Wednesday, August 17, 2016

mid-august already?

jambaloney here!

yep august already and i feel like almost nothing to show for it!!!

to be fair - i worked a lot this spring-summer and k has already posted about the garden etc, but aside from cleaning up the yard some - it was like - whoops - aug already??  time really does fly when you have a lot of balls in the air!!

work was good though, i developed a lot of code for Lobster R Us and provided a more accurate inventory than ever.  so nothing new there..

anyway, much to k's chagrin, i started back at the basement AGAIN - she is always wondering why i need to re-do the basement./...

uh need she ask??

to be fair - i just chucked stuff in there all spring summer, but it has NEVER been functional - as a man-cave i get a 12 x 14 wet leaky gravel bottomed POS to work in... this fall we have plans for an addition and some of the work will require finesse - not ed-type finesse mind you but above jambaloney-style bang it up ...anyway - have a gander!!!

the real culprit is our old kitchen vanity as workbench - it is junky, awkward and also a trap moisture - the whole basement is one big drain so having this up against the wall is hell to everything in it. the top is an old solid-core door....

 so the first thing i need to do to was to FINALLY make a "this is the last time baby" workroom is to replace the bottom of the workbench. true jambaloney style - use reclaimed wood - i have some GREAT old dimensional 2x2s and 4x4s i got in the garbage (i had to cheat there is one new 2x4 left from the shed) you can see a bit of the 12" compound mitre i got on sale last year bottom right..

i love that saw - 20 mins i got this:

i really do have all the tools i need now - only real addition would be a table saw - but i figure i can make jigs to use with my circular saws. one thing i have invested heavily in is ryobi 18v one plus tools - the li-ion batteries are great and fit all - in the process i have two drills - the one on the right i use most of the time, but the auto-shift on the left has a bit more juice - good for the large screws for this project...

here is a great tip - when screwing stuff together, cinder blocks at right angles will provide a GREAT temporary jig to line stuff up to before assembly:

these are two ends

and a bench!!

gordies-boardies bottom shelves in minutes ( i can cut 3 at a time)

omg can we move this along???!!!

and here the bottom is in place..

 top on and level!!!

hey it is aug 9 and i have not been fishing since july 16 - i am going!! (truth be told - too dry for trout, but there was rain the day before) - nice evening for it!!

real nice walk!!

down at the river...

going to the creek mouths - only place i will get trout tonight...

water was up a bit - good sign!

here we are - i always love it here - canoe and fishing, i am not so worried about feeding us when i feel this way - it is really low-tech!!

i REALLY love my canoe, only kymber beats it - LOL!!!

coming home the sun looks great!!


good haul - 5 trout for pp and sweet sandy and a large white perch - they are a later season species but taste great!!!

sun really setting..

and last night i met my friend d for mackerel fishing at gabarus - he has a sweet spot on the rocks...

fishing was GOOD!!!! note the water bottle, it is a 16-ounce water bottle - then note the 20 mackerel- these are gonna yield a LOT of smoked mackerel!!!

i will keep you up-to date on the basement - i have a final layout that makes the MOST out of a small, sh*tty basement underway - i have a few decent tips to offer...

anyway happy mid-aug everyone!!!


  1. I have plenty of un-Ed like stuff around my little acreage. I just don't post pictures of them up on my blog until I get them finessed!

    Looks like a great sturdy workbench. They are a necessity. The best purchase I made in cordless handtools was a small impact driver. They have way more power for driving in screws to the point I almost never use my drills anymore unless I truly need to drill a hole.

    1. ah - you are a CHEATER!!

      just kidding - i NEVER have ed-like stuff - i post what i can ;-)

      i have heard similar talk form others, but from you means next trip to home despot = impact driver!!

      cheers ed!

  2. Heh in before Sandy so all ur troutses R belongs to me :)

    1. you have trout on auto-search - yes??

      first come first serve they are yours!!!

  3. PP, I'll allow you to take the trout this time :P:P:P

  4. Jambaloney,

    Great work on the bench for your basement. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your work down in the basement. We used to live in a basement apartment up in Virginia for a couple of years. It was nice however it just didn't keep us warm enough in the winter even with heat.

    Nice looking fish my friend!!! Keep fishing, and filling your freezer for winter meals :-)
    Sending hugs and love to you and Sweet Kymber.

    1. hey sweet sandy!!

      oh that basement is COLD in teh winter - but it does make a PERFECT cold store = - my challenge this fall is to really prevent it form cooling the house floor - a basement apt would be chilly!

      you can have the mackerel when smoked - it is divine!!

      hugs right back to you!!!!

  5. Hubby's project this year is his workshop, next year should see us starting to fish, he is doing a diving course at the moment cant wait until we have Lobster :-)

    1. hey dawn!!

      a workshop is vital and i 1/2 arsed mine for years - shed helped clear it out but if i went backwards - i would have spent more time round 1.

      ohhh home-caught lobster - you have the same kind as us, yes??


  6. Wow, great bench! I know you must be thrilled with it. Dan has an old kitchen cabinet in his "workshop" too, but he says it's too high to be of real use. So it sits there and rusts (ours is metal). And great fish! I wish I could get Dan interested in fishing.

    1. hey leigh!!

      too high sucks, i made this on lower and i love it!!!

      do you have good fishing nearby??

      hope you are going to have a good harvest - cheers!

  7. Whoa J nice work on the bench looks like a good sturdy job.
    Very envious of your recent fishing hauls! I seriously need to learn to fish, I've bought a rod etc so have no excuse now lol

    1. hey mate!

      it is a pretty sturdy bench. fishing isn't that hard - if you have a rod well... ;-)do you have a place nearby??

      cheers to you!

  8. Whoa J nice work on the bench looks like a good sturdy job.
    Very envious of your recent fishing hauls! I seriously need to learn to fish, I've bought a rod etc so have no excuse now lol

  9. Wow Jam what a haul of fish you have! Fab. Work bench looks great. I wish you lived closer, when they were stripping the roof off, you could have taken anything you could have hauled. When the Mr was in Mumbai for work, I moved everything I could from the skips to the garage. I dragged everything I could. The man next door came and helped me as he said the beams were twice my weight :( We managed to get quite a lot in there and I carried all of the stripping (they nail the roof tiles to them?) I think it is called, that is kindling for the winter for us.

    excellent womble-ing there. Do you guys even now what Wombles are?

    1. hey sol!

      i have heard of the wombles - you are not the first to tell me that!!! i do a lot of "womble-ing" no show for us to watch though..

      would have LOVED that free wood - alas a bit far ;-)

      take care!

  10. p.s. Tell Kymber she is my hero for addressing that troll on Dawns blog, about the fox. We love you Kymber, we do. We love you Kymber, we do. We love you Kymber, we do, oh Kymber we love you! Dooo doo doo!!! Football chant for Kymber.

    1. I did - she loved the chant!!

    2. thanks Sol...i don't mind when someone offers a critique with suggestions but i really don't like "higher than thou" condescension. and i don't like people who go out of their way to hurt someone's feelings. Dawn did what she had to do. xoxox

  11. You make me want to go fish!! The canoe looks nice, but I feel safer in our aluminum john boat. I'm a good swimmer, but I don't like being in the water with "stuff" - whether it's underwater structure or critters/fish. ;)

    1. hey kelly!

      i grew up in ottawa - that whole area of canada is cone country so you grow up canoeing - they are great in slack water but seem "tippy" for a lot of people..

      do you have good fishing nearby?


    2. Arkansas has great fishing... but even better, we have our own pond. I'm totally spoiled. :)

    3. what kind of fish??

      your own pond??? get to it - LOL!

    4. Bass, Crappie, Bream, Catfish.... it's great!

  12. Workbench looks great! Gonna have to steal the cinder block idea!

    1. thanks perry - idea is all yours - good for rough n tumble outside jobs..

      cheers friend!

  13. A couple of times i almost had some great wood, but when I returned every time I was beat out. I want to build some cabinets, clothes closet and rebuild the pantry's I'll keep trying