Wednesday, January 27, 2016

couple of chilly days and a couple of melty days (we like the melty days best!)

it's been a couple of bright, blue...but very chilly days!

a great day to enjoy some proper miso soup (made with soya bean paste and nori) and some kimchi.

kids - i can't help it - we've been eating sushi a couple of times a week - for dinner, and then a few days later for supper...and then there's always snakck!

we made avocado, carrot and cucumber rolls - tuna rolls that we got from the 'Tuna Guy", tamago (egg made with sugar and soya and rice wine vinegar) and then of course my plain shrimps! i looove me some shrimp! (think bubba gump. ya - that's me!)

we had a really pretty sunset the other night but the colours didn't come out right. one of these days i am going to learn how to use this camera that i have had for the last 5 years, never read the manual, and just point and click. but there were sooo many colours in the sky. just not a good pic.

jambaloney was on-site working all day monday. they are really vamping up the plant to get ready for this year's fishing season - it's very exciting! he's also been working at home on his contract as well as building our new shed. it's built but he just hasn't had the time to do a post about it - he promises he will have a post up about it soon. it's perfectly built, just a little ugly - by oh my! what a godsend it has been!

here's some yummy all veg curry that we had for supper the other night - deelish!

back to the shed - here is a pic of it in the early stages:

we have been spending the last 2 weeks sorting/decluttering and emptying the attic of stuff that is taking up too much room in this stuffed little house. our prob is that we intend to you use some of this stuff when we build our addition - so we don't want to get rid of it. but having the shed is allowing us to store some of this stuff until we can use it. have a peek:

it's a real beauty isn't it? this is the backside of the shed. jambaloney built it to be mobile so that when we finally figure out where it will live for good - he can break it down easily and then re-build it easy.

for the past day and a half it has been mild temps, fog and rain - all good for melting snow. look how much has already melted!

but we're supposed to get a flash-freeze tonight so whatever snow is on the ground at midnight will turn to ice. but then in the next few days we'll be hovering around average temps which make for lots of snow, then it melts, then more snow, etc., etc.

here's one of our favourite suppers - steak for jambaloney and lambchops for me.

here's a great netflix snack - it's a bit messy but well worth it! toasted baguette with some really strong salsa on top - yum!

check out the inside of the shed - pretty schnazzy eh?

 but man has it made our lives easier for being able to put items in bins, label them and get all of the furniture out of the attic so that the attic is strictly for storing books, clothes and extra linen. it's been a lot of work but it has so been worth it.

up next - we'll be culling our computer room as it is just a catch-all room for everything we can't find a place for. when we get that room culled and re-arranged - oh life will be so easy!!!! bahahaahah!

and next year we build our sunroom off of the kitchen - and all of the sudden - i'll be able to have a normal-sized kitchen - i'm probably not gonna know what to do with it?!!?!!? i love those kind of problems!

dinner today was leftover steak for jambaloney (a lamb chop for me), some delicious potatoe salad and some turnip pickled in left-over beet juice from a jar of pickled beets.

i've been busy working with my friends s and v as we are planning the valentine's day dance. we hope there will be a great turn-out (weather-permitting) and we are all looking forward to getting together. hope you all have had a productive week and are looking forward to the weekend!


  1. One can never had enough plastic storage totes when it comes to organizing those necessary but not often used things.

  2. shed looks amazing, well done both of you! decluttering becomes addictive, watch out.

    Food looks yummy as well!!! First time eating meat for a long time the other day and I made chicken and cashew nuts just have I did in the cooking school in Thailand. Yummers!

    Valentines dance? wow wish they had something like that here.

  3. I think the primary requirement for a rural outbuildings is that it performs the function it was designed for. Utility is essential, aesthetics are not. J has an outstanding ability to put together functional structures with the materials at hand. That's a real blessing.

  4. I have had a son for so long I forgot what leftovers were. Is that like food that makes it from one meal to the next day and can be eaten then instead of fixing new food?

    Yes I think I remember it being that way.

  5. Leftovers = what TB will be having for lunch tomorrow. I am the only one that reliably eats them.

  6. I'm jealous of that shed! I've been removing crap from our attic room, which has been full for 13 years, but there's still loads in there and now I'm left with stuff I really don't want to throw out, but I don't know what to do with it. I need a shed too. :D

  7. I've never tried sushi, but that miso soup rings a few bells. I used to use miso all the time, but that seems ages ago now.

    Brilliant idea to make the shed portable! One can never have too much storage.