Wednesday, March 30, 2016

fishing reels

jambaloney here!

framboise we have a problem..... like a shoe problem, or in pioneer preppy's case, a "tractor" problem ;-)))

i have some of my grandfather's old fishing reels and they needed work... then i started looking online about old reels vs new and there is a debate, then i got on eBay, then i found some deals then..

<omitting picture of all my reels>

i thought this would be an opportunity to post more about my version of firearms... fishing reels  LOL! but i will add some depth and do some serious fishing equipment posts this year... rods and line and stuff included...

when i was a kid, i serviced my reels  - you should too

oh ya i got LOTS of pics...

first up a medium-used a DAM 220. recommended DAM Quick microlite and my current ultralight Shimano Sahara 1000

220,  circa 1965

microlight, circa 1965

the DAM reels are German..

the Shimano I bought in 1992 - it was made in Malaysia..

spools from the micro lite and the Shimano...

WAIT - first you need a toolkit... I have been making this kit over a 20 year period, it is stuffed with pint-size tools


some sweet examples.. mini everything - woot!!!!!

okay - the microlite was the prize so i started with the 220

i am getting old - glasses and a flashlight..

and a sturdy old fishing reel...

plate with screw removed...

and off - you can see the DAM 220 uses an oscillating worm drive gear. you can read more about it at

Alan Hawk
ebay guide to ultralight

anyway - it has pretty hardened grease...

off with the plates..

and out with the parts... in order - ALWAYS in order!!!

further along the line...

the rotating head..

this reel has a odd all-in-one gear and handle, as it was in good shape i omitted taking it apart...

but the bail arm comes off..

and here is the happy collection...

cleaner and lube - these will be upgraded - it had been a while...

i used the murphy soap on all as it is an oil based soap.. (okay i used WD 40 on the nasty bits)

Here is the spool..

take GREAT care in removing the washers - they must go back in the same order - older reels tend to have a variety of washers, metal cork and plastic, this keeps the spools spinning well under load..

this cleaned up nice!!!

so did the main shaft...



and whole!!!

this is not a bad reel - heavy but sturdy... it makes a lot of noise in anti reverse, but is all metal and built to last. i have yet to fish it - i will give a report this year. as far as prepping goes, these old reels are great as they have few plastic parts....

more to come - hope everyone is well!!



  1. Oh ya baby Fishing stuff is top notch prepping gear IMO.

    Of course I would get to the part where you are soaking them and forget how to put all those little parts back together again. The armorers hated when I took the 1911's apart when I was in the army.

    1. hey pioneer p!

      fishing gear is the best - this is how i get you all them "trouts" LOL!

      look, you can fix a tractor, you can fix a fishing reel ;-))

      cheers pal!

  2. PP, Fishing Stuff.....aka Toy's for those who love to fish :P:P:P

    Like any cool toy, I mean reel, and rod, or even a gun. One must clean it properly, nice post. Now hand over those reels :-)
    Hugs and Love to you and Kymber.

    1. sweet sandy... you need reels we got reels - lotsa reels!!!

      hop you are having a great spring so far hugs right back to you - trout coming soon enough!!

  3. Replies
    1. I was never really into zebco, but it is a lot bigger in the states... i grew up with Mitchell 300s, but not fond of the action on them these days...

      do you fish now?

      All my best to you!

  4. best prepping tools ever are fishing rods and reels and rifles. if you know how to use them, you will never go hungry. They all look very nice.
    But, seeing them reminds me of the time we let our boys use spinning reels at my uncles pond...OMG !!! that is another story for another day... lol

    Much love to you and Kymber

    1. JUGM - you are right - never go hungry, don't forget to add the shovel and berry bucket to that list - LOL!

      i got my wildlife certificate finally so this fall i will start hunting.. my guns need cleaning but i will have them ready - maintenance is important!
      hat's off to you and yours!!!

  5. I have a Petzel LED headlamp that is an absolute must in situations like these. It is always shining where my eyes are looking leaving both hands free.

    I'm going to keep my eye out for old reels at the next auctions I go too. All mine are newer and full of cheap plastic but I would love to find me one of those now that I know how to service them!

    1. ed:

      simply stated - i will get one, i had a chap headlamp and disliked it - but the Petzel looks good!

      look for old Penns, Mitchells, Shakespeares and Daiwas, turn them to be sure they are working and all teh parts are there, finding replacement stuff for old reels can be a pain. I'll post on that next!


  6. I know nothing about fishing reels. But I'm mighty impressed with your passion for the old ones, your collection, and your tool box.

    1. Greetings Herrick!

      I have been servicing my reels since i was a kid - it had been years but i got them out and revived an old passion.. and i DID buy a few extras ;-)

      that toolbox is awesome - small everything for small jobs..

      cheers friend!!

  7. I was riveted through the entire process - and I don't even own a reel! Must have been the tiny tools.... great post!!

  8. Susan:

    Glad you were riveted - i didn't think it would be THAT interesting - it MUST be the tiny tools - ;-)


  9. We are not worthy! We are not worthy!

    (Well Done Jam, very impressive indeed)

    1. heya tb!

      too kind indeed - i have been doing this since i was a kid so it better be impressive - LOL!

      happy spring friend!

  10. Cool Blog.

    come down and try shark fishing with us sometime on the Texas Gulf Coast...check out this one guys youtube channel, Coastal Coyote. I watch most of his video's. He's a cool dude. He even got chased by a shark once!

    1. thanks pal!

      i would LOVE to shark fish - they do have a derby for blue sharks in the summer here so i may give it a go!

      i will check that channel - i have a weakness for fishing videos!


    2. Jambaloney.

      I don't fish myself but I know lots that do. On that youtube channel, Coastal Coyote. That guys a real nutter! He really likes beer and breakfast cereal. He's a surfer dude and he really got chased out of the water by a six foot black tip shark a few years back. Seems that sharks can smell the breakfast cereal. There is one fisherman dude that has a local fishing channel that he subscribes too on youtube and this guy regularly pulls out 12 inch or bigger fish. Last video he was fishing from a kayak in the fog, pulled out one redfish, let it go and chased after a school of Black Drum fish. Kayaks are real popular down here for fishing. Maybe you can use a Kayak up there in the great white north.
      Oh' yeah. One more thing. Check out Coastal Coyote's video titled 'Port Aransas ready for Spring Break 2016' That video has a big surprise towards the end. Again, this guys a real nutter!

    3. heye pal!

      i am canadian so wait for it....

      i use a canoe - LOL!

  11. I havent been fishing since i was a kid. mackeral lines in Greece 2 years ago. but nothing since.

    Have you heard from Harry i cant see his blog. if you speak to him could you tell him Sol said hi, hope he is well

    1. hey sol!

      i will be posting more in-depth fishing stuff this year so you can fish through the blog... mackerel starts here in july - it is fantastic smoked so you be i am going for some!!!

      hope you are well!

  12. Okay...I had to come check this out when I saw it in Ed's sidebar. The water in our pond is warming up and I'm really getting the urge to fish.

    These look too complicated for me. My only attempts with open reels have not been pretty! So... I tend to stick with closed and most of mine are Zebcos. That said, I can still catch big ones!! :)

  13. Hey kelly!

    glad you stopped by!!

    what kind of fish do you catch?

    I use spinning reels as that was what i was taught to use - but i did teach myself to service them - there were some "oops" moments!


  14. Bass! (Largemouth). I occasionally catch a Crappie or Bream, but it's the Bass I'm going for. Such fun!

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