Saturday, January 4, 2014

snow, snow beautiful f#$@$%@ ing snow!!!!

jambaloney here!

sorry i haven't been around a bit - december was, uh, abnormal.. the first 3 new year's days that we were here were snow-free - but not this year..

okay i am pretty robust, but even i have a limit - cold blizzard with blowing snow AGAIN last night and i am sore... i only did cat paths and entrances today... and i have the dreaded driveway to face which is daunting because the darn atv is on the fritz.. here is its last know operation, dec 16:

 after which it was up to me to shovel...130 plus feet is pretty brutal!!!

down the hill before..

and after...

after trying for 2 days to start the atv, including using cleaning the air filter, using carburetor cleaner etc. i was pretty sure the carb needed help... when i stared the bike while spraying in the cleaner - it would run for 2-3 seconds.. symptoms plus advice help from w and h sealed the deal..

i am NO mechanic and this is not the time of year to do this kind of work, but... off it comes!!! i will be honest, i don't know anything about this..

but i do have this plus a pdf from a different publisher..

screw heads were stripped but i DID get the float chamber off, i could not remove the screws for the baffle chamber... this means i will eventually have to buy a new carb, so i went on ebay and ordered one for a good price.. still it will be two weeks away and i need to get the thing working plus i have to learn this stuff sometime...

hey - i'll bet that green stuff doesn't belong there!!!! from what i can tell there has been water in the carb that is reacting with the brass nozzles!!!

float assembly out...

and wrapped for cleaning in one package..

i did the same with whatever i could take apart - thankfully that was most of the pieces most likely to be gummed up - i didn't take pics as i had to do it in the basement and my hands were all gunked up - it is k's camera after all, plus, i am NO expert so i don't want to provide advice i am unsure of...

but time is of the essence as... hey this is this morning!!!!

buried AGAIN!!!

where is the driveway???

where is the front step??

what is in the back of the truck???

nooooooooooo !!!!!!

*hands up in the air*

nice pattern, i guess - no really it is beautiful, but still snapping cold today... tomorrow will be around freezing...

 so this afternoon i sat at the kitchen table...

and put it back together...

 HOPEFULLY it will be the thing that i needed to fix and i fixed it properly!

 I will put the atv back together - carb, air filter chamber etc. the battery is charging and temps tomorrow will be favorable for starting... i keep the atv under a tarp which is less than optimal. i was planning to have a shed built for it by now, but it didn't happen.

the lesson here is ....don't rely on last year... i thought i had time to build an atv shed ... winter arrived and stayed way too early..

the other lesson is get equipment ready and serviced when conditions are favorable and you aren't relying on the equipment, next fall that atv will be ready to go!!

cheers all - happy new year!!!!


  1. Jambaloney,

    Oh dear, I hope all the work you put into your 4 wheeler will work, this way life will be so much easier when clearing the driveway/property of snow.
    The snow is beautiful, especially when untouched and shining like diamonds (as Kymber and I like). But it sure can be difficult if you can't keep up with it.
    You've cleared it numerous times,which helps because if you hadn't cleared it before the snow would be extremely difficult to move. The seasons are fast moving, its hard to have everything ready for winter. Ideally it would be nice to have everything prepared but in the real world it doesn't always work that way.
    I hope you and Kymber have a Happy New Year!!! Be safe, and stay warm.
    Sending hugs and love to you both.
    Your Friends,
    Sandy and Bulldog Man

  2. I have a 4x4 pickup and chains for all four tires. I ain't shovelin' no snow! (Except for a place for our Dachshund to do her thing.) Pace yourself if you still want to be worth a darn come spring! ;-)

  3. Jam I am so sorry to hear about all the snow. Maybe when and if spring comes you could look for a old snow blower?? I guess we all need to put our heads together to find a solution to snow removal N.S. style. LOL hugs to you and Ms. K.

  4. "4 wheeling in a Winter wonderland......." :-)

    Much love and true warm wishes to you both!

  5. I try and have everything serviced before I need it but anytime small engines are concerned they always decide to quit just when you need em no matter how much maintenance I seem to do. The older I get and the better the technology gets the more I like battery powered stuff. I almost bought a battery run UTE with a blade for plowing snow but luckily my old Ford 8N isn't a small engine, I can always (Almost always) count on it starting up.

    Looks like you got a good skill going though mechanics are not my strong point.

  6. I won't complain about just a foot of snow, though the minus 30 windchills is NOT fun.

    Stay safe and warm!

  7. J, that's looking pretty rough up there. We are having issues down here, as well. You and K make a good team though, you'll get each other through the cold spell.

    I admire how you can fix things like you do. I have some rudimentary fix it skills but you could make a living doing it.

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  9. Drifts for days! As always; stay warm, patient and happy!
    It does look nice, if that counts for anything (the snow).

  10. Love the snow and the sunset. We haven't had any yet this year :(

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