Monday, July 20, 2015

fishing backlog for sandy and pioneer p

jambaloney here!!

so i OWE sandy and pioneer p some trouts and they have been having way too much rain...

we have been busy here this year, time flies and with the work i am doing - is mid-july already!

so here are some fishing pics...

 june 08 - we were DAMN lucky we decided against putting tomatoes in the ground the day before based on the frost warning,,, cuz there was frost..

quite a bit!!!

this was about 5:15 am and sun already up

mist on the water...

but most of it already gone with the sun!

not a ripple...

as above, so below...

the water was pretty high - the brook was swollen

heading back...

here are your fish guys - SHARE!!!!

june 14 - i am up a little later - this is 6:15  ;-))

some pretty impressive cloud formations..

and a loon on the nest!! don't know if it is mom or dad, loons swap off..

 heading back...

beaching the boat....

MORE trouts to share!!!!

june 18, up late AGAIN!!!

super bright on the creek !!!

and the river...

one last round of SHARING trout for sandy and pp!!!

and a gorgeous sunset...

so i am sorry i haven't posted much - one thing i have been trying to stay on this year is weeding - it is a  constant job if you wanna get it done - we have more planted beds and the greenhouse - but 2 weeks ago i started hilling the potatoes...

in DESPERATE need of tire #2!!!

we added to all beds this year and added 8 more tires... we ran out of soil - there is a local guy who mixes 1/2 poop and half plant stuff and cooks it - here is a good load...

next day i weeded...

and topped up after tomorrow - i have to go back and finish the job..

next up - guerrilla fishing with help from my good friend d and with a nod to my dad.

til then hope you are having a good summer so far - cheers!


  1. OMG my eyes were so happy with all those beautiful trout and then the tire plague had to make an appearance.

    I would steal the trout but I lost my appetite so Sandy can have them all :)

    Seriously though those were some nice trout. Man I love trout fishing.

    1. hey pal - i am SO sorry to have distressed you like that... here, have a trout LOL!

      look, we have done our best to get outta the tire plague but the taters remain...

      anytime you make it up here - you will fish!!!

      cheers buddy!

  2. You and Kymber sure do have a beautiful place, J. I envy you the easy access to the water, having your own boat, fishing when you want.....

    1. hey harry!

      it is really awesome to be sure - i don't fish whenever i want - i am the kinda guy that would never leave the water - LOL!

      cheers harry - hope you are well!

  3. Jambaloney and Sweet Kymber,

    I always love the tours of your place because it's so beautiful and peaceful up there. Those trout looks amazing, I'm not sure why PP lost his appetite.....was it because of those awesome tires??
    Tires are great for planting potatoes, I have some of my tires situated with my second planting of potatoes, along with my old onion garden bed.

    There's never too much time to slow down from work to enjoy time off but when you do have it you two know how to enjoy quality time together. Give Kymber a big hug for me.
    Love you both,

    1. Sandy:

      as you know pp hates the rubber - so i guess the trout are all yours... too bad as you know the potato tire secret!!!

      there really isn't but we try... living here makes it easier to be sure!

      i hope you are doing well - hugs to you friend!

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      Can't trust those damned Pagan spell casters one bit can ya?

    2. pp:

      as you pointed out - you get what you pay for - still, you should know better than to blame the victim ;-))

  5. Send Trout! Well, smoke them first, then send trout!

    Seriously, nice catch Jam. It has been many years since I fished for trout. Nothing better. Around here we have bass and catfish, which are not so interesting to me.

  6. I'm not sure what you'd both do if you didn't like fish! :D You did good.

    Seems like you are dead busy as usual. The lake shots are beautiful!

    1. well, i wouldn't be fishing so much ;-))

      we do keep busy joey, it is sweet out on the lake!

      all my best - cheers mate!