Sunday, January 3, 2016

grey winter wonderland!

it's a grey day but what a beautiful winter wonderland!

a good day for staying inside except for clearing cat paths, feeding birds, getting into the hottub and for jam to work on his contract.

yesterday we busted down a pumpkin and squash and roasted them to perfection. we'll make puree out of each and then can it all to have delicious hearty soups all winter. we also cooked our bag of frozen zucchini that we harvested over the summer and will puree and can that too. i also roasted all of the pumpkin/squash seeds and we had a feast on them watching netflix last night.

we had grilled shrimp, a piece of grilled pineapple, avocado salad and kimchi for dinner.

i planned to make a nice hearty stew for supper. jambaloney went and gathered our stored root vegetables for the stew. found this interestingly shaped, little purple haze carrot.


here's our supper of stew with kidney, stewing beef, carrots, potatoes, turnip, sqush, pumpkin, onion and pickled beets - it was delicious!

later this evening i will make a pate brisee pie crust (the only pie crust that i know of that does not use dairy) and i will make a delicious meat pie with the rest of the stew. i looove meat pie!

i haven't really been looking into breads/biscuits, etc. that you can make without dairy but i plan to look into it. if anyone has a good recipe for breads, flatbreads, biscuits, etc....can you leave a link in the comments section? it would be greatly appreciated and give me a place to start.

kids, i can't even begin to tell you how much better we feel by going off commercially-produced dairy! i wish we lived in a place where access to fresh from the cow/goat milk was available but we don't. i plan on ordering a water kefir set and see how we like that. does anyone make their own water kefir and if so, do you like it?

we've been enjoying our fresh-made juice every morning and we take a slug or two of chia fresca a couple of times a day. i still find it slimy and goopy but i force myself to get it down because it is so nutritious. jambaloney doesn't mind it at all.

anyway - off to make the pie crust in a few but first stopping in to hit up some blogs!


  1. That's a very interesting carrot you got there.

    so you should post your pumpkin soup recipe.

  2. we make these when people come for dinner, I dont use the butter to make the garlic butter, I use margarine. or as my sister does she uses extra olive oil and makes a paste of rosemary thyme and sea salt. and makes this same recipe. people think they are from a deli.

    I suppose you dont miss what you have never had. but chocolate is a problem. I have read so many ingredients lists on dark chocolate that seem to now be sneaking in milk or whey. you have to constantly be checking.

  3. sorry I forgot to put the link

    she also has a vegan section that has some nice things in.

  4. Having just returned from the sun in AZ to the rain here in the UK I'm still pleased we don't have snow! Happy New Year to you buddy!!

  5. This is a link to a youtube video that is probably the easiest bread recipe I have ever used. Dairy free and oh my is it delicious! It gets better the longer the dough ages in the refrigerator. You will not regret giving it a try. I cut the recipe in half and then make it a couple of times a week.

  6. No dairy in my no-knead bread.
    For pie crust you can always use lard instead of butter. I do half and half lard and butter but you can do all lard and its even tastier and flakier. Here is my method.

  7. Hope you guys had a great Christmas & New Year celebration! I have been getting a boatload of eggs from one of Hubby's employees who has chickens. I plan on making quiche(s) to freeze & actually was looking at the pate brisee pie crust recipe I found on Pinterest. I've had a couple of failures with Pinterest & was wondering if you could share your recipe?

  8. I gain weight just reading your blog!!!

  9. We haven't had any snow, just days and days of heavy rain. Finally it is more winterlike, with temps in the teens and no rain here.

    The kids came down and spent a week with us. They ran me ragged. I may never recover.

    Glad everything is Christmasy up there with the snow and all. I've always thought you had a great location for all the seasons.