Sunday, January 17, 2016

more beautiful presents and snow!

sooo beautiful. but not so chilly that we couldn't get into the hottub. we had several hottub dips today and walks around the property - it was awesome!

here's some more presents that jambaloney got me the other day when he was in the city - introducing my new beach bag:

we have been using the same bathrobes for the last 9yrs. it was time for new ones. so jambaloney got us new ones on this last trip to town, a new bathrobe for the hottub - i looooove it! it makes me feel japanese - bahahaha!

and a new one for him:

look at the beautiful clouds today:

aren't they crazily awesome? our sky here is to die for. every day there are different kinds of clouds. we love the clouds here. here's some more throughout the day.

and some more:

such georgosity to look at all day long! it was 18C (65F) on the porch - so we played cards and spent some time out on the porch. the cats love being out on the porch, all warmed up, even in the middle of winter. we do, too.

we are wishing you all of the best. no food pics today because we ate the food before we plated it prettilly. it sometimes happens. we're not perfect nor do we try to be. we just enjoy every day that we have been blessed with. and hope that you do too. especially our friend Kev. he just had a baby boy...after having 2 girls - he is sure in for a surprise. we are very glad for our friend Kev and his family...we wish the best to him, and the best to all of you! xoxoxo


  1. -17 here this am the hot tub would be a solid block of ice. That god January is almost done, and the days grow longer with daylight.

    1. Rob, buddy - we are loving the fact that the days are getting longer - woohoo! xox

  2. So what happens to the hot tub when the power goes out? Ever been out long enough to freeze it?

    1. depending on how long the power goes out, sometimes we only lose a degree or 2 and can bring it back up to 106 in an hour or two. but if the power is out for a day or more, it takes several days to get it back to 106. but because it is insulated, it can keep the temp pretty steady. we love our hottub for that! xoxo

  3. Sweet Kymber,

    I still wear a robe I received from my parents 8 years ago, it's a Christmas robe. Very broken in, and warm. Enjoy your new robes!!! They should keep you nice and warm, and help get you to your hot tub.

    Hugs, and love to you both.

  4. Hey I thought you two were naked all the time so why the bathrobes! Ha! :D