Saturday, April 20, 2013

bathroom support/cold storage - part 2

jambaloney here!!

as always, a great sky pic for helga ;-)

and a picture of my third hand @ framboise manor..

back to the cold storage/bathroom support chore - need boards and a jack...

first off - jack up the bathroom floor a bit..

lay in abeam on a concrete tile and repeat...

make sure they are level of course ;-)

next step a cross beam - this is for cold storage AND support.. actually, all of this is

i am using pretty crappy/used boards for the next part

an angle grinder gets rid of old nails faster than prying them out:

i used 3 old 2x4s to make studs/beams from the front to the dirt

and then covered those with old tongue and groove... some came from cleaning out the foundation (see previous post)

the end result supports the bathroom floor AND provides a nice cold store shelf into the dirt. The basement is usually 3-5 degrees  C from october to april which is great - right now we are eating 4 month old potatoes (note the cardboard boxes with old towels on them) and they are firm as can be... the bins i use on the ground to keep the moisture from seeping in... i'll make wood boxes one day.

after sliding the boxes in place, i put the water bottles with berkey-filtered water in place...

and staple a sheet up to keep the light out! rough, but functional..down tools!

it was winter when i did here is an appropriate pic..

and for all our american friends, the grand river bald eagle!!!

cheers all - spring is FINALLY here!!!


  1. Wonderful sky pictures, Jam ! Great job.
    We have a berkey also. So glad the Spring is finally here again. Love to you and Kymber.

    1. Thank Jane!

      Glad you have a berkey - really good way to filter water. spring is FINALLY here - been to long ;-)

      love back to you and yours, hope you are doing well!!

  2. Spring was late here this year, I guess it was there as well.

    1. hey there duke!

      it was super-late this year, we are finally getting some nice days, hopefully you are too!

      take care!!!

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  4. Glad to see you making progress on your projects. Wish I was doing the same!

    1. thanks gorges!

      don't fret - you'll get to them soon enough - been a slow start for everyone this year.

      all our best!!!

  5. That now looks as though your bathroom will not fally through.I like your water storage.

    1. no it won't fall through now ;-)

      the water storage is a bit hobo - but it works ;-))

      here is to a great spring for you!!!

  6. Jambaloney and Kymber

    Thank you for the beautiful cloud/sky picture, I'm still jealous of the beautiful views you have.

    A job well done my friend, I love your cold storage. Making the storage area darker with the sheet is truly frugal, and a great idea.

    Sending hugs your way.
    Your Friend,

    1. sandy:

      you will have to come here sometime and enjoy the views in person.

      thanks for the kudos - the sheet was frugal... also really quick and dirty ;-))

      we are sending hugs right back to you - cheers my friend!

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  8. Spring has arrived here too! I see you are keeping busy as usual!

  9. Ah, Berkey. And it can come in handy if we ever have to drink the water in our pool. It does a great job.

    Haven't seen Helga around here for ages. Is she well? I hope you've checked on her since you never neglect to post a sky photo for your dearest sister. She's definitely been MIA for so, so long.