Saturday, January 12, 2013

another trench update - imagine that!

jambaloney here!

this is the final episode of the trench this season. theses pics go back about a month and change - we are in a holding pattern with the trench now - working VERY well, here's why...

first off... helga - this was the last spooky sky pic i could get out front - early december - enjoy! ;-)

ooohhhhhh - look  - are those drainpipes?? why yes - yes they are!!!

and this is free rounded gravel/stone  i got @ morrison's beach ...

and here it is in the bottom of the trench!!

all 70 feet of it ;-)

next up:  lay the pipe!!! this was waaaaay easier than digging  - hah!

now for the trickier part - first we need some of the rocks that were a byproduct of the trench.. i picked medium sized rocks...

back to the lobster crate... i mean drain pit in the basement (see last post).. that small section of pipe sticking in at the top....

comes out here!!!!

here is all 70 feet of pipe looking out and down... THIS was the reason i dug the trench on the first place ;-))

back in the basement, i filled in the area around the drain pit with med sized rocks so there is a lot of room for the water to leach in...

i had to add another cart of them...

then i used the rest of the free beach stones to fill in the top and level the basement "floor"...

here is the beginning dirt on the pipe right by teh foundation..

here is the gravel i excavated from the basement by digging the drain pan hole - it will be used later - you'll see!

here is the pipe part way buried - it took a few days to fill in the trench..

THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT - a day and a half after a major rain, there is still a small trickle of runoff - the basement is much drier and the sump pump hasn't come on for 2 months now - success!!!

here it is all buried except for the last 2 feet..

up by the house - the trench looks like it did a year ago...

and here is the sump hose and the gray-water hose lying on top of a much shallower trench. i am going to let the winter settle the soil, adjust the downward angle and fill the rest with beach stones, then rocks, then beach stone to level it off. this will yield an old-fashioned French drain that all surface runoff can be diverted to... 2 mints in one!!

other angle for the above shot - you probably get the picture by now ;-))

leftover rocks for spring - time to say "bye" to the trench 'til spring - huzzah!!!

we have new visitors this winter - evening grosbeaks - they are like big goldfinches - always a treat to see a new species @ the feeder!!

cheers all, thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Well done, my friend, well done.

    1. thanks Stephen!!

      I hope you aren't too bored by the constant trench posts ;-)


  2. Replies
    1. Hey flier - thanks for the shout out - i will admit i am pleased with the result ..

      hope you are well - cheers!

  3. Jambaloney,

    You've worked your butt off digging this trench and preparing it, good job my friend!!! You should be a plumber :-)

    The sky picture is just totally awesome, I love the sky up there.

    Give Kymber a big hug from your OK friends,

    Your Friend

    1. Wow! I can't wait to see how well it works. A dry cellar is a beauty to behold!

    2. hey sandy - you have to remember- i haven't been working of it full time, still a big job though ;-)

      so glad you like the sky - it really is as awesome as it looks!!!

      i have passed your hug along - hope all is well in OK!

      your friend,

    3. hey there sue!

      a dry cellar is indeed a beautiful thing, as you well know ;-)

      cheers and all our best!

  4. Yes, but when can we expect "Trench - on DVD! (with directors cut)"?

    1. hey brigid!!

      hahahaha - too funny!! DVDs are a bit yesterday, maybe i could get it on youtube are even netflix!!

      cheers to you!

  5. Huzzah is an understatement - that trench is river deep, mountain high, as the song goes ! It couldn't have been easy on your back with all the digging, lugging rocks, and so on. Geez, you gotta look like the Hulk by now. Bahahahah ! Really good job though.

    I see my mole sister sitting on the deck relaxing - chuckle ! Thanks for the sky pic and it doesn't even look cold for winter. The new birds are beautiful by the way.

    Love to you both ... xoxoxo

    1. helga!!

      it WAS river deep and a mountain high, now it is a creek and a hill - thank god!

      it was a pretty good workout - a couple of t-shirts are a bit tight now - haha! yeah - kymber was having a read that one day ;-))

      winter has been good - glad you liked the sky, we had 30+ grosbeaks today ..

      love back to you!

  6. Jam, I now feel guilty. I have been whining about my back and asthma this week as we use the big auger to drill holes to place heavy corner posts, and then episodic posts for fencing. My eldest son, my daughter's boyfriend and I have been working on it, and it's going well. It's NOTHING compared to digging a seventy foot trench by hand and then readying it for drainage ! Good job.

    1. jane - sorry about your back and asthma - hope you are feeling better now!

      don't feel guilty - i have dug fence posts - that is a nasty nasty job!! sometimes wielding heavy equipment is as physically taxing as doing it by hand..

      and i doubt you will take a year and a half ;-))

      thanks for the kudos and cheers!

  7. Jambalony, I am so proud that you finished! So many in our neck of the woods start projects only to finish them 5 - 10 years later, after much damage is done, if they ever finish them at all.

    As others have said ... Well done!

    1. thanks DFW!

      there was a major benefit to me personally - no worrying about basement floods - so that kept me focused.

      now i worry about 1 less thing and i sleep better ;-)

  8. That's an amazing amount of work you did, Jambalony.

    1. hey practical parsimony!

      remember it was spread over a year and a half - noothing liek pacing yourself!!

      thanks and thanks for stopping by, hope you are well!

  9. If you have the time, using rain and natural settling is a lot easier than tamping. I don't see any primer on the pipe (it usually shows up as purple), but as it is all unpressurized pipe it shouldn't make a difference.

    1. hey russell!

      you found me out!! i have used the rain and natural settling while digging the trench throughout - the rain is especially good at clearing out the silt. i didn't glue the pipes, they fit snug, the clay soil will keep them together - no pressure - no worries!


  10. Replies
    1. Gorges!

      always a pleasure - things ARE working out - i hope the same for you!!

  11. so now the gators in the basement suffer to a dry spell


    1. wildflower...

      after i made it under the footing of the basement, the gators moved out... sad to see them go but you know that it had to be done...


    2. so are they in your hot tub?


    3. i think they swam south for the winter ;-)