Monday, October 7, 2013

a break from chores >> built something for myself, yo!

jambaloney here!

first off - last trout trip of the season was with sweet sandy and her dad!  nice morning sky!!!

the water was still as could be!!

after stephen and i saw those huge ripples, i thought we would try some larger lures...

and of course heavier tackle - i have 5 spinning rods and reels - this is the heaviest rig...  rod good up to 20 lb test line.. this reel is currently spooled with 12 lb test..

light on the left, heavy on the right - off we go!!

alas - no big ripples today - just glass ;-))

and our bald eagle - normally we can't get this close!!

here is a better view:

like i - a beautiful morning!!!

sandy's dad bagged this 12 incher!!!!

stunning day upstream!!!

on our way back - we had a blast!

the day's catch, promptly seized by the trout tax-man... pioneer preppy!

back to work... here is the tool pail i have been using - it works and keep stuff in one place, but it is a bit small and stuffy:

i have always wanted an old-fashioned wood toolbox.. i had some 3/4 " plywood scraps and the wood handle from a broken plastic snow shovel... so i cut the plywood up...

got some re-enforcing scraps.. here is 1x2 for the bottom which will take the most weight... and glue... gorilla wood glue..

here i have clamped the 1x2 on the bottom of one of the side and screwed it in

the ends need re-enforcement for the handle too.... sections of 1x3:

here the re-enforcement sections in place and a 1 1/2" Irwin speed bore bit to drill holes for the handle...

EPIC FAIL!!! the speedbore demolished the 1x3 !!!!!!

solution??? drill holes in the 1x3 first - THEN cut the sections!!!

just to be safe, drill pilot holes too!

okay back to the construction... the best way to line up the holes is to use the handle ;-) glue and scew!

on a flat surface, glue and screw the ends to one side...

and the other side goes on, followed by the middle divider and 1x2s for the end re-enforcement...

now we are ready for the bottom. the bottom covers everything in the above picture... LOTS of glue and the 1x2s get additional screws and will prevent shear forces from ripping the bottom off!

done like dinner - a truck of a tool box... and yes, heavy as sin!!

but wait - i need places to put screwdrivers... that is what pvc is for!  i had some sections left over from the basement door hack...

which i screwed to the inside of the new toolbox..

taped a couple with gorilla tape for pens/pencils...

and added some smaller ones for smaller tools - voila!!!

oh yeah - to keep the handle from sliding out - a small screw on both ends does the trick!!!

(almost) finished product - i am going to put a narrow shelf on the side opposite the pvc tubes - yes this is HEAVY, but it is really more of a mobile workbench that a toolbox - once i take it somewhere - it gets plunked down - it will be easier to get what i need from this than from the bucket, after only 3 hours effort, i am pleased - this will work out just fine!!!!

sky on fire the other night....

cheers all!!!


  1. wow....I never seen such a thing!!!!!!! Great job of building something for yourself....Is it invisible?

  2. Wonderful photos of the lake. You do realize that kymber will never be able to lift, push or pull that tool box. Maybe with a team of sled dogs Bhahaha. Sorry Ms. K.

    1. thansk rob!

      yeah - kymber tried to lift the thing loaded - it was a no-go!

      i might put it on the garden cart for transportation ;-)

      hope you are well and ready for your Minnesota winter!

  3. Very nice job. You and truly surrounded by beauty there, and that's before either of you look at each other ! Fondly,

    1. thanks jane!

      we really are and that is a very sweet thing to say so thank you again!!!

      all my best to you!

  4. I gotta go with Rob on the Lake photos. That mirrored glass effect is awesome. Something else I realized.... you guys have no haze in the air. Where I live its a natural effect but gets thick enough to choke a person in the late summer.

    Great job.

    1. hey matt buddy!

      it is a great effect when the wind is at zero - which is at sunrise and sometimes sunset on select days. there is NO haze here - the air is clear and you can really tell the difference - Ottawa had smog warnings a lot of times in the morning... we are real lucky that way!

      you have a great day!!!

  5. That tool box rocks!! Love it. The lake is beautiful too. Color me jealous!

    1. okay -- but id don't have paint that color ;-))

      the toolbox does rock and weighs as much as one ;-))

      best wishes to you both!

  6. Like the tool box. I like doing projects like that.

    1. hey duke!

      yeah - making something like a toolbox is a great break form mundane tasks!

      keep it real like you always do!

  7. I'm convinced that no matter what size toolbox I have, I'll always make half a dozen trips back to the garage to get the tools I forgot. Murphy's Law. For outside projects, I've thought about getting one of those big wheeled pull wagons similar to the Radio Flyers but with mesh sides and bottoms and convert that into a toolbox I can pull around outside. I would still need to make a half dozen trips back to the garage...

    1. hey ed!!

      you want one of these:

      i let the sides of our rust but salvaged the bottom - i need to make a larger box for it and will probably use it as a mobile workstation... but i agree, there is always SOMETHING in the basement i have to go back for!!!

      cheers to you!

  8. Jambaloney,

    Dad said thank you for the amazing day out on the lake fishing. He enjoyed himself out fishing with you :-)

    PP, needs to stop taking ........taxing the fish!!!!

    The skies up here are just beautiful, I just love the vibrant colors on every sunrise and sunset.

    Very talented my friend, you've made a great looking tool box. Have you considered making these and selling them?

    Your Friend
    P.S. Sending hugs to you both.

    1. sweet sandy:

      i am glad your dad had a great time - i know you did!

      can't do a thing about the tax man - you know how it is!!!

      our sunrises and sunsets are the best - especially because the colours change!!!

      you are too kind - i might be able to sell them in the city, but out here not much of a market and they would be too expensive to ship!

      your friend,

  9. That water was mirror perfect. I totally dig the tool box. I am sure Kymber will no have problem lifting it....

    1. JUGM

      it was a sweet morning on the lake - fishing is over this year, but you are up to bad next spring! kymber can't lift it - it really is heavy ;-)

      cheers to you !!!

  10. I think you need a pull handle and wheels (large ones, like for a car), but I do like the toolbox.
    The glass waters looked great, I wouldn't have cared if there were fish or not, but that's always a bonus!

    1. hey max!

      i am thinking of taking the seat off the ATV and calling it a day ;-))

      fish or not - it is picture perfect out there - i will take you next spring !


  11. You folks live in a really beautiful place. It looks so peaceful.

    1. hey har..

      it is really peaceful - the nights have been windless lately - we sit on our rockers out front, watch the sun go down and just listen..

      you take care my friend!

  12. Another pic of some damned good looking Trout. Food of the Gods.

    And that's a damned fine looking tool box as well. Thats Funny I checked for this post all last night and this morning guess you got it up after I went out to work around the place.

    Blame kymber :)

    1. now you are calling yourself a god? i though tax man would be enough power for you!

      i posted the title by accident when i was working on it - my bad!

      blame canada ;-))

      cheers pal!

  13. Replies
    1. it is pretty stunning!

      come visit sometime warlock - the love the hogs on this island - you would fit right in ;-))