Thursday, May 21, 2015

just a really awesome day!

look at the mist on Strachan's Brook...this is at about 5:30 am:

it's quite something isn't it? here it is about 1 hour later:

today we had a really awesome day!

jam finished building the pea bed and i planted 100 peas!

everyone asks us if the caging around all of our beds is to keep out deer and rabbits. we have deer and rabbit all over this area of the island but they pretty much keep to themselves. we have an occasional rabbit come on our land but they just eat the clover in the front and back yard. we have never had a problem with wild animals in our gardens (knock on wood!). no - the cages are for our cats!!! all 3 of them love nothing more than being able to play in the beds after harvest. our first year here we learned after we had planted a bunch of stuff and went out later in the day and all of the beds had been dug up by cats. our cats!

i did 9 rows of 3 types of beets and 5 rows of 2 kinds of radish - wooho!

i also did some more brassicas. i hate to do this to you, friends, but we had our very first salad from the greenhouse today. and lobster.

the salad is red-veined sorrel, mizuna, microgreens, chives, green onion, parsley, mint and lemon balm. all that we grew ourselves! that salad was deelish!

and fantastic news - true to their word Vessey's expedited 25 more strawberry plants to me that we received on tuesday. jam spent the afternoon weeding our existing hugelkulture and adding compost and seaweed. these strawberries are albion strawberries and will go in the hugelkulture in the morning - i can't wait!

we are incredibly fortunate to have a ton of wild raspberries, blackberries and cranberries growing on our land. until we start a proper orchard we get the best blueberries and apples from our friend d. the only thing that we felt we were missing were the strawberries. these strawberries produce small but delicious fruit all summer and well into autumn. according to vessey's, these strawberries will produce until october if you live in a temperate climate. woohoo - eating fresh strawberries in october - now that's something!

tomorrow will be another full day of planting - we have to transplant 16 pepper plants that we overwintered and that's going to be a task. but all of the pepper plants have turned into bushes and they are covered in flowers. then i have to get everything re-arranged in my little greenhouse in the house in order to start cucumber and zucchini - woohoo! this will be a busy couple of days - but good ones. i hope that you are all having fun out in your gardens too!


  1. Love that lobster picture I could eat that right now. yum Strawberries... now you got me

  2. That lobster doesn't even look real. I bet it was delicious! I love peas & all the fruit mentioned. I can't wait to be able to put in our blueberry bushes, blackberries & strawberries.

  3. I like the looks of your salad. It looks similar to the ones we have been eating from our garden. Cats can be really tough on our seedlings when they think that tub is a litter box instead of food for our table. Onery things!


  4. I'm with DFW, that lobster didn't even look real, it was so perfect! I bet it was delicious!!! Do you have a place that has fresh lobster nearby? Or do you have to have them shipped in?

    We love cranberries so much, how cool is it that you have them growing wild. Now that is one crop I know without any hesitation would be dead in about a week down here, ha.

    Enjoy your beautiful days, color us jealous! (it's rained for, oh, I don't know, 40 days and 40 nights?).

  5. Now that is one good looking Lobster. I would take that over a trout I think.

    Good looking beds too. Mush better looking than Black Rubber :)

  6. Iowa deer will stop and mug you so if you have anything edible and green on you, you need to travel in well populated and well lit areas. If you carry a salad at night, well, you are just asking for it!

    That is why all the gardens in the area have a fence worthy of Alcatraz around them.

  7. Sweet Kymber,

    I'm the opposite of PP! You lobster looks amazing however, I would take trout over lobster :P:P:P

    Great looking setup for your pea's. I can totally understand why you setup your garden bed with all this wire. I'm going to have to setup wire now that I've cleared out one of my beds because we have a wild cat coming in on the property.

    How cool is that, you have another new shipment of strawberries, I bet you'll have an amazing harvest later on :-)
    My strawberries have been producing plenty of berries but with all of this rain the plants seem to be overwhelmed. Every day I wade through the garden and try to dump out all the water from the strawberry pots.

    I love your views from the front of your place. I would be outside with a large cup of coffee watching the sunrise, and the mist over Strachan's Brook every morning. I love being one with mother nature.
    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    Your Friend,

  8. Kymber, looks like all is well at the homestead. I have never had a whole lobster, just the tails.

    Did you see the video Kev the Brit made of his garden? I was amazed, he is growing everything except marijuana and if you could eat it I expect he'd have some of that somewhere too. That's one guy whose family won't go hungry come what may.

  9. So how your website is not labeled with a warning label about food cravings is beyond me. Look delicious!