Thursday, March 20, 2014

crawlspace horror - part 2

jambaloney here!

it is STILL frigging winter!

** update - it is 2 weeks later and we are seeing brown - i can't believe this post lingered that long - but we HAVE been busy - my bad!!**

we have been busy with fundraising and i have been working part time so i haven't been back under the crawlspace recently, but here is what i did a few weeks ago - (only 5 more of these babies  to go)!!

i did crawlspace part 1 - and outlined the footers i made ... here is a completed one!

just need to seal the ends...

end cut - this stuff is like breathing radiation, but it DOES keep the pt lumber sealed!

oh ya - here is the sewer pipe, duct-taped to the gray water pipe, sitting on a rock...

sewer pipe sitting on a crap of railway tie..

rusty iron bar keeping gray water pipe from sagging.... YES i wil get back to fix this stuff!

here they are taped together - notice bike stuff?? haven't ridden since i have been here - THAT will change!!!

so here is a bottle jack on a temporary footer in the first spot i wanted to support.. right in the middle of the kitchen..

here are the shovels i used to flatten the ground in the crawl space..

i jacked up the railway tie and then put my footer on the flattened ground and jacked that up - sorry - no pic on that - it was cramped and i spaced that step... you want to put the jack in the final spot to compress the ground where the final support will live BEFORE you put it in place... otherwise it will just sag again.. this is a 4 ton jack - plenty strong enough!

here is the jack back in the temporary place and the permanent footing ready for support..

so i jacked it up really high... and measured..

then went a cut an appropriate length of tamarak

which i nuded in place

if you read my previous post, you will know that the railway ties have "turned" a bit, hence the gap..

which i shimmed with low-grade ceder shingles - you can get a ton at home depot for 10 bucks - not so great for roofing - but nice wide shims!

the last pic looked crooked - hey this is 12-15 inches or crawl space - i did use a level..

so here is the finished product and the jack off to the next spot..

special added bonus - i slammed out a shelf for the greenhouse that day.. from discarded stuff i got in large garbage pickup...

this is for big plants...

all done!!

spring is on it's way..

cheers all!


  1. Good job Sir. Lots of work done and lots more to go.

    1. Hey rob buddy!

      Thanks and you are right - LOTS to go... teh snow has melted and all i see are jobs!!!


  2. That looks like a dirty uncomfortable job to say the least.

    1. oh it is pp it is - i am glad the snow is melting - excuse to work outside ;-))

      troutses for you in a month or less - cheers!!!

  3. Replies
    1. tnx stephen - hope you are well friend!!!!

  4. FIX the plumbing? The situations you showed are the kind of work that I SPECIALIZE in! lol

    1. gorges - so YOU are the guy that built this place!!!!!

      why i outta - LOL!

      hope you are having a good early spring!

  5. Jam, You never cease to amaze ! Your handiness is only met by Kymber's cooking skills ! Love to you both,

    1. Jane - you are too kind!

      But frankly, kymber wins...

      love back to you and yours!

  6. Jambaloney,

    We should call you Mr. Fixit, Bahahahahahaha!!!!
    You do wonderful things to recycled items. Kymber's going to be so happy with this new shelve you made for heavier plants.
    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    Your Friend,

    1. Sandy!

      you could call me mr "by the skin of his teeth" ;-)

      wait 'til you see the rest of the greenhouse shelves - it is all ready to go!!!

      hope you are having a fantastic spring!!!

  7. Interesting plumbing and structural supports on your house, I take it the former owner/builder was into DIY! Our house sits on a large slab of sandstone which lets the water gather into a big pool if we have a lot of rain, need to look at this one day but I have problems with crawling into confined spaces, plus my shoulders don't really fit through the manhole! Why do they make the hatches so small??, if i was building a house i would make double doors to get underneath the place.
    A plumber was under there a few years ago fixing the sewer pipe, said he was lying there and watched a big old Blue Tongue lizard stroll past him, grab a frog (we have lots in the garden and apparently under the house) and then keep going out the manhole. He couldn't stop talking about it.

    1. interesting??? wow you are one charitable guy ;-))

      more like SIUY (screw it up yourself)... i could add ALIFTNO (and leave it for the next owner)...

      but these are acronyms no-one has used yet!

      people are lazy - smaller holes require less work - no lizards here friend - cheers!

  8. You never cease to amaze me. I try to do as much as I can but honestly, there are times (like what you did) that I would just have to hire it out. Of course if you were down these parts, I'd hire YOU! Ha. Nice job.

    Glad/hope warm weather is coming for you soon!

    1. aww - you are making me blush ;-))))

      harder to hire out here and i would REALLY have to work hard to find someone to do this job - DIY gets 'er done... what i DO have is time - so i can allot some to the nasty stuff!

      cheers to you both!

  9. I certainly don't envy you working in a cramped crawlspace and what seems like an endless winter for you. But hang in there it will be worth it in the end.
    I like your new greenhouse to start your plants in for the garden. I'm sure K will come up with many home garden recipes from it!

    1. Hey mke!

      thanks - it is - the kitchen doesn't bounce as much!!!

      and spring IS here now - time to get ready to plant - the greenhouse will do us well!

      cheers to you!