4:20pm. it's time to tap my beloved on the shoulder and say "babe. it's time for another walk and hottub dip".

and it is time. and while sitting in the hottub, we will discuss what we wish to accomplish tomorrow, what i will make for his supper when he gets home tomorrow....then it's time to make today's supper, get his stuff ready for work tomorrow (his dinner for tomorrow is already made), and then enjoy the late sunset with walks, talks and dips.

thank you March 1, 2016 - you have been a beautiful day!


  1. My favourite is coconut naan. :D

    Glad you are having such a mild winter, it's been pretty good here in the UK too, but there's still time for that to change!

    So what's in the "big" town? That's quite a long drive!

  2. "babe. it's time for another walk and hottub dip".

    I man's work is never done :)

    Unless he's single :)

  3. I am basking in the glow of your and Jam's wonderfulness. I'd love to get my hands on some lemongrass - it's on the list for this year. I make my own ketchup, so boycott everyone's. BOO to Heinz!

  4. Only other place besides my skies that are as beautiful and amazing are the ones over your place!!

    From Sunny New Mexico!

  5. our custom on the first of the month is to say 'rabbits!'
    i am the first to say it to you so i am one up.
    from may to august you must say,
    'white rabbits!'

    i remembered today and rabbited my irena before she got in first.

    we do not have french's ketchup, only the mustard. i think the tins of dried onion rings are also french's, but i can't remember.

    drop me a line when you get a chance.

  6. El Nino's are good for mild winters. My kids however have been disappointed by the lack of sledding opportunities!

    We make pretzels from time to time here. They seem to be a good winter Saturday afternoon project and we love them fresh out of the oven. However, once they grow cold, I'm the only one who will touch the things so I'm careful not to make too many!

  7. Sweet Kymber,

    Lovely sunsets!!! I agree the sunset does predict your upcoming weather.
    Yum, miso soup......is a anytime meal!!!!
    Tomatoes from Mexico for Heinz...shame on them.

    Sounds to me like life is good up there in your neck of the woods :-)
    Hugs and love to you both.

  8. Sigh. Nothing more riveting than a process flow chart...than almost everything, which is more riveting.

    The pretzels sound delicious!

  9. And saw this today and thought of you guys:


  10. Ahh....its crazy how food travels. We saw "fresh" asparagus the other day at the IGA....from you guessed it! Mexico.
    I make my own Ketchup from local tomatoes this past fall. This year it should be made from our own tomato's [with any luck at all]
    It is not hard to make and you can cut back on the amount of sugar.

  11. hottub... some days I wish we had one to sit in and watch the sunsets.
    and then empty out so it doesn't freeze if the power goes out.
    I've been lax in stopping by but it was nice to read all of the going-ons with you two. The pictures are as beautiful as always and the food (well those mushrooms aside) looks amazing.