Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

monday is Canadian Thanksgiving - Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian readers! so that means this is a long weekend up here in canada - woohoo! and it is going to be a long one as we have events all weekend - plus we went to our friend's daughter's 9th birthday yesterday. we were only there for about 3hrs but, suffice it to say, we are shell-shocked and traumatized! and there were only 6 nine yr olds there! talk about bushwhacked - we came home and flumped for the rest of the evening!

i know i am kind of going backwards and forwards but thursday was a gorgeous autumn day! we went down to the river and jam did some fishing just off the boat - i mean yacht - launch. he can't keep any trout and he's not trying to catch any - he just loves casting. i love sitting on the boat - i mean yacht - watching him.

it was a beautiful visit to the river but no dips!waaaay tooo cold!


here's some dinner from the other day - we love vietnamese spring rolls! these babies are stuffed with fresh mint, fresh thai basil and fresh cilantro - all from our garden. talk about kick-you-in-the-head delicious herbs!

here's a beautiful american mountain ash tree on our property - sooo beautiful!

our first spring/summer here, we thought it was dead but it came right back to life this year. we love it!

here's the last of our harvest of peppers. we are supposed to get close to a frost tonight and i didn't want to risk them. being that i have never grown a pepper in my life, i am pretty impressed with this last haul. i will be able to make a variety of sauces for jambaloney to get us through until next summer - that saves money - woohoo!

we had a busy day harvesting the last of the peppers, roasting a big, giant local pumpkin and making puree for pumpkin pies, roasting pumpkin seeds and getting in the last of our nasturtiums to dry. jambaloney did some more work on the greenhouse. here's a nice, light afternoon snack - cream cheese on smoked salmon, rolled up and stuffed into nasturtium flowers - so spicey - yummeh! with chives and fresh roasted pumpkin seeds on the side!

here's a close-up of the cream cheese/salmon stuffed nasturtiums - deelish!

and lastly, i had enough pumpkin puree for 2 pies plus a bunch left over. so i made soup.

this soup is made with a ton of garlic, a ton of ginger, some sweet onions, curry powder, chilies, homemade stock and cocunut milk - it is spicey as oh heck and we have been sweating buckets since we ate it!

tonight we have our last dance of the year - we are really looking forward to it! and then tomorrow we are having thanksgiving dinner with our framboise family, and then monday we are having thanksgiving dinner with our fourchu family. it's going to be awesome! can you say turkey, smashed and gravey? i know that you can! and you know that i am going to gain 30lbs this weekend - bahahahahah! we are making a pumpkin pie to bring to each dinner - i sure hope the pies turn out. cross your fingers for me eh?

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all of you! this is our very favourite holiday of the year...and we have much to be thankful for! not the least of which is having really good friends who always have your back!


  1. There are those funky cool boots I just love! Gurlie-- with all those screaming 9 yr old girls, now you see what I have boys. : ) No hair to comb every morning, or stressing over clothes, no boy issues, or a wedding to pay for....

    Spring rolls look delish, just saw a recipe last night for Cabbage Rolls I want to try on the family, but not sure how they will react. They don't usually like to stray away from all the usuals...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! and Enjoy your weekend.

  2. We had my family Thanksgiving pot luck today. I'm stuffed. lol We have been invited to our nephew's for dinner tomorrow, and I hope I won't over do it again! Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

  3. Next time you make some of those salmon/cream cheese rolls stuffed into those blossoms, put me on the mailing list! They might cross paths with my salmon cakes!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Love your boots! :-) Have a nice holiday!

  5. My wife loves the boots, I think you're a dork.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you! You know, when our Thanksgiving comes around here next month, we'll be thankful for wonderful blogger friends like you. :-)

  7. Sweet Kymber,

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Autumn!!!!! I so love your pictures, you can see Autumn in bloom there.

    Sexy Mama, those are cute boots!!!! Yours are pretty, mine........well there plain old black :-( Don't those boots come in handy when working around water (river or rainy weather). There also awesome when working in the garden too.

    Your Vietnamese spring rolls look so inviting, there one of my favorites............I love them because there filling but yet lite at the same time. I guess that depends on what you put inside.

    You and I must have been thinking the same thing regarding soup. I had extra squash, and well I made a nice squash soup and as a side made a homemade cheese bread. It was a success with Bulldog Man!!!! Will you have enough of your homemade soup to can a little for later in the year?

    So much to do today, and having rain just does not help. Have a wonderful Monday, sending love to you and the Jam man. Oh, before I leave is Jambaloney fishing in the boot picture?? Tell him to share the fish if he is, lol........... and not with the tax man either!!!!!

    Your Friend,

  8. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you ! The Spring rolls look absolutely amazing. I hope you are both happy and calm in your Nova Scotian paradise. Fondly,

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Kymber,man you two eat well!Love the spring rolls and the salmon-stuffed flowers.

  10. You know, I read your blog and look at the pictures, then I go back and look at the pictures again. There's just something restful about your blog. Another thing, you two always seem to be having a good time and you're cheerful.

    I like to visit the Manor.

  11. I wish the UK would celebrate Thanksgiving, we obviously haven't got anything to be thankful about!