Thursday, July 23, 2015

a quick update as we'll be busy all weekend!

after several days of a low pressure system sitting on top of us, and lots of the rain - the sky finally broke open this afternoon just as jambaloney came home from work today.

it's such a beautiful sky!

i had a bunch of volunteer borage come up in the greenhouse so the other day jambaloney dug us a nice hole in the front yard and we transplanted all of the borage plants into the new "borage garden".

as you can see, i took the pic before we finished the rock wall around it!

borage is one of the few plants in the world that is truly blue. the flowers are edible and quite sweet. i like to include borage flowers in our home-carbonated drinks, like our rosewater, sharab ward and cordials. we have noticed that all types of bees love borage and our borage plants always sound like they are buzzing.

woohoo - pea flowers - soon we'll be eating peas!

we like to take breaks when we are working in the garden and we do so by walking around the garden and looking at each bed and plant. we also like to take a handfull each of peas and snack on them raw when we take breaks. i can't wait until we can do that again!

tons of blurry baby tomatoes on only 4 of our plants - we have 80 plants!!! it's going to be an awesome tomatoe canning year - i can't wait!

here's a mutant radish that is purple at it's root and seems to be a cross between a daikon radish and a normal radish???

i have no idea? but when we harvest him (after he goes to seed as he is in flower right now) - we'll figure out what he is.

finally we are seeing some signs of some actual carrots - they have taken forever to grow this year!

now it looks like this out -

a high pressure system is kicking that low pressure system out and good riddance! the air is clear and light and delicious.

speaking of delicious - our absolute favourite pasta in the world:

made with home-canned tomatoes, tons of garlic, tons of black pepper, tons of fresh basil, parsley and chives from the garden and for jambaloney - hungarian hot wax peppers. he puts only a little fresh-shaved parmesan on his whereas as i add tons - i love parmesan.

anyway - we have chase the ace tomorrow night and then our summer dance is on saturday - woohoo! it's going to be an awesome weekend and we will definitely need a few days to recover!

i hope that you all have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like your garden is doing great, Kymber. Too bad you didn't send us some of that rain and cool weather. It's 98*F today and we expect temps in the 100's for a number of days. You're right about growing seasons being varied from there to here. You're just now starting to harvest and we are planting fall crops. But there is still much to be learned from any location, especially planting, growing, harvesting and preserving techniques. Take care.


  2. Garden looks great! Have fun this weekend.

  3. Garden looks great! Have fun this weekend.

  4. Work Hard, Play Harder........Enjoy

  5. If I was there, I would cut in and ask "may I have this dance?" for both of you!!

    Those are some good eats for sure, and beautiful clear skies. Enjoy your time, you deserve it!

  6. Sweet Kymber,

    Looking good girlie, love your garden beds. Did you say you had 80 tomato plants? If that's the case, you're going to really be canning tons of tomatoes. Maybe I need to sneak up that way and grab some tomatoes when you're not looking, Bahahahahaha!!!! Seriously, will you just preserve the tomatoes as is for future use, or make sauce?

    When our gardens are producing, and sharing it's great bounty all I can say is life is good.

    Sending hugs and love to you both.

  7. I never got my borage to reseed. Probably a bit much to ask when you only do one plant at a time. We are past peak tomato season here.

  8. I sure wish we could get some of that sunshine down here. It's so wet and dank that pretty soon I'll be devoured by mold like everything else outside.

    Hope you have a good weekend too. Looks like you should have beautiful weather there.

  9. 80 tomato plants! And I thought my 30 was a lot. We're just on the verge of getting a ripe one or two.

    I grow purple radishes which we really like. The variety is "purple plum", but I don't know how you'd tell it from any other.

    Love your volunteer borage. I count on some to volunteer every year and this year it didn't!

    Hope you're having a great weekend. Your new blog background looks great, BTW.