Thursday, July 21, 2016

making healing salve - from start to finish!

first off - a pic of another beautiful day!

so healing salve - let's start back at the beginning ok? you need a good 15 comfrey leaves and a small bunch of comfrey flowers (don't take them all from one spot or from one plant - the bees, hummingbirds and other insects rely on these throughout the summer!), then a good 15 plantain leaves (which can also be steamed or sauteed to make a lovely salad) and last but not least, you need heal-all flowers.

you dump all of that in your salve-making pot and cover it with just enough EVOO to cover it. and to JB Bob...i have read this tell-all book about EVOO:

i have also read his wife's blog for the last 4 years. needless to say - i know my cold-pressed EVOOs...but thanks.

you cook this on low heat until it starts looking crumbly - but don't ever bring it to a boil. make it look this:

in another hour come back and heat it again on low heat, but never to a boil.

do this 4 or 5 times throughout the day until it looks like this:

 when you stir it with a wooden spoon, it will make a crinkly sound. if you don't have the right crinkly sound (you'll know it when you hear it), keep heating it for the next day and sometimes, depending on humidity, weather, whatever - it might take 3 days. no worries. just heat to almost a boil, give it a stir, cover it and leave it be.

when it makes that definitive crinkly sound - yer done. you've sucked all of the nutrients out of the comfrey, plantain and heal-all. now you strain it.

some people strain with muslin or cheese cloth or coffee filters to get all of the gritties out. i like the gritties.

now you put the pot back on the stove on low heat and chuck in some chunks of pure-100%-beeswax. it will cost a small fortune. pay for it and stock up on it. it has 10 million uses.

chuck about this much in.

there are websites that give exact proportions but i cook with "feeling" - i know when i have added enough salt or cumin - i do not use measuring spoons.

this is starting to look like i chucked enough chunks of beeswax in.

stay on top of it. do not let it reach a boil ever. keep stirring. and when it has all melted - get it off the heat immediately. and make sure it looks like this:

get it off the heat and do the spoon test. dip a spoon it - just a dip...and let it run down the spoon.

go pet a cat or answer an email and come back and feel the spoon. rub the spoon. get a feel for the salve.

too runny - you need to add a tad bit more beeswax. too thick, you need to add a tad more oil. but if your spoon looks like the one above and you and jambaloney both have deer fly bites that need attention - your salve is perfect. pour it in tiny jars.

that's 10 tiny 125ml jars filled with the healing salve and one that i made last year that i put a chamomile flower in.

this stuff is great for bad cuts, like bad cuts, scrapes, scratches, bruises, bangs, knicks, little cuts ---- are you like me and spent 20some-odd years buying expensive lip balms because of chaffed lips - chuck all of that stuff out and use this on your lips maybe once every 2 months. one application to your lips, kids, let it sink won't be worried about chaffed lips anymore. do you have any sore muscles, sore hands, sore anything? rub this on your sore hands or feet or have your jambaloney rub it on your sore back and rub it on his.

kids - this salve is made from comrey, plantain and heal-all. if you have access to natural growing these three things - get up off your butt and make this for yourself. sore hips, sore knees, black fly and deer fly bites from hell - use this!!!

i can say that this one salve is probably the most major thing that has kept us sane this last 6years at The Manor. without it, i think we would have cashed everything in and moved in with jambaloney's parents! yer darn tootins that they love this salve - bahahahahha!

i'm still getting used to my teeth - i love them - but saturday night we have an event, a sad one i hate to say, for a friend of ours, he's gotten cancer and we are having a benefit for him to help pay for the expenses. so i will have to actually do my hair and put on makeup and look good for a friend who's 8 feet tall and always picks me up 6ft from the ground to crushingly hug me...i love him and his wife...jambaloney too....we are sad to go to this benefit...but we want to be there for our friend. he always squashes jambaloney in a bear hug, too. a "man" bear bug. him and his wife love jambaloney.

so saturday night - i'll pull out all the stops, do my hair, do my makeup, dress appropriately for the occasion.....and try to look good with my new teeth. i'll have jambaloney take a pic of me and i'll put it up on a sunday post.

you have all been so supportive over the last 4 months of me having no teeth...i can't wait to show you all the new ones. i have to admit...they're pretty awesome! and jambaloney says they're awesome...and he would never lie.

i hope you all can find access to the herbs i mentioned above and can make your own salve. Sweet Sandy, Harry, Matt, PP and TB git yer butts up here. jambaloney loves fishin' friends! and Joey - get over here and play one of our dances! cuz i just want to show off my teeth - bahahahahahah!

sending love to all of our misfit internet friends! xoxoxo


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  2. Hi, Kymber! I can't wait to see your new teeth! - Sue xo

  3. You mention bees wax - do you have hives? We (well, not really we...but my husband) set up hives this years for the first time. It's something we've wanted to do for years and finally got around to!

    I could use a little of that salve right now.

    Looking forward to the big reveal this weekend! Smile!

  4. I wonder if I can send Bees wax reasonably across the line. I know the post office here told me honey was a no no but maybe the wax? I will check.

  5. I hope the benefit goes well tonight, I'm sure he'll appreciate the support from you guys, you're good friends.
    I like the thought of trying your salve, may have to hunt the net to get hold of heal all and plantain though.
    Can't wait to see the long awaited teeth too!