Monday, July 27, 2015

my besty c's surprise birthday party on friday - what a hoot!

so let's back it up to friday. it was my besty c's surprise 50th birthday party and a surprise it was! her actual birthday is june 6 but that is in the middle of fishing season. she is a supervisor at LobstersRUs, her husband and all of her family work on the actual boats or are part of the loading and unloading crew. so there was no way of having her party then. her husband, our other besty b, called me a few weeks ago to say that there would be a surprise party for her. the ladies of our sister community of fourchu went down to the hall earlier in the day and made up a ton of sandwiches. all of the rest of the women in our 2 communities were to make a sweet to bring.

we hadn't been down to chase the ace in several months because jambaloney has to do remote work every night for LobstersRUs. but i called my besty c and said that we could make it this past friday because lobster season was over (but crab season is still going). she was thrilled to say the least! and normally when we go to chase the ace, we go to c&b's early, hang out, yak, catch up - and then jambaloney and b head down to open the hall but me and c stay at her house to chat just between the two of us. so, there was nothing amiss when b said "jam, it's time to go open the hall". and c was none the wiser.

the plan was for me to take c down to the hall at about 7:15 and then surprise her with the party. but, jam came back from the hall at about 7:00 - came in the door and said "c - can you get me a beer? there's like 3 people at the hall and i'm not standing around!". so c of course got him a beer and then the 3 of us sat at the table yakking about all kinds of stuff and had a really good time! jam had been sent back from the hall to make sure that c didn't come down until after 7:30.

so, it's 7:30 and i say "OMG! we need to get moving!". then each of us had to go to the bathroom to pee. i was the last to go and while i was in the bathroom i can hear c and jam laughing up a storm. i come out of the bathroom and c has a hoody-sweater for me because i had forgotten my jacket and asked her if i could borrow one of hers. so apparently, she got a hoody that had never been worn for me. when she showed it to jam - he laughed his guts out and said there was no way in heck that i would ever wear it!!! so the two of them were cackling about this while i was in the bathroom. when i came out of the bathroom - c held up the hoody and said "would you wear this? it's never been worn". i saw it was a beautiful lemon, butter lemon hoody with fancy little flowers on it and fell in love with it. i said "of course i would wear that" and hugged her and thanked her. she said that jam burst out laughing when she showed it to him because i never wear yellow. which is true. but this hoody had such a beautiful flower design, i loved it on site!

so anyway - it's 7:45, we climb in c's car and head down to the hall which is exactly a 30 second drive...and we all notice that the parking lot is full of cars! c says "i've never seen the hall so packed - what's going on?" i said "well, it's a nice weekend and the gaelic festival is going on - maybe it's just a lot of cottagers". jam said "holy moly - there was only 3 people there when i left - i don't know". she had NO CLUE! ZERO! NONE!

we walked in to the hall and there must have been over 75 people there!!! and our 2 communities, if you count the children, only total about 60!!! we walked in and everyone yelled "SURPRISE" - she stopped dead in her tracks and i squeezed and hugged her from behind and she was speechless! her sister from away was down and she didn't know it so that made her very happy! and a bunch of her family were there too! everyone hugged her and everyone was smiling and she was just amazed. she told me later that she couldn't believe that we had all pulled it off without her knowing.

a big table of sandwiches and sweets were set up and everyone enjoyed a nice snack. she was the darling of the party and had to bounce between all of the full tables and then, when everyone had finished eating, we re-arranged the tables and the party ensued! it was awesome! jam set up the music system and made sure that the first 2 songs were her 2 favourite songs! they are our 2 favourite songs to dance to and whenever i hear the beginning beats of either song at any dance - i hear a yell "KYMBER" and then i have to run from wherever i am and dance with her! i love dancing to those 2 songs with her!

we started the party off right! and a party it was! she had a wonderful time!

we had to leave at about 11pm because i was sick as a dog! i had woken up friday morning with swollen glands in my throat, a hoarse voice and near dying. i couldn't take a half of a benadryl because i knew i would have to drink my wine at c's party. so i made it through the day, made it through getting her to the party, made it through dancing a couple of songs but then i was dying. i was sweating and clammy, had a fever and chills, and - HAD to make it out the next night to our community centre dance - arghghghgh!

so i knew my besty was having fun with her family and her friends and got her permission to leave after i danced with her one more time! then we came home, i took a swig of nyquil (something i hate doing) and slept all night and half of the day!

i called my besty when i woke up and she said she had an awesome party and that it was such a great surprise! i was soo happy for her!

however - she had somehow managed to slam her pinky finger in the hall door when they were closing it up! ohhh man! one of our EMT's was still there and told her she needed stitches but she wouldn't go to the hospital (it was 2:00am in the morning and the hospital is over an hour away!). so they bandaged her up and she went home and slept.

when i spoke to her the next morning she was going to see her sister who is a retired nurse. i told c to let her sister have a look and see if she needed stitches or a tetanus shot. her sister said that she did so c went to the hospital, waited 5 hours and then got properly bandaged and a tetanus shot.

awwww! the poor thing! but she did have an awesome time and it was an awesome party! and like everything that happens around here - there's always a story! bahahahahah!

stay tuned as tomorrow i will tell the story of our saturday night dance! another hoot for sure!

kids - after 2 nights out in a row after being sick for weeks - geeeesh! but i had such a good time both nights - it's worth it!

my besty c got the surprise of her life and then paid for it the next day by having to go and get a tetanus shot - bahahahah! but this was one of the best surprise parties that i have ever attended because she was truly surprised! and gracious! i love the people here!


  1. Sweet Kymber, and Jambaloney,

    Happy Birthday to You Friend C!!!! It sounds to me like you had all kinds of fun with your friend "C", and at the Ace Game, along with the dance. Even with those darn black fly bites, you had fun.

    Girlie, there has to be a way to get rid of those darn flies. Your body can only handle so many of them before you get real sick from them. Maybe we should come up there and make a laser and fry those darn black flies Bahahahahahaha!!!!! We all can play laser tag by frying those flies up.

    Be safe, and watch out for the heat up that way when working outside.

    Sending hugs and love to you and Jam.
    Your Friend,

    1. Sweet Sandy - we had such a good time but i was really sick! and you are so right about the body being only able to handle so many bites - i think in the last week my body just said "that's it" and that's when my glands swelled up. they are gone down to almost normal today and i am feeling much better. and i would love nothing more than to zap those black flies with a laser - see if BDMan and Tank can't come up with some sort of prototype - bahahahah!

      it's been raining like mad all day - great for the garden - and it's supposed to rain all week and then we are getting the heat.

      say it with me, Sweet Sandy - "river days" - woohoo! i'll be sure to get lots of pics and you'll be there with us in spirit!

      both me and jam are sending love and hugs back to all of you! xoxox

  2. You always have amazing parties and gatherings, what a great community you live in. You are great at being a friend!

    1. Max - if we handpicked the people in our community before we moved here - we couldn't have picked better! they are all just really good, caring, salt of the earth kind of people. they have accepted us and our strange ways and have made us in the last year or two, feel like we have always lived here. we really love our friends!

  3. It does sound like you have a little survival community up there, like the one's the best post apocalyptic authors always create in their books.

    I'm glad a good time was had by all but I am sorry you were sick. I hope you are a lot better now.

    1. Harry - we have a great community up here and it's why, finally, after years of being worried about it hitting the fan and whatnot - i just don't worry about it anymore. these people would rally together no matter what came our way! we had a good time both nights, i'm still recovering but feeling much better today. thanks Harry. sending much love your way, as always!

  4. Sounds like a fun time was had by all, even the typhoid kymber :)

    1. we had a great time PP - and then had another great time the next night! thanks buddy!

  5. Sounds like a good time was had by all (less the tetanus shot, of course).

    1. it was an absolutely fantastic weekend of fun TB - minus the tetanus shot!

  6. I think you need a hat that has netting on it to cover your body! I am with Sandy, eventually your system will get overloaded.
    I need to know, what songs!

    1. i have a bug suit, ltw - but i just hate wearing it! jam has ordered the kind of hat your are talking about and hopefully those won't be as claustrophobic as our bug suits.

      my besty c and i have about 10 songs that we always dance to. but her 2 favourites are "i got a feeling" by black-eyed peas and "poker face" by lady gaga. people roll their eyes when they hear those 2 songs because they are so sick of hearing them - bahahahahah!

  7. I am sorry for being late here on the blog but I hope you had a great birthday. My hubby is turning 40 next week and I am planning to give a nice surprise to him with a small party at DC venues. Can you please help me with some planning ideas?