Monday, August 22, 2016


most people think that Kate and what`s his name`s wedding was the wedding of the century. NO WAY! we had the most awesome day yesterday! jambaloney didn`t go to the ceremony - see my post below of me going it alone. but we were invited to the supper and then the dance afterwards - what an awesome wedding! to our friends and neighbour`s E & D - thank you for such an awesome evening!!!!

i told you the man was going to be gorgeous! how gorgeous? have a look-see:

this is the dress that i wore to the supper.

no one could believe that i wore a different dress to the supper than the one i wore at the wedding. but like, how many times does your best friend and neighbour get married? so i pulled out all of the stops. the supper was excellent even though there wasn't any turnip and and my sis C thought about sneaking in some "contraband" - bahahahahah!

then we were out back on the dearest beautiful wedding friend E is flopped between my knees and i am giving her a massage and it's all just girls and we are just laughing and talking about how drunk we were gonna get at the dance.

so after the supper, we came home and changed again. i even did a little "kymber raver/punk" for the actual dance.

the man went super cool.

kids - we had such a great time and so did everyone there and we all needed it! i think i danced with every single person there - and some people were only there for half an hour! my sis C decorated the downstairs of the hall brilliantly! everyone commented on how beautiful the hall looked.


but she set them up in such a way that everyone thought it was a display piece and no one wanted to touch one. several people asked jambaloney if the cupcakes were for eating - he was a little afraid, too, because they were arranged so meticulously! so he went to our sis C and asked if people could eat them - bahahahahah! she said "of course!". people were on those cupcakes like you wouldn't believe. then it was hard to talk to people because their mouths were either full of cupcakes or their mouths were glued shut with cupcakes!!!!

then there was just dancing with my besty c and gawd only knows who else. i danced my feet off. jambaloney was outside mingling with everyone. at one point i went out and said "you have to come and dance with me". but when he came in, i was dancing with my besty c and her daughter s. jambaloney joined in and we all told him to get lost - bahahahahah! it was girl-dancing time! bhahahahah!

i can't even begin to relay what an awesome time we had! we stayed until closing time! we saw everyone off! jambaloney helped to put the licquor in the licquor closet and i cleared tables. i don't even want to know what time we got home!?!?!?!? we both took off our jewelry and clothes and climbed into bed. there was much cuddling and mumbling to each other about what a great night it was.

of course we woke up this morning with "that bastard behind the eyes" ( it's a quote from "Rake" - one of our favourite shows. you can get it on netflix. and your welcome!). our heads were pounding. we just wanted to climb under rocks. but look at what today looked like:

the river was calling and we are so glad that it called!

guess how much work we did today? none! we ran out of water down at the river and so had to resort to drinking the juice from our fruit salad - bahahahahah! but then we ran out of that!!! we spent the whole day at the river - we were like teenagers - giggling and laughing and napping and soooooo many delicious dips in the river.we had a blast of a day!

no worries - cats were all fed ahead of time and additional food was left out for them.

we came home when the sun went down and climbed right back into bed. we just got up at midnight - i know, we live a really decadent lifestyle - but really - how many chances in our life are we gonna get to do this again? we think about a thousand more or at least, that's what we are hoping for!

we had such a great day yesterday and today....i just wish you all could have been there with us.

tomorrow - it's back to normal with jobs and crap. but yesterday and today - we partied like it was 1999!!!! sending love to all of you and hoping that none of you have a headache like we do - bahahahahhah!


  1. Oh you crazy Canadians. You party like its 2016..bahahaha.

    1. Rob, buddy - we partied our butts off - everyone did! it was super awesome! xoxox

  2. Rob put it very succinctly :)

    1. Rob has that way about him Dani - bahahah! xoxoxo

  3. Sounds like a blast. Oh & I love all your outfits, you look great! And, Jam isn't too bad himself.

  4. I'm glad you had a great time! You both looked fabulous.

  5. Sweet Kymber, Sounds like everything went off without a hitch ( a little pun)....... You both looked amazing for the event, and then you changed to comfy relaxation clothing (more my style, relaxed....)

    Congratulations to your best friends on this very special day!!!

    Sending hugs and love to you both.

  6. I have loved all of your outfits and Jams. I think you are my long lost twin, dancing your pants off! That is what I normally do.

  7. Saw this, thought you would find it interesting.

  8. You kids know how to have a good time! There's nothing like celebrating the love of good friends and neighbors! I do love that bastard behind the eyes bit!

  9. Huzzahs all the way around, it sounds like. You both look very fashionable indeed.

  10. Sounds like another fun affair in the Canadian wilds, you both look fab too! xxx

  11. I have been a wedding vender (Photographer) in the area for twenty five years and I have never been treated so well by a wedding venue like I was at this place. I am usually taken care of as a "last on the list" at venues, which I understand where the bride, groom and guest come first but the entire staff from the minute I walked in the door of NYC wedding venues treated me so well.

  12. Those types of weddings are the best. I love going and knowing loads of people and just having a great time. I remember one, years ago, where I only knew a few people but hey had a kayle and got us up and dancing, before we knew it everyone was talking to everyone and it was a great night.

  13. Wow, it sounds like you both had a blast. You can "see" your smiles in the words you type. Congrats to the new bride and groom and congrats to you and Jam for reminding us all that life's too short not to dance!

    You're gorgeous of course but tell Jam he cleans up pretty nicely too, HAHAHA!!!

    Hugs to you both!

  14. Kymber, seems to me you people up there lead a very social existence. You and J are always going to get togethers of one kind or other, and they always seem to turn out great. Except I remember one time J got "sucker punched" didn't he? If that memory is correct, it's still a good record because you and he go to lots of social events and only had one bad experience in all that time.

    I honestly can't remember the last time I went to a social event. I think it might have been my aunt's funeral in 1991.

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  16. Kymber, you are so cute! I think one thing about living close to the land and all the hard work it requires, is that it enables us to truly celebrate and enjoy the special occasions in life. You did an excellent job with that!

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  18. The team at this place obviously loves what they do, as they were beaming the whole time, danced with us till the end of the party, and briefly joined the after party after dropping off our belongings at the hotel! We had a blast at NYC wedding venues and all our guests did as well.