Monday, January 14, 2013

what a gorgeous day - this day definitely was memorialized in the gratitude jar!

we had such a gorgeous day yesterday...and i think i overdosed on vitamin D which is why i have been up all night and not able to sleep...have a look:


 and here is out front:

 (both of these pics were taken for my beautiful, sweet sister Helga. and for a few of my other blogger gurl-friends - you all know who you are!)

by noon yesterday, it was so sunny and clear, even tho jambaloney was working on fixing the basement door and i was busy making roast and all of the fixin's...i decided it was "down tools" time and time for us to go and make some vitamin D. jambaloney cleared off the front deck, layed down the black blankets that our movers forgot, and we promptly stripped down to nekkid and suntanned for 2 full hours - it was glorious!!! the temp was about 6-7C (which is close to 40-45F, i think) but with no wind and no breeze it was a beautiful suntanning day! imagine - in the middle of january. suntanning nekkid?!?!!?!?!? oh thank you Lord for such a nice treat! jambaloney of course fell asleep - he always does when we are nekkid suntanning! i just kept praising the Lord and enjoying the sounds of the birds and the is so quiet here, it is breathtaking!

as usual, much good food has been enjoyed at the Manor since i last wrote. here's some deelishous french toast with maple syrup that jambaloney's step-dad makes....the best maple syrup on the planet, i might add. and some defrosted frozen blueberries that jambaloney picked last summer at our friend's blueberry patch. they are some seriously deelishous berries!

and of course, some more cabbage rolls with tons of sauerkraut. i love cabbage rolls and can eat them for 6 or 7 days in a row. jambaloney is less interested after 3 straight days - bahahahahah! but not me!

this pic is for my friend Mystic Mud - it was a gorgeous, balmy evening and a sliver of a moon was shining between the trees. i tried to get a pic from the hottub, and showing the hottub, but the steam from the hottub blurred the pic.

so i actually had to get out of the hottub in order to get the pic. i know that she appreciates my freezing my butt off!

here's a yummy steak that jambaloney cooked up on the bbq for us. that's his and still bleeding. i like mine to be cooked to the consistency of old combat boots. some grilled peppers and onions, a sprout salad and some apple round out the meal.

yummy bean salad with sprouts - we love bean salad! with olive oil, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), lemon and crushed garlic as the dressing - so filling and so delishous!

with my leftover steak we made wraps. i like mine with cheese, steak, avocado, grilled onions and peppers...and of course...tons of sour cream.

jambaloney likes to pile his up with cheese, avocado, tomatoe, onion, cheese and hot peppers and then heat the whole thing in the oven.

is there anything on the planet that is better than fresh sheets, pillow cases and blankets on the bed? we think not. we have been moaning and groaning for the past 2 nights while climbing into the monster Framboise Manor bed. and no, i DO NOT iron our bedding.

here's some home-made, from scratch macaroni and cheese with bean salad - a to die for meal. my friend, JUGM, also makes a mean mac and cheese!

and of course, the weekly roast. if i don't have my roast and smashed potatoes with gravey once a week..i get a little...well...cranky! i love roast and smashed! and gravey - oh i love gravey!

this last pic is for Winston. he is always sending emails asking about Mankley, Frankly, Frankie Blue Eyes...our newest member of the family. Winston is sweet like that.

anyway Winston, Mankly Frankly is still eating 246 cans of food a day, has gained about 49lbs, and loves to show off how long he can stretch on the poles out in the yard.

it is 5 to 8 in the am...i have been up all night...jambaloney and all of the cats are friend Stephen is still awake...and probably Jane too....i hope that wherever all of you are, that a beautiful day is dawning. and i hope that you all have a wonderful day! (gosh i hope it is as sunny and warm today as it was yesterday! if so, it will be another "down tools" and let's get more vitamin D day. although, like i said earlier, i think i overdosed yesterday.)


  1. Good morning, kymber. It sounds like you had an amazing day. Where did all of your snow go? It's too early for spring!

  2. Wow lucky you, sunbathing!! It's snowing here! Damn. I'm counting the days until we can get to AZ for some sun. Mind you I won't be sunbathing naked. Don't want to scare the neighbours! :D

  3. Sunbathing sounds wonderful! I'm afraid neighbors would run screeching and becoming blinded if I did that LOL! The smell of fresh sheets ahh, what a wonderful deep sleep they always give. I think I smell your cooking! Makes my mouth water

  4. Hey Sweet Kymber,

    I've been in your shoes numerous times of the last couple of months, not able to sleep. Recently hubby changed his work shift, I sleep now but I'm up at 3AM every morning :-(

    Thank you for the beautiful sky pictures :-)

    I'm surprised you're not freezing your butt off totally naked sun bathing! Getting Vitamin D in the winter is a really good thing for one's health.

    Just looking at your pictures of amazing food is making me hungry, damn now I have to find a napking to wipe the drool off my lip, lol.
    I'm happy to hear you and Jam are doing well and keeping busy up on the Manor.
    Have a blessed day!
    Your Friend,

  5. hmm, it is apparent that you two don't like clothing of any sort

    and if you could do away without any anytime or anywhere....

    that and lots of good food

    am living the wrong life


  6. Hey hon - That's one incredible blue, blue sky for January ... lovely to look at but even better to be enjoying it as you can. Thanks for the cheer up as our dull grey days are getting to me.

    Good food and sunshine - life is good at the Manor ! Sleep well tonight sis. Email coming by tomorrow - I'm a bit sluggish these days

    Love you always, forever and a day!

  7. It is absolutely beautiful, as is all the food !
    I was indeed awake, following an overnight trip to the emergency room with asthma ! It was a challenging day, but I hope I am on the mend. Funny that I never have asthma in Nova Scotia ! Love to you both.

  8. Wowie! Not a cloud in the sky. Beautiful! You 2 should never have a vitamin D deficiency. lol

    I feel kind of envious of your privacy. Life on the island sounds good :-)

  9. Greetings Friends it is I, the Rat. Long time no hear. Glad all is well at the Manor! Mrs. Rat and I are celebrating 19 years together today. Stayed home, the weather sucks. We are old. Much love, the rat

  10. The blue sky is incredible, breathtaking.

    I am with you on the overdone, dried-out steak--my favorite and love it.

    In January of 1981 I sunbathed and had a tan before the end of the month. It was incredibly warm, around 65 F degrees. (around 12 C, I think) I did not suntan buck-nekkid, but I did wear a skimpy black suit with lots of strings. I have very close neighbors on 1/3 acre lot.

    Now, I want gravy!

  11. We want to be you when we grow up, LOL!

  12. AW, so sweet of you to share your big beautiful bowl of hot water with know I would kill to be sitting in that thing right now, don't you?? Would all 500 of us fit in it, or should I leave a few of the kids at home?? know those feral naked five year olds would be peeing in it, so I won't be bringing them!! One of these days I'm going to have my own big bowl of hot water up here on the mountaintop...and I'm going to dig, or make Columbus dig me, rather, a mote around it with kid eating monkeys habitating all around!

    I love your big bed.....that is like a "family bed" on steroids!! We have a king, yes, just ONE single king, and I wake up with four little kids in bed with me every morning. I can't move left, or right, or stretch out my legs because they have all come and dogpiled on me....but even if we had your big bed they would still end up ON me, so I guess it would be a waste of space, eh? I have to ask...did someone ask you if you iron your bedding?? That is weird, WHY would a person iron bedding??

    Thanks for the is beautiful and maybe one day I will get to see it for reals, and if I do I promise not to pee in your hot tub ;) xo to you and your mam :)

  13. Awww French toast, Tbones, and Roast..right up my alley. Glad you had a wonderful day...and the bed looks so comfy and warm..makes me want to jump right in and snuggle with Senior.