Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Greenhouse roofing

jambaloney here!!

hey helga here is a nice pic for you!! this is grand river early in march

this was gonna be two posts but much work has been done since so i slammed it all into one... first off, you need glass for your roof - these are some choice bits...

and here is some more - these sliding glass windows have thick panes - great for roof glass. the big window is a large double paned windows that leaks - gonna split that sucker in two! (kymber washed ALL the glass for the roof - bless her heart and poor sore wrists! )

slider clips  off the panes...

many many slider clips - they will be handy for something!!

okay back to the double - paned window - it is big so we have to be careful..

actually, i'm not taking it apart right now, but i need to remove some frame to measure the exact size of the glass....... ( for a how-to i already posted about how to get a tempered double-paned window apart)

so i chipped out some frame - to measure - measure what?? - the size of the new frame of course!! that's what the raw 2x2 is for!!

and here is a finished frame!!

it's not really a frame, i opted to skip framing the stuff for the roof. i was going to cut a groove in wood and sit the glass in the groove, but that would require some real fine cutting  (i don't have a chop saw) and a lot of time... as the glass will be resting on the roof, i opted to build things for the glass to 'sit' on, relying on gravity and silicone to keep the glass in place - so the form is more like a bed... sounds crazy?? probably but what the heck - all in or bust!!!

so i made two..

and kymber painted them while i played with power tools!! these go on either end of the roof!!

now how to get them up?? i bought 10 foot 2x6 pt lumber - saves on paint times ;-)

we are STILL running out of time - let's cheat!!! these are simpson h1 hurricane ties..

which i used to put up the rafters without making birdsmouth cuts - sorry w! i will stuff some wedges in the gaps later - right now we need a roof!!

here are two rafters...

here is a window pane on a frame (or bed?)... sealed with silicone...

and here it is screwed in place!!!

now for the rest of the roof - we have these 1x2 rails - kymber painted them all!! i put all the screws in ahead of time...

for the front, i measured 7 inches in..

and then squared off the rail - screw in...

now the back...

and the middle..

to give a rafter/beam that has a rail one each side...

the weather was good so i put a whole pile up, but here is how it was done... last one!

glass that kymber cleaned - thank you baby !!!

bottom brace with two screws to hold the first pane of glass...

secured into place between railed rafters..

automagic caulking gun - i HATE caulking!!!!! silicone and roofing nails....

it is hard to see in this pic... i ran outta white silicone - this stuff is clear... there is a bead of silicone on both rails and the rafters!!!

first window in place, sitting on the rail, the screws keep it from sliding down..

next pane - if you look carefully, you can see the roofing nails providing a gap between panes of glass - this is to give some play for freezing/thawing , wind, etc. the silicone seals and seats the glass - gravity will do the rest (i HOPE!)

the rest of the glass goes in like that.. then i make 1x2 cross braces, that get dabbed with silicone...

and pressed into place - a bead of silicone goes all the way around on top...

finally these cross braces get further brace by pt 2x2s... cut and sealed...

and screwed in from the bottom - special added bonus!!! lateral bracing for the whole roof!!

all done - nearly killed me up, down, seal repeat - works well, a bit unorthodox, but hey!!!

pioneer preppy..

you will have to fight over who gets what... virtually of course, we ate these last thursday ;-)))

cheers all thanks for dropping in more greenhouse to come!!


  1. First!!! I took the four on the right. Sandy can have that little one but only because I am kind and generous. Normally all teh troutzes belongs R meh, but I can share sometimes.

    The green house is looking awesome. Awesome!!!

    1. glad you like the greenhouse and i commend you on your generosity - you are a real giver pioneerp ;-)


  2. That is your right not the picture right... Have to be specific ya know.

  3. Wow Jam ! Nice work. That greenhouse looks wonderful !

    Love to you both.

    1. hey jane - i am glad you think it looks great !

      i hope you are doing well - love right back to you!

  4. Glass roofs always made me think of hail!

    1. A very good point. But I looked online and saw where greenhouse owner with glass on the roof noted that it had a lot to do with how bad the hail is in your area. There is a little play with the glass, so I suspect that if you don't get those little pings on your roof from hail you would be o.k.

      An alternative might be to but a second less expensive clear barrier of sheet plastic above the glass.

    2. gorges:

      hail is a rarity here and pea size when it happens - i would skip the glass roof in hail country..

      cheers to you friend!


      i will probably add a plastic roof this winter - more for and extra barriers that for hail. if it were hail country, i would buy thick plexiglass for the roof - cheers!

  5. I got lost in some of the details, but that is okay. I understood enough. Plus, seeing the final product is good enough for me. I am wanting a greenhouse more and more each day.

    There is one question, though. Why is it so tall? I like would like it tall but so many greenhouses people build are barely tall enough to walk in. Maybe it just looks tall. How tall/high is it?

    1. Oh, by final product, I meant the results day to day. I know you put the height in a post somewhere, but I cannot find it. I know I was impressed then.

    2. hey linda!

      i hope you can get your greenhouse going soon!

      the overall dimensions are 200 feet long and 8 feet wide. the front wall is six feet and the back wall 9 feet - this is to give a 4/12 pitch wick will make it easy to push the snow off the roof. as well the angled roof faces south so i wanted maximum light to get in through the roof.. it is roomy inside so kymber will have an easy time planting potting etc.

      plus, we had a LOT of windows ;-)

      cheers to you!

    3. Thanks. It is very roomy. Thanks.

  6. Jambaloney,

    It's gorgeous!!!! I love the pictures you've taken of all the stages. Can't wait to see the final product with all your plants growing inside.

    Do you get wind damage up their? I would worry about that with all of your glass.

    Fish, looks great. I can smell them grilling right now. I'll bring the potatoes :=)

    Give Sweet Kymber a hug from your Oklahoma friends.

    1. hey sweet sandy - pioneerp shared!!!

      glad you like it - there will be more progress to be seen soon, but i kinda forgot to take pics of those stages - my bad!

      we get wind warnings on a regular basis, but nothing like what you get 60 mph gusts are about the worst- the west wall will most of the brunt of it and i put all double panes there - we have tress north and south and the house as a blocker as well - it should be fine!

      please bring the potatoes - we have run out of out own ;-)

      i have passed on your hug - you take care friend!

  7. Your attention to detail is commendable :) Know the "lift and place" can't have been easy - well done!

    1. hey dani - thanks for teh compliment!

      my back took a beating - the lift and place was a pain ;-)

      cheers and all our best!

  8. I am limited in my carpentry skills, so I missed a few details, but very impressive. I thought it would look more cobbled together, but it all looks very intentional.

    1. hey russell - thanks!

      it is somewhat cobbled together but i did try to infuse some overall purpose into the thing - i am no carpentry expert - i tried to let math fill in the gaps ;-)

      hope you are well!

  9. Outstanding job you two !!!

  10. Are those fiberglass? Well anyway, you guys did an excellent job in finishing the frames and the roof. All that’s left are the walls, and the things that you’ll be placing in that greenhouse. I wish you all the best! Cheers!

  11. this was gonna be two posts but much work has been done since so i slammed it all into one... first off, you need glass for your roof - these are some choice bits... try these guys out

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  13. That is a lot of progress in one post! It’s good that you’ve got the roof glass up now. That’s usually the most tiring part, besides assembling the frames themselves. One last push, yes? Cheers!

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  14. You still have a lot of work to be done. Are the frames you used composite. I was looking at a similar design for my house and found a company that does roofing south jersey. If you have any tips you could share it would be of great help.

  15. I'm currently in need of a new roof, so I've been researching the common materials used as well as methods. I think I like the idea of a metal roof because of it's durability, but I'm not sure I would be able to handle the noise. Do you know of any materials that are almost as durable but less noisy? I've also been looking into the best Oklahoma roofing contractor in my area to the best work for me.

  16. It looks like you breezed right through those frames! And they look nice and sturdy, if I may add. Hopefully you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor today and definitely when the rainy and cold seasons come around.


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