Friday, December 6, 2013

a hodge-podge kind of post!

here's a beautiful, early sunrise!

the way the sun beams through the clouds and bounces off strachan's brook makes the brook and surrounding area look golden!

i finally got around to processing some of my carrots this week. when we harvested them, we threw them into boxes in the basement and left the tops on. so i sat outside watching jambaloney move heavy rocks and things and cut all of the tops off of the chantennay reds and napoli carrots.

 i still have to process our white icicles and purple haze carrots - but that is still a lot of orange carrots to get us through the winter - woohoo! to store the carrots i will roll them in newspaper and store them in boxes in the basement. they should last well into april stored that way.

we also harvested the rest of the potatoes. that's brown russets, irish cobblers and red chieftains!

remember to keep in mind that we have been harvesting and eating these babies since late august so we actually probably doubled what you see here. the great thing is - they keep forever and the small boxes of small potatoes in the front are all seed potatoes for next year!

we have a busy weekend coming up! tonight our volunteer fire department is starting a new game to raise money for our departments and community centres. the game is called "chase the ace" and it sounds really fun. one of the volunteer fire departments on the mainland was very successful - they ended up making over $600,000 which was then split in half with the winner.

here's how it works - you have to be at the hall in person or else you can't play. you have to buy at least 5 tickets for 5 dollars, or you can buy as many more as you want. then we sell tickets for the next 2 hours while you buy hotdogs and pop from us (teehee. we make additional money that way!). at 8pm a winning ticket is pulled. right off the bat, that person wins 30% of the take-in for the night. that person then gets to pick a card from the deck - if they pick the ace they win another 20%, making them win half the money that got taken in that night. if they don't pick the ace, the card gets thrown out and now we are down to 51 cards the following week. and so on and so on. the take-in money keeps rolling over to the following weeks until someone picks the ace. it's pretty fun and exciting and a great way to socialize for 2 hours every week! once the pot starts getting up into the thousands, then we'll be able to draw in people from all over the island who wouldn't normally come to our events. it's a great way for our vfd, community centres and churches to make money! so we'll be there tonight to serve coffee and tea, hopefully sell some hotdogs and just have fun!

jambaloney just went to our friend's farm to pick up a truck-load more of poop. he's also picking up our friend's son and girlfriend and bringing them back here to his mom's place, which is just next door. then he has to get all the poop off the truck before we go to the hall tonight.

tomorrow, we are having our friend's 2 boys and a girlfriend come over for the day to help get rocks from the beach to work on the driveway and fill in various trenches, as well as a bunch of other odd jobs to get us properly winterized. they are good kids and we really like having them around. jambaloney left right before lunch so i made sure to fill him up with good poop-shovelling food:

well that's it for this week's goings on at the Manor - i hope you all had a good week and i hope that you all have a great weekend!


  1. Nice haul on the tubers there.

    Too bad there isn't going to be some fish kissing action going on with the card drawing. Maybe you could write in a rule about anyone drawing a deuce or something having to kiss a fish? Ya gotta think out of the deck here and seriously go with this fish kissing idea. Trust me.

  2. Hope the game works well for the VFD. I envy you the taters!

  3. It's a good thing you had a couple of lazy days before you started all this. You'll need to be rested.

    That sounds like a fun game to play. I never win anything but I'd still give it shot!

  4. Your game sounds fund and I bet it does begin to draw a crowd when the money creeps up! Loving your tater harvest. I only planted sweet potatoes this year but will plant the regular ones late winter. My carrots did pretty well. I forgot how many quarts I canned. I will add them to soups and stews as needed. Not fortunate enough to have a cellar or basement so can't store those root veggies like you guys do. Even if I did have one we'd probably have to air condition it! hahahaha
    Hugs to you and jambaloney. Hope you have a great weekend. I was gonna tell the Marine you sent a kiss but he is napping.

  5. Gosh, even your freshly picked carrots look delicious ! I just love potatoes too !

  6. That game sounds fun but if I were participating I would sure be glad that someone else is keeping score. I can't add worth a darn. Vegies (both the carrots & potatoes - 2 of my favorite foods in all the world (cheese & ice cream a right behind)) - look great.

  7. Sweet Kymber,

    Now that's a nice harvest of carrots and potatoes. I love using newspaper to store veggies in a cooler place.

    Sounds like you both have a busy weekend. Were going to just relax. It's to cold here, I think a nice warm blanket and a book will be calling my name :-)

    Sending love to you both :-)
    Your Friend,

  8. Nice haul Gurlie with the potatoes and Carrots. I can smell then now steaming in some good ole beef stew.
    Game sounds fun..hope you guys raised a lot of money.
    You can also feel free to send those driveway helpers to our Carolina Estate and help re-do the driveway there...... just sayin...