Monday, February 25, 2013

sorry guys...but the "vaporizer" dude just won't go away!

hey everybody...sorry for my (kymberz) long radio silence but i have been busy doing what all gardeners, preppers and homesteaders do at this time of year ----- assessing our current seed situation, ordering seeds (very few this year as we saved so many from last year - woohoo!), planning the garden, re-planning the garden and loving every minute of it. jambaloney and i are currently assessing our window situation and planning on the building of a proper greenhouse with the windows - woohoo! we have the spot where it is going to go already marked out but can't do much till the staying snow goes away...which it should do...soon (fingers crossed everyone!). up...obligatory sky pic for my sweetest Helga (also known as my mole sister! teehee!):

isn't that just beautiful? such a pretty site to be looking at, out the window, sitting at the kitchen table and sorting seeds. so many shades of blue and such pretty clouds. not to mention pretty white snow!

anyway - this is just a quick post from me, i'll have a longer one coming tomorrow with lots of sky pics for my mole sister, snow angels for our friend Max, lots of food and lots of seeds!

however, as many of you may have noticed the "vaporizer dude" is doing our head in with his crazy, spam, vaporizing comments. we have been trying to keep up with deleting spam but it is now finding it's way into our older posts as well. not sure what is going on with google as google was doing such a good job detecting the spam for us - we rarely got spam since we started this blog. but that free ride is over and we have finally come to a point where we can no longer accept anonymous comments...and that pains us. some of our dearest friends comment using the anonymous option.

so if you don't have, or don't want, a google account, wordpress account, etc., but still want to leave comments, you can forward your comments to me at or to jambaloney at

we really hate having to do this but we just can't stay on top of deleting the spam. we hope that you understand!


  1. I am so sorry you are having this trouble. We look forward to both of your comments here. Love and wishes for a beautiful Spring to you both.

  2. Come down here and take your snow back.

  3. I had to do the same thing a while back, so I understand, completely.

  4. You too!? I'm not happy that you are getting spam, but I am glad to know it's not just me. I swear that in the last 24 hours I've had over 30 spam comments. Its been bad for a while now, but this is just crazy!!! I have been debating the whole anon. comment thing myself, and like you I really hate to do it, but with so much spam what else DO you do!!? Almost all of mine goes into a folder and if it doesn't it is on old, old posts, but still....what a pain and I am so sorry that you have it too!!!

    Your sky is just beautiful and I'm glad to hear that you are happily planning away up there....I never heard back from you and had started to worry, but now I know you are all in one piece :) xo - Michele

  5. Greetings,Salutations and Bonjour! Another glorious day to live and love. Alas! I too had to eliminate anonymous comments also because of vaporizer dude! ha ha ha ha ha.

    Spring is close. I can feel it in my old bones...

    my love to you both,

    the rat

  6. Sweet Kymber,

    I've also been receiving all kinds of spam. Mostly on older posts. I had initially changed my blog to accept all posts without moderation. I've had no choice but to go back and place moderation back to scan comments before posting them in hopes of elimnating the spam before publishing comments. This has become a royal pain in the a$$.

    Beautiful picture of the sky, trees, snow,and property!!! It looks cold there.........are you in the 20's or lower? We've been between 19 and 36 degrees.

    I see your just as antsy as most of us, we can't wait to start planting seeds in our gardens. I started sowing last week and now have little seedlings, I'm so excited. Hurry up Spring!!!!!

    It's great to see you back on screen but I totally understand life keeps all of us busy homesteading and prepping.

    Sending love to you and Jam.
    Your Friend,
    P.S. I can't wait to see your next post on all the different foods you've prepared.

  7. Okay, I have had so much of this horrible spam. I do have moderation set up, but some people really use anon and are followers. So, I cannot just open my email and get rid of all anon the spam without a whole lot of trouble. I have seen the vaporizer guy on other blogs that do not moderate.

    A yahoo email account is the google account. So, it would be easy for those people who are not technically with it to just get a yahoo email account and use any name or silly thing for their name to show on blogs.

  8. Hi kymber..nice to know you and jambaloney are doing well. I had to stop anonymous comments too. I don't get a whole lot of comments anyway but I sure didn't like the ones from anonymous trying to sell me something.

    Stay warm and safe while you are happily preparing for spring! Love to you both!

  9. I totally understand about the spamming. I get a bit myself. To be honest though, I took a hint awhile back from MMPaints over at Self Sufficient Living and set my blog up to accept all comments (I HATE THOSE STUPID CATCHA PHRASES) . What I've done is to set the moderation to begin after a post is 3 days old. So far it has kept out 99.9% of all the spam. I don't know if that helps but it works well for me.

    1. What a GREAT idea - I'm going to do that for sure!!!! Thanks for sharing the tip!!!

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