Wednesday, September 14, 2011

most people talk about "Bugging Out" - well we "Bugged Out"!!!

hello and welcome to our blog.

to begin - i would like to explain that this blog is firstly a chronicle for US. we want to record our daily thoughts, projects, ideas and works here. but this blog can also serve as a vehicle to share what we are doing with all of our friends and family. but, please keep in mind, that first and foremost, this is our daily chronicle. we welcome all comments, whether positive or negative, but we do not want to write for an audience. we wish to record this chronicle simply for ourselves.

allrighty, now that all of that has been explained, please re-read the paragraph above to fully understand our position (teehee).

on to much better and more important things. we BUGGED OUT. after years of learning about survivalism (firstly from Mr. Saxon (we will never be able to thank you enough for teaching us about tire gardening!), from Riverwalker, the most amazing survivalist, at Stealth Survival (thank you RW for all of your advice and help!), from Mr. Rawles' awesome website: and many others), and learning about food storage and growing your own food, etc. from jambaloney's Mom and Stepdad (thank you for all of the books and info that you gave us! and thank you for coming here and planting veggies and building decks and digging trenches!), and from all of the incredible info that we have gotten from our Uncle Gerald about a vast myriad of subjects (and thank you for all of the books! and amazing talks!), and from our involvement with the incredibly helpful people at the Canadian Preppers Network, the American Preppers Network , the American Preppers Network Forum, and other like-minded preppers (such as Patrice at Rural Revolution ), we finally found ourselves in a position to BUG OUT.

some of the circumstances surrounding that decision were our own choice and some of it was foisted on us. during that incredibly difficult time, we felt that the control that we had in our lives was disappearing at an incredible rate. so we made the jump, left lucrative careers in the city and BUGGED OUT!

we spent about 2 months getting our old house staged and then sold it to the first people who came to our first open house. yes, that's right - we had no real estate agent. however, those first people wanted the house immediately. they wanted it for December 2nd. so we bought a 30yr old camper-van (1980 Chevy Vandura - many pics to come!) to transport ourselves, some of our belongings and 2 cats over 1,000miles (1,600kms). in December. during some of the worst storms and worst winter that no old timers here have ever seen. yada-yada.

we got to our BUG-OUT location, BOL if you will, and it was then that we remembered that is was a 3-season cottage. oops. oh ya - and the beautiful and incredible "Manor" that we remembered, the "Estate", turned out to be a ramshackle little 3-season cottage! and we landed here in an antique van! i will tell more about the details of getting here later as just thinking about it makes my blood boil!

anyway - we are here! we have completely changed our lives and our outlook on life! we no longer worry about when TSHTF because we feel much safer here on our almost 10 acres. we have spent the last 9 months trying to put this place together so that we can live comfortably.

a big thank you goes out to our friends jimmy and barb - we bought this place 2 years ago and they have done an incredible job of taking care of it for us. jimmy ripped out the entire bathroom and replaced it, put in a huge picture window in our living room, replaced the window in the bathroom, installed a new water heater, built us a deck and most importantly - built us a 1000 ft road down to our waterfront on the river. barb helped with all of those jobs but most importantly, painted the entire house for us and made it beautiful. she also added many sweet touches and accents so that when we landed here, the crappy little house was at least pleasing to the eye. we can never thank our friends jimmy and barb enough for all that they have done for us.

continuing on in this long drawn out post - you can expect many updates in future posts. i love taking pictures. and have learned from my new friend Arsenius how to add a bunch of pics in the header and down the sides of the blog. and i have learned from my new friend Stephen that it's okay to put up recipes! expect many recipes with pics to come!

this blog is for me and jambaloney. it is to document our life as we are living it. we welcome everyone's advice and opinions. to our old friends at the CPN and APN - we welcome you and hope that you understand the hows and whys of why we disappeared the way that we did, and we hope that you understand that our current lifestyle and situation does not allow the time for the networks the way we used to have. to our friends Tom, Jennifer, Alonna, Sci-fi Chick, Phelan, Sue and MMpaints to name just a few - you were an inspiration for us to make this amazing change to our lives!

lastly - please check out the blogs we follow. our bloglist contains a mish-mash of homesteaders, weirdos, amazing people, preppers, survivalists, friends and people with skills, or who are learning skills of the old ways. strong, intelligent people. and nutjobs. we love all of them for who they are and what they have taught, and keep teaching us.

welcome to our blog. welcome to our life. welcome to the craziest journey that we have ever been on.

yours very sincerely,
kymber and jambaloney


  1. Well done, my friends. Posting this with my Blackberry at a traffic light. Will ad my name to your follower list in the morning. Thank you for the nice mention, and joining my blog. Now the adventure truly begins.

  2. Stephen - thank you for your comment from a blackberry at a light - we really appreciate it! there was no nice mention of your blog - you are one of the people that encouraged us to get the blog going - and we thank you! you know that i love your blog - and both hubby and i are now following - you will reach your mark by the new year! thank you for always responding to my comments on your blog so positively, thank you for sharing all of your incredible info, thank you for sharing Little Bit and thank you for encouraging us to get a blog going. i somehow knew you would be the first to comment...i somehow knew. and you were.

    and yes, my friend, now the adventure truly begins.

    thank you Stephen!
    your friend,

  3. You have been missed. Glad things seem to be working out for you both.

  4. Yes, you have been missed. Good to see that you two are okay.

  5. WOOOHOOOO! Welcome back Kymber and Jam! I missed you guys!

  6. Way to go, you guys. Glad you're back online and showing others the way.

  7. I am near tears!!! I am so so so happy to hear from you and I am thankful you are all well! I look forward to catching up and continuing our friendship as it is a forever kind of thing!

    Missed you lots and cannot take the smile from my heart to hear from you.

    Hugs from your NM friend.

  8. wow - you people are the best and we have sooo missed all of you!

    i have been reading everyone's blogs all night and catching back up with you all - it has been so nice!

    Phelan and MMpaints - i am so sorry to hear of the troubles that you both have been experiencing - so sorry! but as both of you are made of grit and are true pioneers - i know that you will get through these rough times and continue to be a beacon to all of us who are trying to follow in your ginormous footsteps! keep leading the way ladies!

    Tango - i am so glad to see that you are back online and i am sorry for some of the crap that you have been dealing with. but you are a girl who can grin and bear it eh?

    John - i replied to your email and i am very glad that uncle gerald shared the link with you. and thank you for your sweet words - we appreciate it!

    jennifer - i have missed you so much! i have read through all of your blog posts that i missed over the last nine months and all i can say is that you rock! and were my rock and taught us so much about simple living! i am really glad to hear the happenings of all of your children (you have 16 now right? hahahaha!) and the beautiful life that you are living on the farm - it is so inspiring!

    i am so glad that you said that our friendship is the forever kind - my thoughts exactly! i have a smile in my heart too - thank you wonderful friend for putting it there. oh we have so much to catch up on!

    thank you all for coming here and for your kind words. we may have lost track of our friends for a while but we never stopped thinking of you. it is so nice to have you back.

  9. It's fantastic to have you back, and so close too!!! The details of your disappearance aren't important. It's enough to know you are well...and you do sound really well! Okay, let's get this adventure on the road!

  10. Sue - we will be planning a visit for the spring if you are up for it. then we would love to have you guys up here. i am so glad that you are here! i have missed you sooo much!

  11. Awesome blog, glad to see you guys back on the web again!

  12. Tom - sooo glad to see you here - do you still have the same number? the few times i have tried to call it just rings?!?!?!?

    would love to yak with you again buddy!

    your friend,
    kymber and jambaloney

  13. Hey I finally found you! Ha. Looks like I have some catching up to do!

  14. As usual, I'm a bit late... but WOW! I am so happy for you guys. You have been missed for sure. I can't wait to hear about all your adventures and am so glad you are going to be sharing them with us all. Welcome back... Man I have sure missed you!!!1

  15. Joey - so glad that you found us!!! i got a lot of catching up to do on your site as well - but i will get all caught up!

    SciFi - soooo nice to hear from you and better late than never right? i have been over to your blog and have been catching up and am so thrilled that you and Mars have gotten your own land!

    i have missed you too, dear buddy - and am glad to be back!

  16. Hey Kimber, how cool that you guys actually moved to your BOL and this is where your adventure starts, at least where the blog starts. I look forward to seeing you tackle and resolve issues, I would love to see some updated pics of Framboise Manor!

  17. TGBG - ya it is really cool! check out all of the recent posts as we are going to post about all of the tackles - and there are very many! there's lots of updated pics too!

    thank you for stopping by! i am enjoying your blog as well!

  18. wow, it sounds we have started out in much the same way - half choice, half being pushed by life, which isn't always a bad thing, imo. I'm not sure if we ever would have *really* done this if we had not had our hands just the tiniest bit forced.

    1. MM - ya, we did start out in similar ways - it's just that we didn't have 10 children to worry about!!! i am so happy that you are all living your dream too!

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