Friday, April 14, 2017

a review of planet whizbang

Planet Whizbang - who names a company that? you can find out more about the name and the logo here. what do they do/make? everything from chicken pluckers, mini-beds-on-plastic (i have to look into this more!), cider press material and clothespins. and every other crazy thing that you can think of!

As you all know, we do not advertise on this blog nor do we have any ads blinking all over the place. when we get a quality product we give an honest review. we were not paid or compensated for this review, although long before the owner, Herrick Kimball, knew that we would do a review, he chopped off some of the shipping costs. that's a true and proper gentlemen right there.

Herrick was responsive through our emails, prompt, professional and polite. that is so rare these days when dealing with customer service reps and the like.

we ordered 40 of his hand-made clothespins - YES - I JUST SAID HAND-MADE CLOTHESPINS!!! i almost fainted when i saw them on his site! the clothespins are made from ash wood and are so beautifully-made. have a look:

the packaging was impeccable and the 2 notepads were thrown in for free.

we also got 5 yards of cider-press material. jambaloney is darned-tootins' that this year is the year we make apple cider and apple cider vinegar. we have a friend who has an apple orchard and only really picks enough for his family - there are always tons left after he picks what he needs and he told us we can pick whatever we need after him.

click this next pic to read what Herrick includes in his packages.

a personal thank you on the receipt - i love his penmanship!

and finally, a better look at the clothespins.

and because of the fact that they are made from ash wood - these clothespins will last the rest of our lives and probably be bequeathed to one of the young kids around here when we die.

let me state again that we do not advertise here. but if we find a super-quality product, handmade in North America - then we will make the investment, try it out and let our friends know about it.

the only downside to the clothespins - and it's a BIGGEE - we are terrified to use them - bahahahah! no really, they are so well-made and beautifully-crafted that we don't want to let them out of their bags and out of the box with a towel covering them to protect them from dust - bahahahahah!

we'll use them kids. just can't say for sure when. we are enjoying just looking at them for now.

if you are looking for quality, handmade clothespins, i couldn't recommend Planet Whizbang more. and just to satisfy your own curiosity about what other great things they have, check out their website here.


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  2. Hi Kymber,

    What a great review. Thank you. I'm glad to know you are pleased with the clothespins. And I'm a little bit jealous that you have access to all those free apples. You absolutely MUST make apple cider (and your own vinegar) this year! It's easy and fun with a Whizbang cider press and apple grinder.

    Thanks again,

    Herrick Kimball

    P.S. My 5 year old grandson is visiting. I'm going to teach him how to draw a bunny with a B.


    1. Herrick - please feel free to use my whole post or parts of the post on your site - your handmade clothespins are to die for! we really love them! and we can't wait to use your cider press material.

      bhahahahah! that is waaaay too cute...teaching your grandson how to draw a bunny with a B. expect more orders coming from us on your exceptional products! xoxox

    2. Kymber,

      I'll definitely put your review on my Classic American Clothespins web site side bar. Thanks again.

  3. Great review Kymber, congratulations Herrick on your quality items! Those clothespins are gorgeous, I love the detail. Kymber, do you have quality-clothespin-cold-feet like I had quality-cutting-board-cold-feet??? :) I do not blame you.

    And I'm looking forward to reading about your apple cider venture!

    1. Rain - people can look back through our years of blogging and see how many times we have recommended a product....there are very few of those kinds of posts. only if the product is absolutely exceptional is the only time that we will recommend it. Herrick's handmade clothespins should be framed and hung on a wall and the cider material he sells is top quality!~

      and yes - we have your quality-cutting-board cold feet in regards to the clothespins - bahahahah!

      apple cider venture will be happening this fall - stick around for it! xoxox

  4. Completely off topic, I thought about you when I saw this: Cappuccino Chia Pudding. I get dozens of recipes emails every day, don't know if it floats your boat, but it looked pretty tasty! :)

    1. THAT recipe will be featured on our blog very soon with kudos to the original recipe AND the fact that you pointed us out to it! thanks a bunch hon. your book is in the mail tomorrow! xox

    2. You're welcome! I can't wait to get the book! :)) By the way, when I saw that recipe I thought of you immediately...those GELATINOUS GLOBULES did it! LOL!

  5. Herrick, for those that do not know, is also a very thought blogger and has a lot of very good material at Having read his writing, the fact his products are made with care and craftsmanship is not at all surprising.

    And please send cider.

    Much love, TB

  6. I have a bunch of wooden clothes pins I bought at the store. But when you use them , lots of times they just fall apart. This outfit sounds like one I should check out. Who knows what all they have that I would want to keep up here on the mountain. As always, Kymber, thanks for a good post.

  7. I'm familiar with their pluckers and carts but didn't know they make clothespins. Especially ones with stainless springs. Those should last forever!

  8. Happy Easter Kymber and Jam!

  9. Thank you for the link and reviews, Kymber! I've subscribed to everything. I am now going to delve into potato onions - heard of them but never really researched them. Your very own cider and cider vinegar? Ooooh! You MUST!