Saturday, August 20, 2016

quick update

today was our dear friends' and neighbours wedding. i went alone because jambaloney doesn't do churches.

i sat with one of our bestest buddies from fourchu - b - but don't tell c because she is our real bestest buddy. b is her husband. the wedding was such a beautiful ceremony - i didn't want to put any pics of the ceremony on the blog because that's not for me to decide. but both me and b got teary throughout. i wish it hadn't have been such a gray, cloudy day but i hope that the wedding pictures turned out better as the sun has now come out.

i did a real nifty sideways bun and a ringlet but didn't think to take a pic of it until after i got home, pulled the dress over my head and put a t-shirt on (it's a little chilly today - so need a t-shirt).

we'll be off to the supper in a few hours....wait until you see the pics of jambaloney in his "wedding supper clothes"! he's going to be gorgeous! and after the supper is the dance - woohoo! my besty c and i will be dancing for almost all of the songs. and she and her other besty jambaloney will be dancing to the long version of "paradise by the dashboard light"- bahahhahah! those 2 kill me. there is no chance in heck that i would ever dance with her to that song - that's jambaloney's job. and it's no prob for him because he loves that song as much as c.

kids - it's gonna be a rockin' evening. i just hope and pray it's over by 3am. i am already dead on my feet, wanting a nap, but round 2 is coming up. then round 3. and probably round 4. come into my corner kids...stitch up my split eye and squirt water in my mouth. i gotta go back into that ring! and if you think i am being wimpy - THEN YOU HAVE NEVER HAD TO DANCE ALL NIGHT LONG WITH C! bahahahahahaha!

(trying sooooo hard not to take a nap! these 2 communities will kill us if we miss the supper and dance!)

(still trying not to take a! no way! zzzzzzzz! no! i am not napping! i still have to iron my supper dress. ugh.)

we`re going to have a wonderful time....but oh heck....6pm is like 2 hours away....and all i am doing is yawning my face off. sending love.


  1. Have a wonderful time and dance your socks off!

  2. You are beautiful! And I can't wait to see the handsome Jam man! You youngsters have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't...oh, hell, have a great time!!!!!!!!

  3. I love that dress and your hair is so pretty! You look amazing

  4. That ocean air must agree with you; you look younger and younger in every pic.

  5. Look at you all dressed up. Oh and a NAP can be for less than 2 or 3 hours ya know? I think if you go longer it's just called SLEEPING.