Saturday, August 13, 2016

the Framboise Manor yacht...also known as "yacht-dura"

kids - most of you know that when we left ottawa with all of our wordly belongings and 2 cats - we did so in a 1980 chevy vandura. here's a pic of the beast.

jambaloney, who had never driven a car or van in his life, had 2 months driving experience and drove us over 1,000 miles in december, worst winter known to man, in that beast. it's amazing we made it here alive. and that's why we name all of our vehicles "x-dura".

like canoe-dura.

and boat-dura.

and truck-dura.

as well as atv-dura. we have a lot of "duras" and i will get to yacht-dura soon.

but i am getting ahead of myself here and i know you all want to see "yacht-dura"! take a patience pill for the love of heck!

it was a beautiful day yesterday!

a perfect day to pick some of our own red potatoes.

and some radishes and third round chives.

and grill up some fresh-caught trout which were stuffed with slabs of butter and salted dill.

grilled those babies up with potatoe salad, bananas and champagne grapes! makes for a fantastic supper!

today was another beautiful day - we knew we needed to get our chores done and head to the river to set up yacht-dura! some kymberz version of vietnamese hot and sour soup was called for!

and then it was time to hit the river and bust out the Framboise Manor yacht - also known as yacht-dura (see comment above about all the other "duras"). beautiful,calm river - a perfect day!

beautiful clouds in the sky.

and a beautiful little creature christened yacht-dura for us.

there she is in all of her glory!!!

yep - a cheap blow-up thingy that i am in love with. it is my yacht! and i don't care what anyone thinks! it's my yacht and i had such a beautiful time in it.

jambaloney isn't too crazy for it - he's more of a canoe and boat guy. but i love it! can't wait to take the mermaid tail out to it.

it was sooooo much fun laying in it and looking at all of the trees and the water and soaking up the sun.

it's heaven. just heaven.

and i am sending much love to you all...even mia more.


  1. Love it! When we used to go out on the river, so we didnt float off as the tide went out, my Father used to tie a line onto the dinghy so we couldnt go to far. Also, as I was always losing the rowlocks or the oars, it meant I could still pull myself back in

    What a cool thing to have

  2. Love it! I love laying down & floating on water & reaching over the side & splashing water on myself to cool off. That white will reflect & give you so much more sun than just laying on a towel or chair. Still, love to do it.

  3. Your yacht looks just like the raft we carried in the helicopter if we were flying over water. Only ours was day glow orange.

    What was that hideous thing, that bug? It looked exactly like the evil aliens that crawled in your ear and took over your mind in an episode of Star Trek.

    If you and J start acting strange, I will know what happened to you. The creatures got you.

  4. You two still amaze me..Bahaha. I see you have a pest mosquito too. To bad DDT is outlawed worked real good.

  5. Sweet Kymber,

    I love your yacht-dura!!! It's relaxing and a enjoyable ride floating down the river.

    Fresh potatoes, and TROUT!!!!! I'm so. so. happy for you two. Having a great couple of meals on the homestead. Life is good!!!

    Sending hugs and love your way.

  6. I love your yacht dura! Your dinner looks super yummy too.

  7. We're loving yacht-dura!
    Despite not having a riber We could probably sail it now that you've got all of our mouths watering with that trout!

  8. Hopefully it is tied to shore or anchored. I could just see myself falling asleep and finding myself miles downstream with not a stitch of clothing on!

  9. We're loving yacht-dura!
    Despite not having a riber We could probably sail it now that you've got all of our mouths watering with that trout!

  10. Much love on the yacht-dura. More much love on the trout with salted dill...

  11. The two of you are inspiring! Not everyone these days can appreciate the little things in life, like the Framboise Manor Yacht. It might not be a 75-foot masterpiece but it makes you happy and that is the main thing. Also, your pictures are just beautiful and the description of your food is making my mouth water! Save me some!

    Steve Burgess @ Atlanta Yacht Sales