Tuesday, January 3, 2012

oh what a night!

we rang in the New Year and had such an awesome time with our friends! i had 4 glasses of wine in the fancy new glass that the bar bought for me - woohoo! no more bringing my own wine glass down to the hall!

oh where to start? during the day, jambaloney was out weather-proofing the porch (pics coming soon - i promise!). out of nowhere, M (22) and N (15), our neighbour E's sons, show up un-announced (they cut through the woods between our houses) with a delicious turkey meat pie! i was up to my eyeballs making bread to bring with the chili, jambaloney was dangling off of the roof and neither one of us had eaten yet. i took the meatpie and put it in the oven pronto and in 25 minutes we were eating like kings - how thoughtful!

after we finished eating, i called E to say thank you. she was very gracious as usual, we talked about meeting up at the dance that night...and then she invited us to her family get-together the next day - can you believe it? and that night, at the dance, all of her family knew that we were invited to the get-together - all of them! and they were excited that we were coming! it was such an awesome feeling!

we got down to the dance and hooked up with our favourite friends at the head table as usual...and then made the rounds around the hall. it took an hour to stop by and greet and hug and kiss everyone! when we were finally able to sit down with our usual crew, too many good songs were playing and so we had to dance with everyone. jambaloney looked incredibly delicious and all of the ladies enjoyed dancing with him. he makes my heart swell, he does.

we had such a great time with all of our friends. we danced all night. we didn't leave until 3am! the last hour was spent holding my friend S and E's hands as we talked about all of the things that we will do in 2012!

we have fallen so in love with these people here...and it seems that they have fallen in love with us - we really can't believe it!

the next day, i will admit, we were dragging our butts a bit. but we headed over to E's and a house full of her family. oh it was such fun! and she put on such a nice spread! and we spent time with all of her crazy family. and her Mother, V, who is the Matriarch of our community, made such a big deal about jambaloney's oatmeal cookies - but what can i say? his cookies really were to die for!!!

we have really become a real part of this community and in such a short time. we can't believe our good fortune?!?!?! we feel like the luckiest people on earth!

we rang in 2012 with a bang that night and a bang the next day. we have been flumping around for the past 2 days - we are really wore out!

and loving every minute of it!

we hope 2012 is going to be wonderful for all of you. it is only 3 days in to 2012 and yet we feel like we are living a dream - how lovely eh? we are so happy right now. we are so grateful and thankful. there is much to be done this year. and we are sooo up for the task!


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us, We all are truly bless by getting to know the both of you and the loving community where you live.

  2. Your weekend was surely full of fun and good times. I am glad to hear there were no punches throw! You have a glass of your own???

  3. What a wonderful neighborhood(loosely used in your remoteness) that you have Kymber! I am so glad you have put down roots and that you and your handsome husband are becoming part of the community. Of course he can cook delicious cookies...real men can cook!!

    I look forward to the photos and love hearing of your simply happy life up north!!



  4. Sounds like a lot of fun, I have felt like a slug the last few days, trying to enjoy the holidays.
    Oh well time to get back to the grind.

  5. So much for running around in the buff with people coming around through the woods unannounced. HAHA
    Sounds like you had a great time. I wished my community was more like that.

  6. I was thinking the same as Modern Day Redneck, so were you both butt naked when the pie arrived! :D

    Anyway I'm so glad you've made so many friends and have been made to feel so part of the community so quickly.

    You sound so cheerful!! Did I wish you a Happy New Year yet??

  7. How wonderful that you have been embraced by your community! You and you honey seem like very loving,kind people,so it doesn't surprise me :) We had a very quiet New Years here.Glad you had a ball!!!

  8. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us ...

    Happy for your Happiness !!!! xoxoxo

  9. I'm glad you two had such a good time; you both deserve it!

  10. Oh what a night, late December back in '63 what a very special time for me.......Hmmmm, could be a song.

  11. Man, Canadians are really friendly.

  12. I was only seven in 63. And, what is it about Canadians, that they always want to run around in the buff??? Course, it would be quite the distraction for a home intruder. Gives you enough time to get the drop on them. And how do you carry concealed, if in the buff? Ankle holster?

    Enough, I'm so glad that you all had a good time. And it is nice to belong to a great community.

  13. Welcome to the new year folks, and it sounds like your having a real good beginning and i hope that it continues for the both of you. I'm back and running myself, well I'm walking really but at least I'm still moving, right! Richard

  14. Flier389, I was young as well.