Wednesday, March 13, 2013

hand tool restoration - part 4

jambaloney here!

hey helga - here is another sky pic for you!!!

here is the final tool post... this is what the mitre box for the saw in the first post looked like before vinegar..

it was pretty rusty and one of the pistons for the saw was rusted in place ..

here it is after the first vinager bath..

pretty ugly and dripping rust flakes...

 as i planned on putting it back in the bath, i took it outside for cleaning #1...

snow  is an excellent abrasive ;-)

 look at the rust!!!

 i had to get that stuck piston out without damage... the mitre box is useless without it - so using a  blow torch...

wd-40 and a bolt to hammer it out - mission accomplished!!!

 nice clouds!!

after another vinager bath, some progress is being made!!

and the bolts were loose enough that i could remove the plates..

 to soak separately a third time...

 back in they go with the last of the tools...

a hand auger and bits, a punch, crimper, chisel...

here are the plates all clean and oiled...

 and the last of the tools!!!

i cleaned the frame for the mitre box, but i haven't  haven't put it back together yet. i plan on a post about sharpening saws and will include a pic of the final product then.

the sun sets on the hand tool restoration posts, hope you enjoyed!!

cheers all!


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    1. thanks warlock!

      having a good spring?


  2. It looks mighty cold in those pics.

    The tools look nice though!!!

    1. that was the snow i sent you in the mail- LOL!

      the tools are in much better shape and now we know for the future this will work!

      all my best!

  3. Wow. Great job, they look great. We have some old tools that we need to get cleaned up. This may be our motivator.

    1. Thanks DFW!

      do try it - not a lot of elbow grease required - this didn't take that long... a day or two soak will do most of the work.

      hope you are well!!

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    1. thanks gorges!

      i know you have a lot of old tools - i hope these posts were of some value to you!

      take care!!

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    1. hey stephen!

      thanks - they are in much better shape - this might work on your stoves!

      cheers friend!

  6. Wonderful Jam ! You have inspired me. I cleaned up our file set and when I oiled and dried them, I placed them in plastic to avoid new rusting.

    1. jane:

      i am so glad this worked for you!!!!

      hope you are having some great weather down there - cheers!

  7. I read that apple cider vinegar was the only vinegar to use for rust removal. But, you did this with regular vinegar, right? I have a dozen pieces of cast iron that need rust removed, lots of thick rust removed. My hands, shoulder and back cannot take the scrubbing it takes, so I think that I will get several gallons and put these in a 5-gal plastic bucket before trying to remove rust. Hopefully, I will be successful. Any other tips other than vinegar and a bit of elbow grease?

    1. linda:

      i used 2 bottles of the cheapest white vinager i could find - $2.99 a bottle.

      it will work for you - you should soak them for 2 days, wipe off all the rust you can and re-soak. repeat this until you are down to the metal... at that point use a stainless steel scrubby or coarse steel wool with wd-40 (or oil) to get right down to the bare metal, then oil.

      let me know how it goes!!

    2. Jambaloney,
      Thanks. I thought the vinegar idea was nuts for cast iron. It just sounded too easy. I will let you know. Oh,do you resoak in the same two gallons of vinegar or use new vinegar for the second soak?

    3. hey linda!

      you can use the same vinager for soak after soak - worked for me. i would change it if PILES of rust fell off, but i think you should be fine.

      cheers and good luck!

  8. I am so very impressed! Love the old miter box!

    1. thanks momma bear - i can hardly wait to pout it all back together and sharpen the saw!

      cheers to you!

  9. Hey J - Nice work ! Those tools are so sparkly that I can see the glare from here. Bahahaha !

    Thanks for the sky pics and that sunset is really beautiful. Now that Lil Mole set me all up with this gmail stuff, I'm back. Except, I had to add a photo but what the heck.

    Take Care and hugs to you both :))

    1. hey helga!!

      the tools are pretty spiffy now ;-)

      always a pleasure to give you a glimpse of our sky. glad you are all set up - photo looks great!!

      hugs back to you!!

  10. You have got to be kidding me.
    I have been a mechanic for thirty years and had never heard about vinegar cleaning rust!
    I am going to get a couple gallons tomorrow. I have more tools than you can imagine, four full sized roll aways full and I have quite a few antique tools that I am now dying to try this out on.
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
    I am still shaking my head that I had never heard of this in all my years.


    1. welcome bustedknuckles!!!

      i am SO happy you found the post(s) informative and useful. i found this information on the internet about rust removal and tweaked it a bit for the tools - it really works. just be sure oil them asap after you wipe/scrub all the rust off.

      2 days is a good amount of time to soak for heavy rust.

      cheers and again, welcome!

  11. All this vinegar use puts a whole new slant on wasting it in salad dressings :)

    Good job, jambaloney, good job!!

    1. hey dani... indeed it does ;-))

      thanks for the kudos, i am glad you found it interesting.


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  13. new follower from Aggie's Shoestring Manor.

  14. Can't wait for the Spring yard sales to look for more hand tools. This time I won't be discouraged by rust!!

    1. don't be - you can fix any tool this way!!!


  15. Kymber and Jambaloney, I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award today. Please visit my blog, Rational Preparedness to learn about it. Thank you.

  16. Sweet Kymber,

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, please see

  17. Kymber I haven't nominated you for the Liebster Award, and now I feel bad. Only joking, sorry couldn't resist. :D

    Jambaloney, I'm really impressed with the way you've made those tools look like new again. Who would have thought that snow was such a good cleaner too!

    1. hey llcool joe!

      you can use this on anything rusty around your house or garden - try it sometime!!
      snow is a wicked good abrasive wash for somethings...

      cheers mate!