Wednesday, July 1, 2015

happy canada day 2015!

happy canada day!

some beautiful french breakfast radishes that we harvested proudly wearing the red and white of our gorgeous maple leaf flag!

two celebratory red caesars on a white table:

our favourite tomatoe/basil pasta (made with our homegrown basil and tomatoes that we canned last year!):

a red lobster with a sort of white-ish potatoe salad (i use a LOT of yolks in my potatoe salad!):

moby-moe on a red and white cutting board:

we were making pizzettes and planned on using the cutting board to cut the pizzettes.

had to get out another cutting board!

we've had a great canada day! we hope that you all have had a great day too!


  1. Yum!!

    Happy Canada Day k & j :)

  2. Happy Canada Day! Are the equivalent traditional foods to the American Turkey and Stuffing (or, I suppose, BBQ on Fourth of July)?

  3. That cat looks like he is morbidly obese!

    Happy Canada Day. But you have to change your flag because it is offensive to french speaking Canadians, Immigrant Canadians, Native Canadian Canadians, etc. ;-)

  4. Happy Canada Day..A country with great syrup, and a super delicious funky bacon, and two of the best know nudists bloggers in the country. BIG GRIN.

  5. Sweet Kymber, and Jambaloney,

    Happy Canada Day!!!

    I see life is good.......with all that delicious food :-)

    Hugs and Love to You Both!
    Your Friend,