Wednesday, January 11, 2017

a boring update

it's been grey and then grey some more!

thank goodness for fruit salad in the morning with cilantro just to give you the extra boost you need!

some women expect that when their man leaves for the day, that when he arrives home, he should have a gift. perhaps chocolate, perhaps some roses, perhaps a new diamond something????

me? in the beginning of january i can't think of a better gift than some fresh dill!

that dill was put into a special vase on my brand new lazy susan and it is the most beautiful centrepiece!

when The Man brings you dill and his Greek ancestors are calling (he has NO greek ancestors btw) then you have to break out the hummus, the tzaziki, the parsley salad, cucumber salad, kaftas and grilled veg! him and his greek ancestors (he has NO greek ancestors) would settle for nothing less!

and on his latest excursion into town he found a pile of ground lamb on sale. he knows how much i love lamb.

i made a tiny but proper shepherd's pie using lamb....won't be making that mistake again! it's soooo much better with beef!

we are up to our eyeballs in the worst part of winter..we have 4 cats in this tiny house and all of them are suffering from depression...but we are the types who bear the good with the bad. we'll be singing and dancing nekked come april...oh you know we will - bahahahahha!

hoping you all are making it through this long winter ok! and sending love!


  1. I didn't know cats get cabin fever! Maybe they need a little home brew wine! :-)
    I must have missed it but I haven't read anything about your new dental work. Did everything workout OK and you're good as new?

  2. It's actually been a mild winter thus far here with very little snow. But our snowiest part of the year is from now until the end of February so that can change.

  3.'s been a week since I've eaten any hummus. Time to make a batch. Yum!

  4. I agree with you on lamp vs. beef mince in shepherd's pie, although made the really original way, with leftover roast lamb, it's pretty good. Especially if you have leftover gravy to go into it. I have to say though, making it with lentils instead of meat was a revelation to me a couple of years ago. Almost always make it that way now.

  5. Dill goes with salmon. Actually, almost everything goes with salmon....

    Even your boring days make for fantastic views!

  6. Sweet Kymber,

    I love fresh dill on everything!!! Hubby can't stand fresh dill. Little does he know I smuggle it in on some of his food and he has never once said a word about it. Hehehehehehehe!!!!

    Snow....and more snow............
    Stuck inside :-( Keep your chins up, the weather will change before you know it.

    Nice looking food girlie!! I have to agree on using beef for shepherds pie it does taste so much better than lamb.

    Sending hugs and love to you and Jam.

  7. My hubby brings me home hummus, his lorry mechanic is Greek and often brings him some hummus and flatbreads to bring home, its proper stuff not the sort of mush you get in the shops.

  8. Food looks yummy!!! How often do you have to clear your driveway/track?

    We call shepherds pie that has beef mince in it Cottage pie.

    Poor kitties, are they unable to go out as it is soooo cold? Or do they not like the snow?

    Keep warm!

  9. The worst art of winter is the lack of light. I kept waiting this morning for the sun to rise and found out it already had! At least somewhere...

  10. Winter is good. You can just stay inside and enjoy the peace and quiet. I never thought of bringing my wife dill. Maybe I need to think with a little more creativity when I'm looking for something she'd like!

  11. Our cats all have cabin fever and they're driving us nuts! Meowy only comes in when she absolutely has to and is outside again as soon as it warms up!

    Love the gift ot dill. So thoughtful and clever!

  12. I do feel for you, winter is only 8 weeks long here and is very mild although we are all hoping to see a bit of snow Wednesday everyone's very excited!