Tuesday, July 21, 2015

katiyja update

we went to visit our neighbour e  (and she's another of our besties!) on sunday! we went to meet our new puppy Katiyja. her and her brothers are almost 3 weeks old.

here she is with jambaloney....notice that they both have the same blue eyes.

we spent time with j and h - we have known j for several years now and we love her to death! she is simply gorgeous! we also spent time with h and we love her as well. jambaloney went to the vfd meeting this month and h also went and brought baby t. when jambaloney came home he said he had an awesome time sitting with h and that if there was ever a baby he wanted to steal it would be little baby t!!! she is so alert and still just a tiny baby! we loved playing with her.

back to little katiyja.

they all have been calling her by her name so that she recognizes it.

here's a pic of her and her 2 brothers flomped on the floor sleeping.

katiyja is in front and then her two brothers. none of them could walk very well...they all kept splaying their legs and falling down - bahahahaha! their mother even came in to feed them while we there - we felt honoured that she trusted us.

we had a great time catching up with our besty e and j and h. me, e and j even went out so that i could have a smoke break and laughed and caught each other up on a pile of stuff.

we will be visiting little katiyja (if our neighbour e can stand it) at least once a week so that she can get used to us. and then we will bring her home when e thinks the timing is right.

we all talked about chase the ace on friday and then our community summer dance after everyone is done fishing. it is going to be crazy people. if you don't hear from us for over a week after this weekend - no worries. it just means we are hung over as can be - bahahahah! everyone in our 2 communities looks forward to this dance as we let off a lot of fishing steam!

stay tuned for updates on katiyja!

(oh and as jambaloney NEVER reads my posts - i'll let you in on a secret - i want all 3 puppies - bahahahah!)


  1. Sweet Kymber,

    It sounds like you have a great visit with friends. Your Katiyja is so adorable, I can't get over her eyes!!!! Have fun with the ace game, dance, and fishing.
    Hugs, and love to you both.

  2. Katiyja looks like she loves Jam already. What a great addition to your family! Have fun at the dance, stay safe & by all means just enjoy yourselves!

  3. Wow, what a spectacularly handsome dog. That pup will be a great addition to your house, and you will feel safer with a dog. I think getting Katiyja is a stellar idea.

  4. They kinda have the same nose too.

    Cute Puppy ya got there!!!!

  5. between the 3 dogs and Jam you will never eat again. LOL

  6. PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADORABLE PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Adorable - and I'm talking about both katiyja and jambaloney bwahahaha

  8. Brilliant....too few people take the time to know their puppy, but one is best!