Sunday, May 1, 2016

oh what a day....for a mermaid!! (Edited to explain the mermaid suit and tail)

oh kids - what a beautiful day!

clear blue sky, everything is finally starting to turn my beating heart! many different kinds of jobs were done today! jambaloney started up the generator and it ran tip-top.

he moved all of the junk on the left hand side and made a cool space for our new chipper/mulcher! woohoo! we're going to be making our own mulch for all of our beds this year! it will make for waaaay less weeding! woohoo again!

the potatoe tires are ready for planting in the next few days - we have 40 sets of tires ready to go to plant 4 kinds of potatoes - i am soooooo happy!

our bird feeder cracked so we put a plastic bowl in it to let the birds drink and bathe. the rock is so that smaller flying creatures like BEES can land on the rock and drink. i love it when i see 3 or 4 bees of whatever kind out there getting a drink!

we weeded our strawberry hugelkulture. i can't believe they are already coming back at this time of year! they are alpine strawberries and we planted them late last year and were told we would not get any strawberries the first year. well we got a bowl full last year - so we are really looking forward to this year!

here is a beautiful pic looking down to the road to the river:

lunch was grilled chicken wraps with home-made blitzkreiged salsa and really mashed guacamole. i ate mine with a fork and knife in little bits and because jambaloney grilled my chicken so well...i was able to gum it - it was delicious!

it really was a gorgeous day! we brought all of the peppers that we overwintered in the house outside to check for aphids and to give them a good spray down. can you believe that our overwintered peppers are already producing peppers????

check out these beauties:

and these:

this is our may 1st harvest of peppers that we overwintered...can you even believe that???

bad picture but i transplanted my scottish/bitter vetch.

i plan to make an actual garden of scottish/bitter vetch...and here's why:

"This plant was formerly an ingredient of the Highland diet when food was scarce until the 18th century, when the potato became an important crop in the region. The small tubers were removed from the roots and dried. Once eaten, they prevented thirst and hunger pangs. Certain medieval herbals claimed that this effect could last for days or even weeks. It is surmised that this effect derives from the presence in them of transethanol.[dubiousdiscuss]

The plant may be the one eaten by Roman soldiers in the battle of Dyrrhacium in 48 BCE."

if S hits the fan - i want to know about everything that i can grow to feed my family!



i got a mermaid tail - bahahahahahhah! yes - a mermaid tail! as ridiculous as it sounds - i have always loved water - i have swam in many oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, ditches, mudpuddles ( and once took a dare and dove into the fountain at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa fully-clothed!) - but i have always known i was a mermaid.

jambaloney found it on an internet site and asked me if i wanted it? ARE YOU FREAKIN CRAZY? OF COURSE I WANT IT!!!

it's too cold to wear it in the river or the ocean yet - so i wore it in the hottub!

and realized just how much of a mermaid i am flipping my tail up and down!

i can't wait to take this thing down to the river and ocean - i am going to have soooooo much fun!

ahhhhh....the life of a mermaid!

 EDIT STARTS HERE: a few of you have asked how the thing works, so i decided to do an update with pics. the mermaid skirt is made of really stretchy material that stretches and then once on, clings to the body. kinda' spandex-y.

here is a pic of the fin:

the outside of the fin is water proof rubber stuff, and inside the fin is a hard plastic inlay. you put the fin on by putting your feet into the "socks":

once your feet are in, you slide the mermaid skirt around the bottom of the in, up the fin and then up your body. you can hop in the fin but you can't walk - that's why they recommend that you put your mermaid suit on near the pool, or any water that you will be getting into. no probs for me - i'll sit at the edge of the river and put it on and hop into the water, and will do the same down at the ocean. hope this helps clear up any questions you might have had. EDIT STOPS HERE.

remember seeing a yellow thing a few pics back in one of the mermaid pics? well that's my hunk of a man putting together our new chipper/mulcher. we can make our own chips and mulch for our garden beds and for our walkways and for our compost - woohoo!

we had an incredible day! and chili for supper!

i cheated because even though we are off dairy and all i am eating is mush - i broke down and got jambaloney to get me some goat's cheese (less caesin in goat's milk than cows). it was delicious with the goat's cheese! jambaloney had half of our own winter grown red and green monet pepper (jalapenos) with his and at his first bite he was all - "oh these peppers are divine!".  so i asked him to bite me off a tiny piece to try. i sucked on it for only a second, spit it out and ran screaming around the yard! i made it half-way around the house before he passed me screaming like a girl - bahahahaha! those peppers are deadly and if any of you want some - let me know! these peppers come from plants that are 2yrs old and we saved seed from them last year. if you like hot peppers - these are some of the finest!

we ate our chili, ran around the house screaming for half an hour, have put on clothes because we expect that the cops will be arriving soon - we were screaming and crying so loudly one of our neighbours must surely have called the police, no?

the day is still gorgeous but jambaloney has work to do.

we will go out in a few and take a walk, look at our beautiful land, have many hottub dips, jam will do more work on his contract, i will catch up on your blogs, we'll find a good documentary to watch and then bed. we've had a wonderful, busy day and i got a mermaid tail - bahahahahahah!


  1. Food looks good as always. Interesting history on the Scottish vetch - I think we often forget that prior to certain foods we now assume have always been available things were very different. And you rock the tail.

    Much love, TB

    1. thanks TB. and yes, i find it very interesting to find out about how different people survived during famines, wars, depressions. when i came across an article about scottish vetch...i knew i just had to get some! i'm glad you like the tail - i think it's awesome! xoxo

  2. I'm really sorry you are having to deal with the dental issue. I can sympathize, believe me. I hope it gets to be all healed up soon.

    When I was a little boy, there was a natural spring with a deep grotto called Wicki Watchee. It's still in business. They had beautiful young women dress up like mermaids and do swimming routines in the grotto while you watched from a theater like room built down along the side of the spring underwater. My dad was a life guard there in the mid fifties so I got to see the show a lot. You would really like it. Here's the link to the web page if you want to see some other mermaids.

    You make a mighty fine mermaid. But if you swim in the ocean, what if Orcas mistake you for a seal!

    1. Harry - the teeth are healing up all good and fine...i am just sick of eating mushy food. but, if i want to heal properly and get the best-fitting dentures - then i have to follow the denturists orders. and i will!

      i have seen movies and such where they have bars with giant aquariums and mermaids swimming in them. as for the florida state park - now there's a dream job! i would love to have that kind of a job! and i can hold my breath for a long time and keep my eyes open in the river and the ocean without goggles because that's how my dad taught all of us to swim.

      thanks for that Harry. but no worries buddy - ain't no orcas near these parts - bahahhaah! xoxox

  3. That thing must make it kinda hard to two-step! ;-)

    1. Gorges - dead on the money, as usual. you can sort of hop in it....but you have to be a pretty good hopper. i've been practicing hopping for the last 2 days - bahahahah! xoxox

  4. How does that tail stay on? I am assuming much like..well other similar apparel some women I knew once long ago wore, you have to use baby powder or some type of lube to get the thing on. But then it needs to stay on. Is there like suspenders to keep it in place?

    So you ran around the house screaming lol I can just picture that.

    1. PP - it's always gotta go back to strippers with you eh? ya nutter! no the skirt is spandex-y stretch lycra stuff so it stretches as you are putting it on and then shrinks back to your body. no need for powder or lube.

      i know eh? me running around the house screaming? who'd of ever thunk it! bahahaah! xoxox

    2. Not always.Sometimes it's about tractors.... and strippers :)

    3. Y is it always about strippers and tractors??????? Where oh where did we go wrong...lmao

    4. I mean really what more could a man want...tractor, food? I mean a woman wants a man who can fix a tractor, doesn't complain when they are dirty from gardening but can still get into a Mermaid tail...I think Kymber and Jam are our role models!

  5. I was sure it was going to be a pink rabbit costume to go with those ears :)

    1. jewlz - you were pretty close there. i do have a minnie mouse onsie that has the bow on the hood part, tho. but i prefer my mermaid tail! i love it! xoxo

  6. Loving the tail! how cool. Maybe I should get one and when the neighbours arent looking, get into their pool and squeak like in the film Splash. My other neighbours would all find it highly amusing but the new one with a pool would call the police. lmao

    OMG how long is your hair, it is getting really long!!!

    1. oh Sol - i'd pay you money to do that to your neighbour - that would by hysterical. we don't have any neighbours with pools...heck, we barely have neighbours!!! ya, my hair is getting really long and i trim it myself every couple of weeks. it's all one length so i normally have it up in a pony tail or a bun when we are at home, but try do it nice when we go out. xoxoxox

  7. Can't wait to see how the Mermaid tail works in the river. I wouldn't mind trying out a Merman one someday. I think it would be kind of cool to combine that with a snorkel.

    1. Ed - the place i got it from makes mermen suits too. and yes - if you like snorkelling, having the fin and using both feet at the same time will really make you go fast. i could tell just from flipping the tail in the hottub. i can't wait to get it out to the river and the ocean - it's going to be awesome!!!! xoxox

  8. You are the perfect mermaid! Looks like you two had a perfect weekend - just enough got done and a good time was had by both! Not to mention the entertaining of your neighbors.

    1. Susan - we had a super great weekend! and we don't have neighbours for miles in any direction - it's why i can flop around in the hottub with my mermaid tail and both of us can run around nekkid all of the time! xxox

  9. Sweet Kymber.....or shall I say Mermaid Kymber Bahahahahahaha!!!! Love your knew tail :P

    I'm happy to hear your gums are healing. Have soft food does get boring relatively fast, I do understand. Just think, once you get your teeth in place all the food you'll be eating......then you'll be fighting with Jam on what to eat or make that doesn't have to be turned into soft food.
    Those peppers look good girlie, and they were in the green house?
    With all the rain we've had my peppers are growing but look water logged.
    Time for the Epsom Salt to come out to help those peppers out.
    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    Your Friend,
    P.S. love the wood chipper!!!

    1. Sweet Sandy - i knew that you would love it - i love it sooooo much! can't wait to take it to the river and the ocean - sooo much fun awaiting!

      gums are healing really good and i am toughening them up with eating foods not quite at the total mush phase. and i can't wait to get my teeth but my denturist is strict because he finally has a patient that can wait!

      the peppers were overwintered in the house, flowered at the end of february and grew peppers - imagine?!?!?!? i have found that peppers love compost tea - take some compost, put it in a bucket with water, let it sit in the sun for several days until you can smell it from a mile away and then pour that water on the peppers. it stinks but it works. epsom salt water is also good for tomatoes!

      it is raining here all week so poor jam will have to wait to break out the woodchipper. but then we;ll be able to mulch all of the garden beds and rock beds and that will be awesome!

      sending love and hugs from both of us back to all of you! xoxoxoxoxxo

  10. omg... Who knew you were Ariel in disguise. I always knew there was something "fishy" about So will it really work? like if you jump in the river will you be able to efficiently swim? See this is why I love you guys, yall are so out of the box to me. I freaking love the tail, that is awesome.

    We have all kinds of peppers going, not that I eat them, but Senior does, so we planted some. And you will be so happy, I picked up some sweet potato plants, so I guess I am traveling down tater road with the rest of yall.

    much love sent to you and Jam... xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. ya Gurlie - you got a good nose for sure - bahahahah! after practicing with it in the hottub - this will make me a swimmer-extraordinnaire! i often swim kicking my 2 feet at once...this really provides a kick. i can't wait to actually swim in it. i am afraid that i will never take it off!

      what do you mean that we are so out of the box???

      i am glad that you got your peppers going. and on to sweet potatoes. i don't care much for sweet potatoes....just wasn't raised on them - but i love me some potatoe potatoes!!! i hope you start growing your own - do you guys eat many potatoes during the year? it can really cut down on costs if you grow your own and then save some for seed for the following year.

      we are sending much love back to you and the JUGM crew as always! xoxoxoxoxo

  11. I saw a video of a little girl wearing the mermaid fin. She almost drowned. Be very careful and make sure someone is with you when you try it out. This little girl was in a pool and her mom was right next to her and was able to pull her out. What happened was her fin went up and her head was under the water and she couldn't get back up. I guess those mermaids down in Florida have lots of training. Please be very careful.

    1. tana - that must have been horrible for the mother! but i am always about safety first! our river is very shallow and i am very familiar with it's currents and tides. same with the area that we swim in the ocean. my husband will always be with me and both of us are excellent swimmers. i really appreciate your concern and promise to be very careful! xox

  12. Replies
    1. i hoped that you would Dani! i can't wait to get it in the river and the ocean!

  13. KYMBER,
    sorry about caps. typist is no good in this establishmnet.
    back from hip replacement at hospital and 2 weeks of in house rehab.
    out patient rehab now with irena II helping. going to the rehab was out of our price range so she is doing it for me with oversight from the real therapist.
    pray for john. cancer in two of his midback vertebrae. doc treating him with meds and hopes for 2 years before chemo ($$$) is needed.
    waitingon Jesus for the miracle. i have seen others healed and what God did for tehm He can do for john.
    love, debby h.

  14. I thought my chilli plants were doing well but yours have actual fruit on them, amazing, you green fingered lady.

    That tail is phenomenal, just be careful and don't drown!!!

  15. Kymber Kymber!!! I love the mermaid tail!!! Woohooooooooooooooooo. Oh and how hot is that??? You know having the peppers producing so much ;) lol

    You Rock my friend!
    You could be a NM with your peppers and the heat from this post! lol