Tuesday, July 28, 2015

community centre dance on saturday, strawberries and pickled hot peppers!

so, last saturday night we had our community centre dance - what a hoot!there weren't a lot of people but that never bothers us as even if it only our core crew - we still have a blast. plus our friend I, who hasn't been out in a dog's age, was there.  we all chatted and danced and laughed about stupid stuff like we always do. me and I started pretending that we were playing different instruments to different songs and everyone laughed at us and thought we were being ridiculous - which we were - but goodness we couldn't stop laughing!!!! as an example of our complete silliness - the song "Cotton-eyed Joe" came and on we were singing it and playing our banjoes together. the song goes "where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from Cotton-eyed Joe". after the first chorus, I looked at me quizzically and asked "why does it matter where he came from?", and then she was taking a sip of her beer and i answered "well, he must have come from somewhere!" - she burst out laughing trying not to spit her beer all over the table and that just set me off and the two of us were screeching and crying we were laughing so hard! i tried to explain it to the others at the table but they just didn't get it! we were silly like that all night!

my besty c, who hurt her finger at her surprise party the night before (see previous post below), ended up going into emergency for a tetanus shot early saturday afternoon and didn't get out until 10:30ish texted our friend s that she wouldn't be coming to the dance. we were all disappointed, but she had just had a shot and was given antibiotics and it is over an hour drive from the hospital so she wouldn't have made it before midnight anyway. so, in her honour, we all did shots of baja rose and then danced to her favourite song. 

needless to say the shenanigans went on until we closed the place, cleaned up and left. it was an awfully fun weekend!

anyway - check out our first 8 strawberries! woohoo!

we just ate them plain and they were soooo delicious! we have another 8 or 9 out there just starting to colour. we aren't expecting a huge load of them as this is their first year in the ground - but next year - it's strawberry city!!! local strawberries are out now and they are delicious too! here's a fruit salad with yogurt and honey with strawberries, canteloupe, nectarines and mint - yummeh!

check out this harvest of peppers!!!

these are from the 14 pepper plants that we over-wintered - it's amazing to be harvesting hot peppers at this time of year! so you know we'll be trying to find places to overwinter our peppers this winter! the peppers are hungarian hot wax and big bombs.

those peppers were turned into refrigerator hot peppers for jam - he loves them!

it's been raining like mad all day long which is great for the garden! and great for us as we have not had to deal with watering the garden very much during june and july. it looks like it is going to be a rainy week followed by a beautiful, sunny weekend - also good for the garden. so that's the update. off to check blogs in a bit!


  1. recipe
    baby spinach leaves
    fresh squozen lemon juice
    honey or sugar
    some water, according to your taste [i like pungent]
    mix lemon with sweetener
    add a dab of h2o until sugar is dissolved
    taste for preference.
    mix into greens and strawberries.

    yummy! [translation into kymberese- 'yummeh!']

    1. bahahahahah! you got the kymberese down perfect deb! and thanks for the recipe - you know i will be all over it! xox

  2. Sweet Kymber,
    Those first strawberries just totally amazing!!!! Mix them with other fruit, and fresh cream and omg talk about heaven :-)
    Your peppers really took off, and this first harvest wooohoooo......I know a man who will be happy with all his hot peppers on his food.:-) Jambaloney's going to be a happy man!!!

    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    Your Friend,

    1. Sweet Sandy - we never see peppers grown full-size until late august/early september! but the fact that we overwintered the peppers and that they live in the greenhouse has really worked out! we've still got a ton of peppers and a ton of flowers on the plants - this is going to be pepper year! and yes - jam loves his pickled hot peppers and hot sauce and this year we won't have to purchase any - we'll have enough to just make our own - woohoo!

      we're sending hugs and love back to you and yours! xoxox

  3. You're such a talented lady...'y'all take care.

    1. thanks sweet'un...and you take care too! xox

  4. Next time you should try and have some fun.....

  5. Rob, buddy - that's a great idea! ya nutter! bahahaha! sending much love! xox