Friday, January 6, 2012

comments, doves and plastic

hey guys and gals - i am sorry that i haven't responded to your comments on our last 2 posts! so sorry about that! we really appreciate it when you all leave comments - and they are always positive and funny and we just want you to know how much we appreciate your taking the time out of your busy days to stop in and visit with us!

i have tried to ensure that i made a stop by all of your blogs to wish you the very best in 2012. if i missed anyone - i am terribly sorry.

anyway - this is just a quick post as we are heading to our friends' C and B's for cabbage rolls - yummeh!

but have a peek at our gaggle of doves. they arrive several times a day to eat as do bluejays, goldfinches, junkos and chickadees. for any bird people out there - i read an interesting tidbit a few years ago that i have never forgotten. apparently birds have a harder time finding drinking and bathing water than they do trying to find food in the winter. so we always make sure that the birds have sufficient clean water for drinking and bathing. yes, our bird feeder is a falling-apart old coffee table!

and here's a sneak peek at the upcoming porch saga...yep - wrapped in plastic and tire inserts from our tire gardens used to make it less noisy. works like a charm!

i will go in and post responses to your comments on the last 2 posts later tonight (depending on how late we are out) or tomorrow! have a great day everyone!


  1. My immediate response to the tire inserts between the plastic walls..."OH,CLEVER"... sigh, scared the cats.
    Belated Happy New Year!

  2. You have more snow on the ground then most of the upper Midwest of the U.S. Porch looks good.

  3. Almost 70 degrees here today... In January of course that isn't unheard of but rare. You have more snow than we have seen all Winter so far. Have fun at the friends house.

  4. Whoo Hoo, I am forwarding these pictures to 'Home and Garden' magazine. Step aside Martha Stewart.

  5. So, you have two layers of plastic? I kept hearing something the other night...plastic over a table, blowing in the wind.That must have been racket at your house. Can you tell that the enclosing of the porch has kept the house warmer? Less drafty?

  6. clever to reduce the noise. I think it is important to feed the critters as someday they may be feeding you :)

    All is well, take care, snuggle lots~ and when you can you will have time.



  7. nice porch! I love the tire clever. as always I am showing the snow pics to the boys.... as always..stay warm and cozy up there!

  8. Wow - I love your blog, I love that you came and read my entire blog, and I love that you left a bazillion great comments, and now I think I may be in love with you man too;) Just kidding, I have my own man, but you do make your man sound pretty great!! And that pic of you in the dress with bunny ears - priceless!! Anyway, I can't wait to go finish reading your blog!

  9. I don't BELIEVE those tires on the porch - what a gas. I nearly fell off my chair - at first I thought they were speakers and you both had completely lost it!

    As usually the birds are responding to your generosity and caring.

    Waiting for the full meal deal of the porch. Glad you are having fun with the folks out there.

    Lots of love to you both Mum

  10. Elizabeth - stop scaring those cats - bahahah! and a Happy Belated New Year to you, too!

    Rob - most of that snow has melted! that's the great thing about the weather here...we'll get snow but it doesn't last very long!

    PioneerP - thanks - we had a wonderful time at our friends' house...and ate like fools!

    Duke, Sir, always the gentleman are you! poor Martha would faint if she saw this porch - bahahahah!

    PracticalP - as you know we get a lot of wind here. but the tire inserts really cut out the majority of the noise - now it is just like faint rustling. and hey - i will live with any noise to get the coats and boots out of the kitchen! and the house is definitely less drafty - we had a cat door in the kitchen door that was letting in a ton of cold. when we enclosed the porch we put in 2 cat doors at each end and the cat door in the kitchen is no longer letting in all the cold. it is working out wonderfully!

    Jen - if worse came to worse we could eat all of the little critters around here! for now, we will keep fattening them up by feeding them - bahahaha! i have never eaten a dove but i am sure i would enjoy one if need be! lots of love always to you and the gang at the Double Nickel Farm!

    JUGM - thanks for that! we'll be much warmer this year as jambaloney has finished putting in the insulation, plugging holes and laying moisture barrier plastic in the basement and attic and crawlspace - we are already noticing a big difference!

    Mystic Mud - i love YOUR blog and so enjoyed reading all of your posts! oh and i love your man, too, so i guess that makes us even! i recommend your blog to anyone reading these comments! what you, your gorgeous man and 10 beautiful children are doing is absolutely amazing - you are living such an adventure! and i am really glad that you are sharing it with all of us!

    Liz/Mum - bahahahahah! you know jambaloney - always finding a use for something! he has been wondering what to do with those tire inserts since we first started tire gardening back in the city. you should have seen the look on his face when he came up with idea to use them on the porch! it's pretty ghetto but works wonders. and i have just gotten used to looking at them!

    as you know - we love the birds! they provide such entertainment for hours. we love watching them!

    details on the porch coming soon! lots of love back to you and Ted!

    thanks to everyone who stopped by!