Wednesday, October 29, 2014

various october stuff

jambaloney here!

we have had a busy october - lots of commmunity stuff - we did get a bit of time at the river the first week though  - always some great clouds!

i gathered up most of the hoses to get ready for winter - we have been lucky - NO freeze yet so i have two left in the yard as for the rest here is a great storage tip... on a sunny day lay your hoses out in the yard - they will soften up.

get something big and round (this is an old rim, but a garbage can would do... wrap the hose loosely around it and tie off the ends..

there you go! the big loops are much better than the tight loops you have on those hose reels - easier to cart around and they lay nice and flat took me  10 mins to do all 3 and they are all ready for spring!!!

hey look - old windows!!!

 the plastic porch is a bit of a wreck these days...

ripped plastic makes a heel of a racket...

and it looks like crap compared to the old days...

dec 2011 - the old days...

the plastic needs replacing after uv damage and patching... i have plenty of windows now - they just need scraping caulking and painting (exterior mistints)

first up is the back left side ....yuk!

the tire inserts stretch the poly film out so the wind make less noise - THAT problem is being solved with these babies!

well well - look at that - we were freaked the first few days because we could SEE out the porch!!

 now the other side - this was trickier as all the 2x4s were in the wrong places - i built the original entrances under pressure and without experience - i had to dismantle this...

it is pretty crappy looking - you can see the patching i did this summer ;-)

more reconditioned storm windows....

an empty space...

et voila!!! stay tuned for more - there will be windows all around by december!!

caught a rainbow a few weeks back!

hope you are all having a great fall!!!


(p.s. - kymber wants to thank all of you who left such nice comments on her post below, her tribute to her Uncle Gerald of The Last Robin.)


  1. I like the fact that you get to scavenge so much useful materials. Down here it seems people either want solid gold for something or they throw it away. No middle ground. I kinda blame all the lawyers and BS lawsuits myself.

    I have a special little garden trailer for all my hoses and stakes. It's about the perfect size to just let the hoses coil naturally inside the trailer than stack the tied up bundles of stakes on top.

    That porch is really gonna rock now that you have it glassed in!!! Looking good too.

    1. heya buddy!

      i am pretty lucky that way esp with the windows - even after the porch is done i will have enough to build another smaller greenhouse and there will be more next heavy pickup - i consider windows a scavenging prep.

      garden trailer sounds perfect - good on ya!

      not all glassed in yet - LOL!


  2. Love the porch adaptations. Think I'm putting this project in the Must do file!

    1. thanks jw!

      if you get enough windows you can hang a glass room off most anything.


  3. more amazing womble moments there. I really wish I had some DIY skills.

    Is it very exposed there and windy?

    1. hey sol!

      wombles - lol!

      it is pretty exposed and windy here - 30 kph sustained with 50 kph gusts as i write.. next up - windmill!

      hope all is well with you!

  4. Looks like another of your projects is coming to fruition. I admire your handiwork.

    I hope Kymber is feeling better.

    1. thanks harry!

      and she is feeling much better - thanks for asking friend!

  5. Great job, I see old man winter may come your way this weekend. Tell the Mrs I had sent another email to cheer her up. Hugs to you both

    1. hey rob!

      thanks for cheering k up - you are a good man!

      we are still getting old man fall - apparently the N Atlantic is 2-3 degrees c warmer - we'll have a milder winter with luck.

      hugs back buddy!

  6. Jambaloney,

    You always do wonderful work my friend. Do you know I am always looking for windows every time I go into town. Yes that's right, you and Kymber have me hooked on looking for old windows to use at a later time on the homestead. I'm even considering using the windows as a craft project for hanging art.

    Stay warm up there in cold country, our temperatures are expected to drop in the low 30's one day this weekend then raise to the 40's and 50's.

    Give Sweet Kymber a hug. Sending love to you both.
    Your Friend,

    1. awww sweet sandy - always the cheerleader!

      keep on looking - windows are awesome and do make great craft projects too! contact a window place and see what they do with teh old ones after installation - you may get a bunch at once!

      we are still getting warmer than average temps - hope you are too!

      love right back atcha!!

      your friend,

      p.s. - any fishing?

  7. No freeze on this end at either homestead but it's coming soon. The frost finally hit so ow we have an excuse to make salsa with all of the green tomatoes.
    I still have hoses around the yard in town, I like to water until mid December if possible. Good job on the window project!

    1. oooh green salsa - you lucky dog!!

      i do keep a couple hooked up until the last possible moment, but without the whole garden to water - i get some out early..

      hope all is well in the mountains - cheers!

  8. Hey Jambaloney,

    I love the way you find a purpose to reuse things. Porch looks great.
    It is expected to freeze here, with snow in the higher elevations. Senior is working on the ole firewood pile.

    Give Kymber hugs and hellos from us. I hope she is feeling better.

    1. hey jugm - thanks - you should grab windows whenever you can!!!

      how much firewood do you guys need??

      cheers - all the best to you and senior!

  9. Super idea to roll the hoses! We let ours warm up yesterday and i rilled and tied them...I used to have horses and I roll the hoses like lariets! Your idea is way better!

  10. hey fiona!

    glad you can use the info!! , i used to wind them up tighter - but they kinked and were a pain - these are better!

    cheers to you and yours!

  11. That porch will be great with all the Windows, I have to keep eyes out for them. I'm sorry Kymber wasn't feeling well, hope all is better..

    1. hey ltw!

      grab any window you can - spring is often good after people clean out basements and garages.

      thanks for the well wishes - hope all is good with you!